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2018 World Tour Announced

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 I'm so confused by all of this...

 We don't know what company is selling the tickets, have no direct links, don't even know what countries she will be in(!) and no clear instructions on whether past purchases count toward getting codes. There is also no mention of presale codes on the UK merch store, so am I supposed to fork out for shipping from the US store for yet another copy of this album to possibly get a presale code for shows that might not even be in the same country as me?? 


Her PR team should really know how crazy people are going to go for these tickets so why can't they be more organised about it?? (Her latest shows in the UK seemed pretty well organised so I have no idea why they don't just follow the same formula.)


Please do correct me if anyone knows the answer to any of these questions(/rants), I would mostly just like to know if I should bother buying additional merch or wait until she announces which countries in Europe she will be touring. I'm guessing these presale codes will only be for shows in North America, but that's only a guess.


i'm pretty sure it's gonna be us dates only. all of the merch is on her us and canadian stores, she only talked about her us shows in the live stream and mentioned europe, the middle east towards the end when people asked her about it.

if it was for her european shows they'd most likely do it the same way they did for the uk shows.

u'll definitely get the pre sale when u purchased merch/any item after the pre-sale code announcement till the dead line. did no one messaged the store if old purchases count? my guess would be they don't but idk.


we don't know where they're gonna sell the tickets but idk why that's considered "messy" since it's usually like that and the link gets tweeted or send out just before they go on sale (?). ticketmaster is probably the safest bet but i didn't pay any attention to what website she used for her nyc and previous california shows this time.


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if she can remember the lyrics. but that being said if she forgets enough maybe we'll finally get a decent partial instrumental lmao

Maybe she'll have it ready for that special show like the last time. But probably not since the last time was because of graham's her dad's birthday, if I remember correctly. He likes that song.


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Tour dates are out. Check Live Nation.


I think there may be a Houston date at the Toyota Center on Feb 10th as well. I don't see that on LiveNation but it is a Facebook event. Not sure if official but all the new FB events line up with these dates!

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