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    I think it's time to talk about the iconic trio of UV outtakes - Yes to Heaven, Fine China & Your Girl. It's a twisted web and I'm not really good with phrasing and explaining such things so it might be difficult for you to understand everything (especially if you have no technical background on how songs are being produced), but I'll try to walk you through it all step by step and if something remains unclear I will try to explain it further! These 3 songs were originally written and produced alongside Rick Nowels and his engineers back in late 2013. We first found out about their existence in 2016 when Eclipse obtained the demos and revealed the titles/snippets. They later happened to spread and leak becoming mysterious fan favorites and sadly as beloved and iconic in the community they are, all 3 are fake... well, technically. To understand why they are fake I need to give you a full breakdown of what happened. It must have started with Eclipse getting his hands on an invoice from Patrick Warren who was responsible for recording and engineering Keys/Strings on some of the songs at that time. That listing apart from tracks that were released included Say Yes To Heaven, Fine China and Your Girl which have been fully unknown to the public. He contacts Patrick and using that info tries to get the demos from him, I assume under the suggestion that Lana is considering re-using the songs and tries to get the tracks/parts back. The thing is, Patrick is just someone who records his small part for the mix, he isn't actively working on the song as a producer so he doesn't really have access to all the material. Still though, he had some loose stems/sessions parts I assume, without properly bounced mix, he challenged himself to create mixes of all 3 that would be serviceable for that moment. If you check the original files of all 3 leaked tracks, you'll find in the metadata that those demos were exported in Logic 10.2.2. That version of Logic Pro was released on March 8th, 2016 so any mix could not be older than that and of course the original ones were made in 2013. Not to mention the fact that Rick and his engineers work with Pro Tools, not Logic, unlike Patrick. But this goes even further. Patrick's available stems of the tracks were seemingly so incomplete he decided to create new production and structure for the songs making complete new versions that were unlike what Lana and Rick originally curated. He sent those back to Eclipse alongside the very incomplete stems. This mess doesn't end here. You see Patrick Warren's job is to deliver the stems containing the new parts he was issued to arrange and engineer. Since he is often doing it independently of the rest, he adds a little bit of the song's intro at the beginning of every stem file he bounces so that when Rick receives it he knows how to place it in the mix alongside his parts. It's usually like 20/30 seconds and you can see what I'm talking about, because Eclipse shared some stems snippets from the files he received: https://onlyfiles.io/f/e0236e30cb224f9e8618fe09ab0b9bc3 https://onlyfiles.io/f/ce703d3a5a204566bd31278eb667e6f7 Thank you @TheBoss for providing these to me The first seconds here are the intros of real Rick reference demos, the latter parts however are already stems/mixes of what Patrick attempted to make in 2016. If you want some more closure, there is something @Say Yes to Heaven mentioned already - Eclipse must have received another pack of the same fashion later in 2016 of upcoming LFL track, Something Real (aka 13 Beaches). If you remember those times well, his exact teaser said "You took the.. #SR". This was most probably, because the singular stems he received as Something Real ALSO contained a few seconds of actual song at the beginning that happened to cut right after Lana saying "You took t..". In the full official credits you can see that Patrick is credited on 13 Beaches for "Waterphone", "Harmonium" and "Synthesizer". Now circling back, while Fine China and Your Girl only had one mix leaked, Yes to Heaven also had this: And this one is also fake, but it's technically closer to being a real thing than the Patrick mix. I don't know if this one was made by Eclipse or someone who got the stems from him, but this must have been made with filtered acapella of the Patrick Warren version, mixed with additional stems he provided and then layered with the looped guitar/drum pattern from the intro that I mentioned previously. But that guitar loop was literally a fundament of very first version of Yes to Heaven (unlike the Patrick mix that begins with strings) so you can imagine how it sounded based on this. The first real version of Yes to Heaven that you have is the one leaked by Music Mafia which is a James Ford demo from late March/early April 2014. At that stage UV was shaping as an album, Rob Orton started properly mixing it and Lana decided to take last attempts to find the right production for the song by asking James Ford to give it a try. Sadly it also got discarded and at that point they just let go of the song (at least for that era). The second real version of Yes to Heaven that you have is from latter part of 2014, 3:31 in length with leading production by STINT. Keep in mind though that while I refer to those versions as James Ford produced / STINT produced demos, they are all based on Rick's demos they got presented to work with. I think it's just easier to name them as such for clear sorting purposes. Even though the song was being worked on in both 2014 and 2015 they still failed to include it on HM as well. It's fortunate for you that those happened to leak, cause Patrick's SYTH was the most different to the real demos from UV. Fine China is also pretty different, while Your Girl early demos (not the final though) are fairly similar to Patrick's mix. I mentioned earlier that both Fine China and Your Girl got mixed by Rob Orton alongside UV so they've been scrapped from the release on very last minute and unlike Yes to Heaven - ditched for good right after. The weirdest thing in all this is that those quick Patrick Warren mixes are great... even though the mixing is clearly rushed and poor. The harmonica break in Yes to Heaven, the organs in Your Girl chorus, that stuff was never meant to be there, but hell it works. This sadly also means that if Patrick only sent those 160kbps mp3 files, the better ones don't exist. That is all for now, unless @111 would like to now come forward and add something that I missed/got wrong. I also do not really believe that you didn't know the truth about all of this back then so I don't understand why you never revealed that the mixes aren't real. I think die hard fans deserve that kind of closure about some of the most iconic unreleased songs. This took me years to figure out with massive help of someone who is also present on this very forum and I have mad respect for, thank you again!
