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34 minutes ago, wahyun said:

is it just on my computer or my forever results on yt has vanished? earlier today i went on youtube and there were a lot of my forever audios, one of them was from vixire's channel and now it's geoblocked but it wasn't before, another one was the my forever mix from heav3n that now says it was taken down by "BBTV_mtheory" wtf

i had an old upload of take me to dubai that just got copyright blocked a few days ago by bbtv_mtheory too hmmm


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2 minutes ago, WGFU XCX said:

wait i have no idea if this is actually SOPHIE produced or if it's even HAIM on vocals (at some times it sounds 100% like them but other times not at all) but it's actually really good lmfao

if it's HAIM i'm shook bc i've never liked a HAIM song before but :listening~1:

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53 minutes ago, Hundred Dollar Bill said:

I’m really not about to stop posting here until I get Reverse n Stop... LEAK IT GAYS 

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

the fact that we have this is simlish makes it even more ridiculous it didn't leak yet :flop:

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