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  1. The song was used in this weeks episode and officially released this past weekend so i just think charli was showing support
  2. The first file that leaked is definitely pitched down it just sounds unnatural and not right so i wouldn't say it was a different version but a better file
  3. the way charli was just saying how marina made her feel bad because somebody she looked up to was shady towards her but turns around and does this to kim like girl you could have just said 'im looking forward to hearing it shes so talented blah blah' and not writing a paragraph saying her music sucks but its not her fault girl i love you but you look bitter and kind of try hard always talking a little bit too much
  4. Not a big fan of Minute! I mean it's fine but it gives coming of age movie soundtrack.
  5. https://krakenfiles.com/view/VJCdrqFgdg/file.html
  6. you're aware that a better version of that song just titled Scream! leaked too right
  7. i think it's just the visualizer that's gonna play in the back while she's performing it on tour.
  8. RINA repress https://store.dirtyhit.co.uk/format/1318064-rina
  9. Tell me how I haven't even heard any versions but I #knew it was this. Anyway once the album releases I'd really appreciate if somebody could point me towards demos please. I wonder what songs she'll do on the Today Show on Friday
  10. Oh my god let Problematique go and you guys wouldn't have been so harsh on alone if it didn't have a rap feature to begin with so
  11. Girl you sound so stupid and white demanding that the cops show up to this black woman's house because you overthink her passive aggressive instagrams
  12. this being the thing that finally makes you cancel her...again..again. the way she used this situation as some sort of act of karma to dc young fly is distasteful but like really you guys are acting like she actually had anything to do with this woman dying.
  13. i thought of this song the first couple seconds into moonlight
  14. Doubt this is the case. There are multiple Barbies in the movie right, so I'm sure there are multiple songs that use that sample. Idk, maybe this song is just better??? anyway i keep thinking of charli's tiktok saying she's thinking about leaking her song lol maybe they're planning to release it before july with full album
  15. the release date seemed nice and close at first but the past week went by so fucking slow release the album digitally this week kim
  16. the nerveeeeee. getting nicki minaj on a song is such a big deal for kim not just career wise but personally too! how can you just write it off !!
  17. The remixes are fun and good (the Tommie Sunshine one!!) but omg they sound like remixes you know like no pop singer would put something like that on the album like of course a remix album but not like album album The original Alone needs to keep her spot on the album
  18. I think apple just does that when an album has songs that have been previously released as singles
  19. oh im counting on it. been a bawp
  20. the way coconuts was on drag race all stars this weekend and is having another resurgence
  21. this is cute i have a vision now of adam sandler singing it on stage at a luau in his next romcom
  22. feed the beast leaked with an empty verse (which is why people made the saweetie/meg edits) so i keep coming back to that tracklist that said the song featured Jozzy
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