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    Last night, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet Elle while shopping at Dillard’s in Huntsville, Alabama. (yes, im aware there’s already a thread for this outing, but let me have my moment. & yes, I added a ton of the built-in IG filters to our selfie bc I had literally been sleeping in the car shortly before this and hadn’t touched up my makeup because I did NOT expect this to happen.)
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    Okay, finally going to do the lil storytime!! While on our way to Huntsville, my friend and I decided we wanted Italian food once we got there, and we were deciding between Olive Garden and Carrabba’s. We joked that we’d be more likely to run into Lana in Olive Garden, but we decided on Carrabba’s instead since the OG had bad reviews lol. So, we made a reservation. Once we got to the hotel, I began unpacking my things and realised I forgot to bring cute shoes to wear to the concert, and the only other shoes I brought wouldn’t have gone with the outfit. So, my friend and I decided we’d make a quick stop into a store somewhere so I could get shoes before we went to dinner. We looked up what was near the Carrabba’s and there was a Dillard’s right next door. We’re getting ready to leave the hotel, and just as I’m about to walk out the door, I think to myself that I should bring the charm bracelet I made for her with me just in case.. so I turned around to get it and put it in my purse. Thank god I did. We step into the Dillard’s and we’re looking around as we make our way to the shoes. On the upper level, I thought I saw Lana’s friend Cody from a distance, and my heart immediately dropped to my stomach. I told my friend that if he was here, there was a good chance she would be too. So, our radar was out for her, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much especially since I wasn’t even 100% sure it was him since he was far away. We continue looking around at the cute clothes before making our way to the bottom level where the shoes were. As we’re walking to the discounted shoes - there she was. Right in front of me. Her back was turned, but I knew it was her immediately. Rob was there with her and Annie too. I immediately panic and duck behind the other side of the shoe rack, and my friend and I are in a little huddle trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t even form a proper sentence while speaking to my friend, my mind was just full of squiggles. I really didn’t want to be rude and bother her while shopping, but I also knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to run into Lana like this. For a moment though, I almost didn’t take it. I told my friend that maybe we should just leave her alone, but eventually she convinced me to go say hi (she’s also a longtime fan of 11 years like me, but wanted me to be the one who approached her first) By this time, she’s standing by a table of Gianni Bini shoes watching Annie try on a pair of boots. I start walking up to where they are and I smile and wave, and she looks at me with a big smile and I say to her, “I’m so sorry, I’m so shy, but I just wanted to say hi!” & she motions us to approach her. I don’t even remember what we initially talked about because my mind was just a bunch of squiggles, which at this point were beginning to turn neon and form into fireworks. Looking into her eyes was like looking at an angel’s soul. Lana is even more beautiful in person, which is hard to imagine since she’s already so beautiful from what we see through the screen. I was just so taken by her beauty, I couldn’t even think properly. I then remembered I had the bracelet with me, and asked her if I could give her something I was planning to give her at the show tomorrow. She said of course. I pulled out the box from my purse, but before I gave it to her I showed her my charm bracelet that I wear pretty much every day that has charms of photos I’ve taken at her concerts I’ve attended over the years. She immediately pulls out her phone and begins recording my wrist, fingering through all of the charms and recalling which locations the photos were taken at. She then calls Annie over to look at my bracelet too, and they were both in awe of it for awhile. I then told her that everyone needs a charm bracelet, so I made her once inspired by Dance Till We Die, because that song is such a reminder that no matter hard life gets to just keep dancing, and that you’re never truly alone. She opens the box and I explained the charms were tied to the opening verse, and she begins singing the song as she looks at all of the charms. She then exclaims “it’s all of my legends!” and then I said “since you’re my living legend, I just had to put myself on the bracelet too, but you can take me off easily with pliers.” and she laughed and said “I would never!” She took it out of the box and tried to put it on but was having trouble doing the clasp herself, so I asked if she’d like me to put it on for her. However, I wasn’t much help because my hands were shaking so bad, and I had broken my right thumb nail a few days before which made handling the clasp more difficult. When I told her my nail was broken, she said, “Ugh! That’s always the worst!” She gets the struggle. I then asked if we could take a picture together that I could add to my charm bracelet, and as we took the picture she said, “you look like a little princess!” which was absolutely not true as I had been sleeping in the car shortly before this and hadn’t touched up my makeup before we left the hotel. She had called my friend “baby” during their conversation, so my friend and I bought little matching plushies and named them Princess and Baby in that honour. She told me I looked familiar and she knew me from somewhere, and I told her we were Instagram friends. She said “you’re right! What’s your username again?” After I told her xmissdaytona, she exclaimed “Ahh! It IS you! I see you every day!” She then chatted with my friend and I for awhile about where we’re from, how we met (when I told her we met from working as actresses on set together, she said “that’s very glamourous!”) and she was telling us some stories about her recent shows as we mentioned we’d be at the show tomorrow. We also chatted with Annie, who is such a sweetheart, and Rob, who we told needs to do his own tour soon! He asked us where we really wanted to visit one day that he should