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    https://kansascitymag.com/win-lunch-with-lana-del-rey-via-kc-magazine-and-jazzoo/ Hadn’t seen anyone post about this yet… the Kansas City Zoo has a yearly fundraiser called Jazzoo, and they had a raffle. One of the prizes was lunch with Lana when she comes back to Kansas City. Long story short, I bought my ticket to Jazzoo just for the raffle. I cannot believe I am typing this. But, I won. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. I feel like I’m floating and also dreaming and wondering when I am going to wake up??? I thought this was so random of her (but we love our “lol I’m so random🤪” queen) but I was told she has family ties here, either with someone at the zoo or KC Magazine. Either way, I’m stoked. I was literally crying screaming throwing up when I got the email (ok maybe not throwing up but yeah) Felt like this all day: There were hundreds of people at Jazzoo, but only 15 raffle tickets were bought for Lana’s prize. Below is a picture of me during the event last Friday night manifesting my dream come true… and a wayyy better pic of me wearing the dress she wore to the 2019 Grammys party. ANYWAYS, if you need me I’ll be planning my funeral because I’m pretty much dead Let’s hope I’m able to eat with her sitting in front of me lol editing this to add I hope this doesn’t come off braggy or anything I just was so excited the first thing I thought was sharing the news with my Lanaboards family cause I love you all so much!!!!! ❤️🥰
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    June 13th 2014, American Singer Songwriter Author the one and only Lana Del Rey released her third studio album, Ultraviolence. Lives were changed. the tumblr girls, gays and theys all over the world in 2014 were never the same. Ultraviolence is characterized as psychedelic rock, dream pop, desert rock with some elements of blues rock, soft rock and indie rock. Some even say Ultraviolence is the ultimate ~ Psychedelic Surf Rock Trip Hop ~ Masterpiece Magnum Opus. According to Wikipedia: After Born To Die, Del Rey claimed she had "already said everything she wanted to say" in 2012. By February 2013, Del Rey spoke about a new album in the works, "It's a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I've been working on it really slowly but I love everything I've done." The first announcement was after the premeire of her short film Tropico viewing in Hollywood on December 4th 2013. October 2013, Del Rey stated, " "When people ask me about it, I just have to be honest—I really don't know. I don't want to say, 'Yeah, definitely—the next one's better than this one', because I don't really hear a next one. My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying." May 8th 2014, the tracklist was announced and on May 14th, the artwork was released featuring a black and white cover of Del Rey wearing a sheer white tee and strapless bra by a Mercedes-Benz 380SL. Ultraviolence marks a significant evolution in her musical style. Departing from the baroque pop of her debut album Born to Die, Ultraviolence adopts a darker, more atmospheric sound marking a significant evolution in her musical style. Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, the album incorporates elements of rock, blues, and psychedelia, creating a haunting and cinematic atmosphere. Lyrically, Ultraviolence explores themes of love, heartbreak, and existential angst. Del Rey's evocative storytelling and distinctive vocal delivery add depth and emotion. Four singles were released including: West Coast, Shades of Cool, Ultraviolence and Brooklyn Baby. The album's title itself, borrowed from Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange," hints at its exploration of darkness and violence in relationships. Critically acclaimed upon its release, Ultraviolence received praise for its bold sonic experimentation and Del Rey's introspective lyricism. While some critics noted its departure from her earlier sound, many reviews remained generally positive. Its impact extended beyond the charts, solidifying Del Rey's status as a prominent figure in contemporary pop music and influencing artists across genres. Overall, Ultraviolence represents a pivotal moment in Lana Del Rey's career, showcasing her artistic growth and expanding her musical palette. The album continues to resonate with audiences, cementing its place as a modern classic in the realm of alternative pop. June 13th, 2024, will mark the album's 10-year anniversary! What are everyone's thoughts about the album and its upcoming anniversary? Discuss your rational and delulu thoughts as we approach June 13th
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    Earlier today, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet some fans while out shopping in London, England. During her shopping, she stopped by a Chanel Boutique.
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    I can't BREATHE I love it when she gets like this Why did she censor shit but not fuck
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    Just wanted y’all to know I have officially submitted the list of proposed questions to Lana’s team for Primavera Sound when we get to interview her and I personally crafted the questions myself and included two about Lasso: You have announced a new country project coming up, called Lasso. What can you tell us about this record and why did you decide to go country? Looking back at your discography, you have always created albums that blended genres and sonorities, in your own unique fashion. Should we expect a similar path for Lasso? Sorry for the boring, corporate questions but this is the best I could come up with without ruffling any feathers in my office lol. If it was entirely up to me, I’d go full LanaBoards and straight up ask her if Zodiac will ever see the light of day, whether or not Lizzy Grant will ever go to streaming, what is her favorite MissDaytona tweet, etc. Not Portugal coming through for this forum when our Alabama sisters have failed us.
