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I've just been told 9 so she should be on In a few mins.


Few seats that aren't taken in block 1 innocence lost. Not 100% sure If people are just getting drinks though.


I think the seats are full now


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she's doing the festival set list so far

maybe she'll add a small surprise again


first pics:






loved her clothes! 

now it's blue jeans

i won a underrated member lipster award im dog im nice don't come for me or i will eat u

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this is the first concert she's had since hm where she has a different stage layout btw. additional screens with new backdrops replaced the curtains.


1. Body Electric

2. Cherry

3. Shades Of Cool

4. Blue Jeans

5. Born To Die


this opening is so much better than cruel world i can't believe she actually used that one for about 2 years. (body electric>cola>blue jeans>cruel world)



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She sounds like she doesn't even like singing Blue Jeans anymore. At least the way she sings it now is better than the messy vocals we heard back in 2012.

I loved the deep voice "my eyes BURN" and shakira voice in "BUT I WILL LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME" in 2012

...just you and me feeling the heat even when the sun goes down...

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