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  1. the way we could've had the papi demo and final like flight 22.. so annoyed that at the time kali didn't have as big of a fan base to not let these just slip right through our fingers
  2. oh wow i literally thought all these stans were being delusional and she was just baiting as usual to get people to presave and we were getting a solo song tonight but
  3. im so tired of seeing that photo.. first of all she looks amazing if you had to critique anything its why is she in a neon forest with colorful butterflies and glass swans at night. omg those glass swans are so tacky
  4. Yay, thought the new song was cancelled when it wasn't on the vinyl reissue cause I think she previously said it'd be a vinyl exclusive. Anyway, absolutely in love with Red Moon In Venus♥
  5. omg no i'm cool but i am irritated at it just being gone from my cloud library!!
  6. Can someone send me a HQ mp3 of Dowry?
  7. im not really about that life anymore anyways its just so convenient with itunes purchases. all of your library is available on whatever device logged in with your apple id. ((this now being an exception what the hell!!))
  8. wow girls im so irritated that my itunes purchased file of Fāār-i-kāāl (Charli XCX vs TWIN iDoL Remix) just disappeared from my library ! how are you just gonna take back a song i bought in 2013
  9. No Hay Ley remix on the next album yes
  10. oh wow when she started singing Paradise
  11. someone said only party 4 u was being used for that.. it'd be cool if she does more. at least bodies x3 got a new song
  12. The songs came from a rick nowels hack along with music from other artists. They were not from her soundcloud.
  13. Isolation 5 year reissue vinyl https://shopkaliuchis.com/products/isolation-5-year-anniversary-opaque-blue-jay-vinyl?utm_source=dotmailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=310235_03.10.23_Isolation Vinyl Reissue_Full_345753_US&dm_i=7ES9,6NDN,34UIYX,XE4G,1
  14. I never listened to the previous version because I've been ***waiting for it to be on streaming ... so this is a bop to me of course but damn i hate the fact that she's the featured artist. this is your guys' fault, her label probably thought since everyone bitches and moans about her ~ruining her own career~ that she wouldn't be able to hold her own
  15. She's planning to put out a new(er) song at Coachella from her Latin album this is so cute lol
  16. Do we have the remix of Je T'adore in studio quality or just videos?
  17. btw when did a new por vida go up?
  18. Hope this is not the case Jetadore is jetaSNORE
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