consider for a tour, and we said Greece. He mentioned Lana wanted to go there again. After an incredible 10 minutes, we said our goodbyes, and I bought some shoes before heading to Carrabbas. Our visit to Dillard’s was supposed to be a quick in and out so we missed our reservation by a bit, but it was worth it. At that point, I could barely eat as the fireworks were exploding in my mind. While we were sitting at the table, I got a notification that Lana DM’d me a heart emoji on Instagram, which continued to extend my excitement that I was still on her mind. On our way back to the hotel, I shuffled my Lana music for us to listen to in celebration and “My Best Days” was the first song that played. How perfect, because the next day continued the saga as Lana wore the bracelet I made her to the show and even talked about it on stage. When she went to the barrier after Ultraviolence, she walked straight to me, and showed me she was wearing the bracelet. I was so touched. I didn’t expect that either, and it truly warms my heart that she loved it enough to wear it at the show. So honoured and so grateful. That 48 hour span has truly been the peak of my entire life. I’ll never recover from this. (& I know people have been wondering if I asked her any of our burning questions, but unfortunately I didn’t. I even have my own personal list of questions I’ve always wanted to ask her, but because this run-in was completely unexpected, those questions weren’t even in my mind. Again, nothing but neon squiggles & fireworks in my brain lol. Maybe next time! Xx)
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    She didn’t play Hope, but it’s 100% okay because of everything else that happened. I’m still processing everything including last night, but a lil rundown - Before Bartender, she mentioned my charm bracelet to the crowd and held out her arm to show everyone and I immediatelyyyy started sobbing. Then when she came down after Ultraviolence, she came straight to me, held my face, called me cute, and showed me that she was wearing the bracelet I gave her yesterday! I was sooo touched she wore it tonight. Such an honour. I was also able to give her a blinged-out Alabama hat (I told her I’m basically her personal accessoriser at this point lol) and when she put it on and looked at me with a big smile on her face, I melted inside. I’ll forever keep that mental picture in my mind of that moment. She is soooo beautiful, even more so in person, which seems impossible I know but she is just a real life angel inside and out. Anyway, these past 48 hours have been the best of my whole life. My life is at its peak x
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    Read here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/music-news/lana-del-rey-billie-eilish-olivia-rodrigo-critics-waffle-house-1235593189/ Absolutely stunning photoshoot
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    “For Tunnel, I did not edit myself“ then why did you blur the word ‘mother’ on fingertips elizabeth
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    I really didn’t expect it A screencap of a video someone took of her coming up to me to show me that she was wearing the bracelet
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    “Lana Del Rey Forgives Us” got me bleary eyed I wish 2013 Lana could’ve seen this. She deserved the world
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    Yesterday, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet fans while out in Nashville, Tennessee.
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    Manifesting Edward Hopper artwork aesthetics and vibes, like these paintings:
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    I was not expecting to cry as much as I did last night! When she got on stage I immediately started sobbing. How could you not cry when she’s this close?
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    Earlier today, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet a fan while at a yard sale in Nashville, Tennessee.
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    LDR 10 Predictions 1-2 word title 12 tracks Average song length 4 minutes with 3 songs over 5 minutes with a total length of around 50 minutes There will be a cover (most likely Stand by Your Man) Either 1 or no features at all No Interludes The genre for this record won't be easily pinpointed, though there will be a strong southwestern influence (think God Knows I Tried, Religion, Wild One), it will be more electronic than traditional country, mixing synths and possibly some beats with steel pedal guitars, acoustic guitars, and piano, with some added cinematic elements of either strings, organs, and driving drums (think Ride). Themes will be less introspective than previous records, and more existential, talking about the human condition, and possibly more of a story-telling aspect (Breaking Up Slowly, Dragonslayer, and Unidentified Flying Bill). There will be a return of Lana's lower register on the record, with a mix of all her vocal styles. The album cover/photoshoot will be a similar vibe to these photos. Album Color and Flower will be Maroon and Poppies There will be 5 album variants (not including standard black), they will be Maroon, Green, Blue, Magenta, and Cream Vinyl inspo's
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    Earlier in your career, you had a lot of invasions of privacy — a home intrusion, car thefts, a hack. Has that cooled down for you? No. My records get [leaked] five months before they come out. They have for 11 years. I really don’t understand. I’ve gone to every great length to double check everything, but the songs come out. Even if I don’t [digitally] have them. I don’t like it. This is a lot of work. You want things to go well for the album. @111 yeah she clocked ur ass
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    LanaBoards keeping everyone up to date on the latest Lana Del Rey news, even Lana herself xx I’m soooo proud of her, she really deserves this. The video is so stunning and you can tell how much work the whole team put into it. I’m also proud of this fanbase for coming together to make sure she took home the win! Congratulations Lana, we luv u
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    Last night, Lana Del Rey performed Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette while at Robert’s Western World in Nashville, Tennessee.