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    Seems like that's a wrap for now! I think I said everything essential that I wanted to say. Hope this brought some closure to those who were seeking it or that at least you learnt something interesting. It was fun and maybe one day I will come back to talk more, maybe in upcoming years more interesting stuff to talk about will surface as well. Thanks for joining and being all nice and respectful. And remember, Lana's word is always above me or any of us, she is the artist and the visionary and none of us other than her will fully know the truth about all those mysterious things. Pre-order and stream the amazing Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, out March 10th!
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    Hi everyone, thank you so much for collective effort to get my account back! Before I answer anything, I just wanted to say that at the end of the day I am not Lana, I am not in her head, I was not in the room when these songs were made and there is always a tiny bit of chance that I am wrong. Everything I'm revealing is based on (sometimes years of researching) things I listened to, read about or heard from people who worked with her directly. I do find timeliness, demos, drafts etc very fascinating as it gives you some additional cool insight of what was happening behind the scenes so I'll happily join the discussions here
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    She only considered actual real Fine China mix by Rick Nowels for BB
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    It's astonishing how easy it is for you to tear Lana down without actually hearing anything off of the new record aside from 2 crusty snippets and one single (which has shown a massive upgrade from her latest 2 records already). What you're saying couldn't be more wrong. The samples aren't as obvious as you think they could be, Lana is touching new grounds while delivering something new for her and despite this being her 9th album she's still proving herself to be a true one of a kind visionary. It's funny how you've assumed this bullshit after 2 of my posts which were vague at most on purpose. @Sportscruiser summed it up pretty well so I'm not going to continue but you should be embarrassed.
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    Whatever that means What I'll say tho... if you are to manifest some amazing outtakes. Manifest LFL outtakes.
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    Dark City is from HM times, unfinished song, never worked on more
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    Honeymouns remains the reason you got all the Dan UV demos so let's not do too much on him
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    I'm gonna do a whole post on Yes To Heaven, Fine China and Your Girl, but it's gonna be an essay, cause there is a lot to say, especially in relation to the Eclipse leaked files... I need some time to put it together It was the pre-chorus
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    Taylor Swift fans on Twitter be like OMFGGGGG THIS MIGHT MEAN SOMETHING YOU GUYS
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    There is something that's been bugging me that I'm surprised nobody picked up before, but the French Restaurant song that leaked might not be an original version of it, but a piano rework Chris Braide did in 2021 alongside new version of Damn You that leaked as "alternate final". So I'm pretty confident a real 2011 version of French Restaurant with original production exists as well.
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    I am preparing a massive post on YTH / FC / YG that I hope I will finish tomorrow
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    Yes, California, whoever leaked that - fucked up
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    Patrick Warren recording and producing Fine China, Your Girl and YTH in a span of 5 hours after getting an email from lanadelreyteam3@gmail.co.uk
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    I dont make stem edits I make producers make new mixes for me... That's the difference of a legend
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    At the end of the day, you would indeed not have these songs at all and what's even crazier - these versions would never even exist So it's all just bittersweet. I'm mostly mad, cause I'd want them in HQ and well, we have to live with the shitty mp3s forever
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    Lana is unpredictable I'd personally just hope we get the album of unreleased material one day and all 3 in their true final glory will appear there and we will like them best of all versions
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    let's see: - we have basically all information on the album and we completely milked discussion of the one released song & 2 confirmed snippets - the one insider we could actually turn to almost got phished and rightfully has not returned - we have brainless people come on here all day and either spout hatred, actual nonsense, or ask questions that aren't even relevant to this thread - sane people who actually have lives are living their lives because there's nothing of substance happening here is there anything else? i might've missed something
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    Thinking about how Lana probably saw “Say Yes to Heaven (Demo 1)” on YouTube, clicked on it, and it was truly nothing she had ever heard before.
