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    Yesterday, Lana Del Rey visited XIV Karats, a jewelry store she frequents, in Beverly Hills, California. More photos:
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    September 20 sounds like a perfect day to release a country album
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    I’m so dead she saw social media writing the “Lana is sad Lana is a victim” narrative and she said lemme remind these hoes who I am
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    yeah no i disagree with the privacy sentiment, she has a strong security presence and can certainly afford more. it is publicly available data and it just screams that she is trying to stop the private jet discourse by threatening and being litigious to people she knows cant afford top calibre lawyers. keep tracking i say
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    This lil video of Lana clapping for Billie makes me sooo sad She's so kind to not only applaud, but to stand for her. Most people were seated. Very respectful and classy of Lana. Though the look in her eyes does seem rather sad and longing.. she did pave the way after all x
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    I’m gonna be honest this is exactly what I expected
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    Ocean Blvd is too personal, too diverse, too complex to win those conservative members over. It's one of the strangest and most idiosyncratic albums as it somehow manages to blend different genres into something wholly singular. Of course they'd pick the beige mediocrity of "the record" over it. They're so transparent and their dislike towards Lana is astonishingly obvious at this point. I mean, the Scammys almost always reward mediocrity over greatness so the results aren't particularly surprising, but what makes me truly mad is that they gave Best Alternative Performance to Paramore. A&W is the most acclaimed song of 2023, topping nearly every single important critics' list in the US. It's an undeniable achievement. It's the only song in that category that was literally nominated for SOTY! This is absolutely preposterous. She'll never be taken seriously by these flops. She's not "popular enough" to win the major categories; she's not "alternative" enough to win the smaller ones; hell, she'll probably submit "Lasso" in the country categories next year - assuming she does release that album -, and they will snub her AGAIN even if it's the most acclaimed album of the year, because she won't be considered "country" enough. She'll never win, and she shouldn't give any fucks anymore. They truly don't deserve her.
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    Lana stopped by this party held at private residence in LA - I think because her friend was the DJ. My friend was at the party last night but I was waiting to see if any official photos would be released
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    How DARE they hype her in their promo, drag her to the show, make her sit there next to the most photographed woman in the world (which I can only imagine is stressful bc she cannot show a single reaction at all without it being posted all over the internet) and then send her home empty handed
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    One thing I will never doubt is that when Jack says something is amazing, it is. He's said it with the greatest, venice bitch and with A&W and he was absolutely right and if he says the album is fucking brilliant then it is. I hope they experiment tho
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    stripper… singer….trapeze artist…waitress…go-go dancer…gangsta… serial killer…married four times somehow in five countries… she’s had many occupations in her life. just take a look: i feel like this is just the tip of the lana del rey job resume past work experience iceberg
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    Lana Del Rey's brother, Charlie Grant/Charles Grant/CG has released his very first song, featuring production by Nigerian-American producer Chino Amobi.
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    it was real didn’t you watch the news? 7 recording academy members were gunned down and she was arrested after a 9 hour standoff with police
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    I'm really disappointed because, just like most of you guys, I was so confident she was taking home at least one award. I know it's a competition and I don't want Lana to be a victim but this is all so unfair. Everyone was getting their awards, and nothing for Lana? Who was second best selling woman in the world, even more than the people she lost against? Who had one of the most monumental, critically applauded albums of the 2020s? Who didn't stop making the news for her magnetic performances at some of the most important festivals in the world? Who had the most talked-about album of the entire year? Midnights was the Best Pop Vocal Album, why give it the AOTY too? What Was I Made For won Best Song Written for Visual Media, the category it totally deserved as it was, well, the best song written for visual media of the bunch? How does that song reflect 2023 as Song of the Year, and not A&W with its actually thought-provoking lyrics? Boygenius for Best Alternative Music Album; I know The Record was acclaimed too, but in what world Ocean Blvd wasn't the alternative album of the year? The one that's actaully left-field, deeply conceptual, with multiple sounds, instruments, dynamics and lyrics that actually represent the alternative side of music; topics that aren't talked about, that are feared by most, and not as explored as they should. Why give This Is Why Best Alternative Song, when its parent album won Best Rock Album? Couldn't they, really, give anything to Lana? If this is a popularity contest, yes they all deserved... Miley, SZA and everyone else; but 2023 was undoubtedly Lana's popularity peak, and it only seems to rise. How, seriously how wasn't she awarded for that? What does she have to do to have this level of mainstream recognition? She doesn't need it, of course, as she's a critic darling, a festival darling, a GP darling... everyone loves her. She hasn't reached the tip of the "music industry" iceberg, but does she really need to? Prime TV, the Grammys, the Oscars... maybe her fate really is to be a trailblazer, watch all of her disciples come and go, grab the gold and the applause, but she will remain strong and influential, discussed and forever relevant. I love you Lana, and I love you Ocean Blvd; others are thankful for seeing their favorite artists reach #1 and undeservedly break Grammy records; I personally am thankful for experiencing the music, for being part of this global movement that is Lana Del Rey, driven by her pure talent and timeless songwriting. By the way, she looked breathtaking.