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    yep lasso is going to be LFL 2.0 cus Lana is dragging people online again
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    Lana will be awarded the NMPA Songwriter Icon Award on June 12th! Lana Del Rey will receive this year’s NMPA Songwriter Icon award. The 44-time NMPA Gold & Platinum certified, GRAMMY and Golden Globe-nominated, MTV and Brit award-winning singer-songwriter is the creator of a completely original aesthetic that has been emulated by an entire generation. NMPA President & CEO David Israelite said, “Lana Del Rey defines being iconic. Her influence is felt across all genres and has inspired the biggest artists in the business. Her songwriting is deeply personal, and she continues to innovate – bringing fans thought provoking lyrics and indelible style. s://www.instagram.com/p/C7US4Bau0pV/?igsh=dHR3dG1va3p5ZWE1
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    https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cpvvx9lwl0do Lana Del Rey, who duetted with Swift on the 2022 song Snow On The Beach, has another theory about the star’s dominance. “She wants it,” the singer told BBC News. “She’s told me so many times that she wants it more than anyone. And how amazing - she’s getting exactly what she wants. “She’s driven, and I think it’s really paid off.”
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    100%. I never would want her to feel interrogated at all. Plus, there’s a chance Lasso may be out before this lunch as I still don’t know when it will be, mainly depends on our queens schedule. I plan to just enjoy my conversation with her and see where it leads, and I have a good feeling that I will get a couple answers about things, in a casual way. In real life, I am a social butterfly so once I get past the nervousness I think we can have a wonderful and fun conversation back and forth. Right now I’m more concerned about how I will be able to lift a fork in her presence
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    I’m very disappointed that I wasn’t able to interview her. Apparently someone tried to break their way in and they strengthened the security around her backstage. No one was allowed in. All interviews were canceled. Sorry for leading you on, I was very excited for this and to be able to bring news to our little forum. Thankfully I was granted a VIP pass since I’m press and I was veeery close to the frontline. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen live. So so so powerful and generous. From Ride forward I couldn’t stop crying. There was something in the air - the audience was mesmerized and invested in the concert. The energy stayed for hours after the concert. I’m so happy. What a special night, despite the shortcomings.
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    I'm speaking to her on June 7th (exactly 2 weeks from now, yes I'm getting very nervous about it) and I'm going to double down on Lasso questions.
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    Idk who u are but you just referenced one of my favorite movies so here’s another one
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    Lana's 2024 moodboard was really this and we are all so happy
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    "I’m just saying Alabama gonna be epic" https://www.instagram.com/p/C69cWZkunM7/
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    the second comment just got deleted I think
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    This is AMAZING!!! Oh babe, I’m so happy for you. This couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person in the whole state of Kansas - you’re truly the sweetest soul and I’m still so touched by your kindness when we met at her show in Kansas a few years back! What an incredible win that I’m sure will create memories that will last a lifetime. Have the best time ever!! Xx
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    KSKSJD the queen in black giving duck lips like 👁️🫦👁️
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    i was in the office today... a 5 minute walk away from where she was... don’t talk to me
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    10 of the tickets were mine too I was lucky to have some family help me out, I wouldn’t have been able to buy that many on my own…but obviously I’m so happy people wanted to raffle on the football tickets instead of this hehe and the first order of business will be asking her what the heck DNC stood for!!! (Jk jk, but also, who knows we’ll see where the conversation leads) thank you so much!!!! <3
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    Hate that she keeps getting asked about Taylor but I lowkey love her answer because it’s very UNINTENTIONALLY shady like she essentially confirmed that Taylor is money hungry, chart obsessed and willing to do whatever it takes to be the #1 pop star. Lmfaooooooooooo. A kii
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    It wouldn't be a new Lana album without -an album title that gets changed -a vision for the album that changes direction -song titles that don't even end up on the album -a release date that comes and goes with no music everything is going to according to plan
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    Just popping in before I go to sleep for the night to say the show was incredible from an attendee perspective. This was my 19th show of hers, so I really enjoyed all of the surprise guest performances as a nice switch up. You could tell how much fun Lana was having with everyone and was really enjoying herself on stage! Her vocals were absolutely incredible, perhaps some of the best I’ve seen in person from her shows I’ve attended. Looked beautiful. Talked to the crowd more than normal which was so cute. She was so happy to be back in Alabama and it showed. Also, this performance appealed to the non-stans in the crowd as well. I didn’t try for barricade (I knew I wouldn’t survive it in this Alabama heat & humidity) and got to Lana’s set about 3 hours before she got onstage, so I was quite a few rows back but still had a pretty decent view since I was right by the middle barricade. I was surrounded by some people who weren’t super stans and they really enjoyed the set. I also brought my friend to the show who is just a casual listener (she really only listens to Born to Die & NFR occasionally, mostly bc of my influence lol) and she loved it. It was her first Lana show and right after it ended she said “I didn’t really understand the obsession with Lana until now. Something about seeing her live really makes her music hit different. Watching her was mesmerising. I see it now - Lana is America’s princess.” As soon as we got back to the hotel, she immediately ordered a LDR flag from Amazon and started reading up on her Wikipedia lol. So, it was a great set especially for a festival crowd even if a few songs had to be cut. However, this has made me realise I am getting way too old for festivals loool it seemed like my friend and I were among the oldest there (apparently this is a festival popular among college kids which we are not) and whew my old knees are not what they used to be looool. Currently feeling so much ache from the knees down and my head is throbbing lmaooo but I’m excited for Chappell Roan tomorrow & Reneé Rapp on Sunday!! Goodnight LanaBoards xx
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    jack went live and i asked him the tea on lasso and he immediately ended the live…. lasso is dead in the water i fear
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    10 years......I'm so old. I remember the release of West Coast just like it was yesterday
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    She is going to the Olive Garden Awards or something Lana winning Best Chicken Parmesan wbk
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