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    Some general answers from past pages: Pretty sure that technically nothing is stopping them from releasing Is This Happiness and Flipside on streaming anymore, next time Lana goes on a longer live chat, ask her for that. Speaking of which though, Flipside was never really considered for UV. It was recorded as a rough one day demo at Nightbird and they pretty much just decided to mix it and release like that. Good for us, cool song that would have been lost. Rock Candy Sweet seems to just be a phrase Lana liked, it seems to be originally stemming from a song called Loved You Then Loved You Now she did with Jack, but later also used it in Watercolor Eyes, but one is not a rework of another or anything. Watercolor Eyes is a song that can be very much considered a BB outtake though, but I'm 99% sure it wasn't made yet when Lana announced the former Rock Candy Sweet album.
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    Is it true that the entire chorus of Your Girl is just sung by Patrick Warren and edited to sound like Lana, cause his acapella was incomplete?
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    This is something I'd gladly discuss, but it would be mostly speculations mixed with facts. Rich Lee was commissioned to direct music videos for 2 first singles of LFL - Love and The Next Best American Record. Love was obviously done first and sometime in late 2016/early 2017, before BAR video was recorded, someone must have either hacked or scammed Rich obtaining Love music video as well as reference audio for the BAR music video. This led to both spreading and leaking causing massive drama behind the scenes and ultimately scrapping BAR as a whole. We are "lucky" they only leaked this late, cause who knows if that happened earlier Lana might have never recorded the MV at all. There is however the other side/reason to it that might be even stronger imo. The original TNBAR version is clearly shady and putting a lot of guilt on Barrie for the fall of their relationship. I feel like later at that time she came to realization that she might have been too hard on him - or even more, perhaps they happened to meet/talk and become friends on good terms again. The BAR video was built fully around the lyrics of the demo so when she realized she definitely wouldn't release that song without changing its narrative, the music video must be discarded. Since it was a really good visual that Lana loved and it would be a waste to just scrap it, they reused it for White Mustang. But yes, the full video was ready to be put out for The Next Best American Record. This also might be one of the reasons for other LFL tracklist changes, but I don't know that.
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    LFL is the era when Rick and Lana made, by far, the most songs together. But none of that is truly even known, let alone leaked, outside of LFL demo. If something notable leaks from that time one day, I will talk about it then. For now LFL questions are kinda off the table. Serene Queen or Sugary Sweet are just roughest of roughest concepts, bottom shelf of the massive material she made for that album.
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    changing the metadata of my Say Yes to Heaven files for the 7th time this month
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    Not really, Lana just has a habit of beginning new projects whilst still finishing/releasing the previous one. This might be shocking to you, but Lust for Life title track was recorded before Honeymoon came out.
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    There was a period of time when Lana and Barrie would just... travel, everywhere. I think they would visit random studios writing/recording songs there with whoever was available. It's hard to pinpoint what was made by who beyond them 2. I think they would sometimes just leave the songs in the studio even. UFB was never planned to be included on UV, they just made it for fun, they were in love. Whoever was the working engineer in the NightBird studios the day they recorded it is probably the song's only co-producer.
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    The only real versions of Yes to Heaven you have are James Ford, that's still UV and STINT that's already for HM. You have no real versions of Fine China and Your Girl. The Patrick Warren mixes of course contain real parts/stems of the demos, but they are also missing many as well as they got filled by new instruments that Patrick added himself for what was missing. It's really crazy that he went with that effort, but it's not unheard of and this opens the door to another thing: While I don't know about EMGHW or Resistance, Be My Daddy is the exact same case. John Fortis got contacted, probably in similar manner, for the songs they made and since he had no good final version of Be My Daddy he quickly PRODUCED new version himself from the available session in hopes of being picked by Lana for release. So the Be My Daddy version that leaked was also in fact made in 2016.
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    Wow there is so much disappointed coming for some of you it seems, Dan Auerbach never produced SYTH or Fine China
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    What I see here and what seems to make sense by what existed in January 2013 already: 1. Old Money? 2. Black Beauty? 3. ?? 4. Lake Placid 5. Summertime 6. Melancholia 7. Jesus (ITTJ) 8. Pink Champagne - this is the original name of Let Me Love You Like A Woman demo 9. Elvis 10. Earthquakes and further I can't read, but it Guns n Roses, Money Power Glory and maybe Cherry Blossom I'd expect to be on such draft from that time as well
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    On Thursday, Lana Del Rey met some fans on a beach in Hawaii.
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    Y’all!!! Lana looks sooo gorgeous WTF and also has a “Billboard” jacket…. 👀 This chick met her today insta @koizumiii Lana also followed her 😭
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    I don't know Also any claims that Lana made 100+ songs for any album are just wrong
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