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  1. Waiting for some TikTok influencer to find out about Dreams (from the 24hrs album) and make it blow up on there so Charli have no other choice but rework the song and put on the new album

  2. 1 hour ago, DinahLee said:



    Mura Masa will be remixing Sour Candy and Sophie (and probably everyone else on the rumored\uncofirmed list) isn't happening since there are no new songs :(

    Isn't Shygirl remixing SC? Or it's a Mura Masa remix w/ Shy's vocals too? 

  3. 3 hours ago, charli bby said:

    so arca has confirmed that the chromatica remix album is coming aug 20...


    Out Out 13/08

    911 Remix 20/08

    Good Ones 02/09



    not the whole album, just her rain on me remix

    but bloodpop said we're going to hear the whole thing soon

  4. i love every single thing about it, i'm not even that worried about the song being short cause i guess it may work on her favor when it comes to streaming (shorter song = more likely to play again multiple times)


    the single cover is incredible, the logo is amazing BUT... the release date, literally 1 month away... it would be so much better if she announced like the week before or just dropped the song out of nowhere

  5. Azealia needs to step it up when it comes to the song's mixing. Fuck Him All Night has so much potential and it could be a total 100000% serve if the mixing wasn't so all over the place. It's been like that for ages now, every song after Anna Wintour has been this way.

  6. Introducing Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary, a special edition of the album in new packaging that will be available on June 18

    In addition to the album’s 14 original songs, #TheTenthAnniversary edition will also include a second disc of reimagined versions of #BornThisWay songs by incredible artists who both represent and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.






    also Judas with BIG FREEDIA is out now

  7. 16 minutes ago, xcxc said:

    Do we have any studio snipped of Lipgloss feat. Brooke? Did they ever recorded her vocals?

    When she performed she was singing over the track, so the studio version is probably lost somewhere

  8. Charger (Remix) is one of the best songs Charli has ever been featured on and I see basically no one talking about it, it's so good, that's what I call "pop perfection", cute, simple, a bop and Charli's verse is so good too

  9. 29 minutes ago, monsterdino said:

    they're 100% confirmed 

    I know they are, the problem lies if they don't release the album and put it on the shelf like A LOT of things this era

  10. I'm so scared. The remix album sounds like a fever dream, almost too good to be true. Seeing all these artists like Rina and Bree being so happy to be working on these tracks... For once I hope this happens, but I'm keeping my hopes down.

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