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    I think I'll end my existence in this thread with this, We really did lose HARD tonight and tonight was rough but Lana sat in the front row of the Grammy's next to THE biggest musician on the planet (and obvious close personal friend), having been nominated for FIVE categories after releasing one of her most cohesive and captivating works after 18 years of writing music. Then, a project she is involved in wins the biggest award of the night, and accompanies the artist to the stage to accept her award. That shot of Lana standing there with Sam Dew shouldn't be coded as "sad" or "disappointing" or whatever. That is truly one of her most iconic shots ever. We can't change who wins but we can accept the outcomes without vitriol or hate. She is standing on the Grammy's stage being praised by the winner of AOTY surrounded by her close musician friends. Taylor literally dedicated time from her own speech to genuinely recognize Lana without going down the corny "I shouldn't have won this, you should've" route. Millions of people around the planet watched that tribute, and whether you like it or not, this was one of the biggest nights of Lana's career. That being said, the lack of recognition for Lana's work is unconscionable. But that isn't what makes the art good.
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    "Lana Del Rey was hiding, but I think so many female artists would not be where they are and would not have the inspiration they have if it weren't for the work that she's done. I think she's a legacy artist, a legend, and in her prime right now." - Taylor Swift Honestly, even though I'm super gutted that Lana didn't end up taking home any awards, I'm very happy to see that Taylor very publicly gave Lana the flowers she deserved. It's undeniable the impact Lana's had on the music industry, and it was amazing that Taylor recognised that. That was a moment that could've been just for Taylor, especially since it was a milestone being the only artist to ever win AOTY 4 times, but she chose to share it with Lana and even dragged her up on stage to share the spotlight with her (even though it looked like Lana really didn't want to go up slkfjsk)
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    Quality lost and overexposure won but it’s still nice that Taylor acknowledged Lana. Certainly she believes what she said about Lana to be true but Lana deserved to have gone up that stage on her own merit for her own record - not someone else’s subpar collection of songs.
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    SOTY is literally a songwriting category look at the lyrics of what was i made for vs a&w…this is a joke
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    https://x.com/brizcita1/status/1756817865817366728?s=46&t=aQCX54SWedsu4sRHCyKSyw lana at super bowl 👀
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    This woman is an actual angel. The most talented, beautiful angel on the planet and I am still so heated that those corrupt old men did her dirty like that.
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    I really hate how people win and act like they just walked in off the street and made an album Like how the short one from Boygenius was all "oh my God my bus driver in 2nd grade told me I was good at xylophone so I joined a band HEHE I never expected this!!!" Bitch please I bet your management has been calling and sending gifts to the voters all year
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    Lana Del Rey has arrived to Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Professional photos: Fan photos:
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    honestly almost more depressing than the snubs is what a showcase these events are for how much basic decorum we lack as a society these days... it's hard to believe these shows were once high class... people would dress in their best to go & behave accordingly. when someone won, they usually kept it brief but sincere. no phoney or overzealous behaviors- just to the point, professional & natural. Lol between sza running to the stage like a drunk mess with her phone out, miley telling everyone she has no underwear on & the entire first minute of taylor's AOTY acceptance.... just bye. Bring back the finishing schools
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    Ok I know it's nottt that serious but I'm on my lunch break running on two hours of sleep and I felt inspired to write a dramatic incoherent rant of my own to get some of my frustration out, read at your own peril: I feel like this was a "last exit before the bridge" type of situation; it's a shame the Grammy's missed it. Not for Lana, but for them. As other on this forum have so eloquently pointed out, it's a sore spot for the music industry at large that the woman they ridiculed a decade ago turned into arguably the most influential artist of her generation, spawning many of today's establishment-darlings. It's no wonder they are scared of her, and scared to reward her, because it means admitting fault, and that's never an easy thing to do. Yet, one might have thought, twelve years after Born To Die's release, on the back of a career-defining, genre-spanning ninth studio album, they could finally have found the grace and humility to say, hey, we were wrong. To finally give an artist as influential - and historically controversial - as Lana her flowers would have been a good look on the Grammys, one that's become rarer and rarer in years mired by public outcry at the choice of winners for the big awards. I don't mean to understate Lana's ability to reinvent herself and redefine her artistry time and time again, I'm certain she can and will continue to challenge our expectations of her in the best way possible, but it’s still hard to imagine an opus rivaling Ocean Blvd arriving anytime soon. This album is such a layered, richly rewarding listen for anyone who has followed Lana's journey as an artist: her barest lyrics yet evoke impossible emotions, worlds of meaning are hidden within the structure of the tracklist, the album morphs into then transcends the metaphor of its eponymous track. Nominating such a body of work five times yet refusing to bestow any accolades upon it while awarding other, derivative, and frankly infinitely more simple albums and songs is a confounding choice on the Recording Academy's part, but it's not Lana Del Rey's loss. Though she keeps pushing ever forward, the culture at large has finally caught up to her— at least enough to recognise her impact as a generational artist, even as her self-mythology remains impermeable to many. Lana will move through this as she has moved through all the noise that has surrounded her for more than decade: without missing a step in her unrelenting quest to offer up her soul’s truth in her music. But when your first four-time AOTY winner in history has to take time out of her speech to praise, in her own words, that legend in her prime, who is standing behind her in the shadows, empty-handed— you have to realise you've abjectly failed as a committee whose stated aim is to recognise "outstanding" achievements in music. Lana will probably win a Grammy one day, but it will ring hollow when she does. The moment of redemption has passed.
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    i love how people were expecting her to be all sad and watery and she pulls out a gun in a sundress she’s so me i love her
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    The biggest artist in the world chose to arrive with Lana Del Rey. That’s a fucking statement.
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