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Interesting ! Any source ? 

I'm not positive that Lana wrote the monologue (although it sounds like something she'd write), but it definitely wasn't written by Jackie Kennedy. There is a mock up of a letter that is around that contains it, but not only is it dated on the unlikely date of his assassination, it isn't addressed to anyone, and doesn't really reflect what JK's feelings would have been. I can't imagine anyone before the 2000's using the phrase "He was like this hybrid", and it's almost impossible to conceive that a widow in her position would write so unemotionally about her husband's status as a lady's man even years later, let alone on the day of his death.






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Cute commentary on how the song came about



It’s another escapist song, revelling in the good times. I’ve been with this guy off and on for a long time, but we used to just drive from New York in his car up to the Hamptons. I remember thinking at the time it was just heaven. It’s funny, all the songs are about the same thing — going away with the one you love and then coming back home. In having relationships, you’re able to explore other sides of yourself.




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