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    Charli XCX feat. CupcakKe & Brooke Candy - Lipgloss https://krakenfiles.com/view/Q2zsimIQIE/file.html #PopHellPeopleAreUgly
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    Her vision of country has always been different than most. She considers Ride, Video Games and a few other of her popular songs as country-leaning or with country sensibilities. I’m not a huge country fan myself but even her most country songs (namely the ones in Chemtrails) are amazing and done in a very uniquely Lana fashion. I’m not scared of her going Americana/Country at all. It’ll be special.
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    A few years back, you said that you started editing yourself because your lyrics were too personal. Are you still doing that? Only in the past two months! I’ve never had someone make comments on my lyrics before, and then I recently met up with another writer. It’s a little bit of a different process now. For Tunnel, I did not edit myself. This is interesting. I wonder with whom she's working right now?
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    Are you still thinking about doing a cover album? Yeah, I want to. I’ve collected my cover songs for seven years. And I’ve said so much that I wanted to say, so it’s an awesome time to think about that. The standards. Creatively, do you see yourself on a course right now? The music took a huge turn from Norman, and it’s been going down that path aggressively. I’m going to continue going where I feel the only next stop is, but I think it’ll be in an Americana vein. The hard thing, in your personal life or in public, is that you can lose the idea that passion should be your true North. And, instead, safety should be. That’s the biggest pitfall. Being scared into making safe choices. Having a little bit of a cool-off period from the heat that might have been in a bad way, I got to reevaluate things. When there’s a little space, you get to choose. Then things get good.
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    girlie doesn’t care that the other pop stars are doing 3 hour shows. She came, she charged $200 for a jacket, she left. An icon
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    "I don't know. I guess it's super real. I guess we really do have a storm front coming in. I guess that's really real. So, I just want to say that last song is why we're here. You're why we're here. We love every single second of this. This is something we never, ever could have done. Thank you so fucking much. I just want to say I really, really feel so humble every day. God has humbled me down to the ground and we persist anyways because it's just better to do what you love than to be scared to fail. I'm just saying that because we're finally all together after 14 years here. We're happy! We are. What a fucking miracle. We love every day. We're super happy. Stay safe, or fucking don't. You know what I'm saying? Have fun! Never forget to let passion be your true North Star. That has such a bad reputation. Follow your passion. Anyways, you don't need any advice from me, but that's what I did. Just don't do the fucked up way. When I get to see you guys, Dallas, so fucking amazing. Thank you for letting me be in Texas. Thank you to everybody. I guess we're really wrapping it up."
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    and we are waiting for the second coming of psychedelic surf rock... hoping for the resurrection of drums and electric guitars
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    Americana is a music genre that encompasses traditional music styles including folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, singer-songwriter, and roots music. The instrumentation of Americana music continues to be characterized by acoustic guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and harmonicas, as well as electric guitars and drums.
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    Glad that Instagram fanpages posted about it, otherwise she would have no idea that she won the award. Maybe she wasn’t even aware that she was nominated.
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    Legendary musician and businessman Jimmy Buffett dies at age 76 on September 1st, 2023. Best known for his hit song Margaritaville which was inspired by “island escapism”, Jimmy Buffett created an empire of chain restaurants, hotels, resorts, shops, and tequila named after the hit tune. Earlier this year, he faced illness which caused him to be hospitalised and reschedule live performances. A cause of death has not yet been released, but he was said to have passed peacefully while surrounded by loved ones. He will be greatly missed by his friends, family, and loving fanbase known as the Parrotheads, but his legacy will live on and on and on. When I'm gone, make them play my favourite song It's Jimmy Buffett, to remember Life's a beach, baby, enjoy it When I'm done, let the music play on… & on & on & on
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    Felt like I should post this here too lol Lana just followed Sky on IG x
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    Teared up watching her latest Instagram story seeing my little charm bracelet dangling from her wrist as she sang The Grants - I’m gonna take mine of you with me… & I truly will, forever xx
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    I read August Life Update and immediately thought it was gonna be a blog she wrote about what she’s been up to…. Even just a couple paragraphs… But it was just pictures we’ve already seen Just hoping to get some stuff that isn’t on her Insta lol
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    This made me tear up, because this truly was fate. If the Olive Garden didn’t have bad reviews, we would’ve gone there instead of the Carrabba’s next to the Dillard’s. If I hadn’t forgotten my shoes, we wouldn’t have even gone inside of the Dillard’s. If I didn’t turn around at the last second to grab the bracelet, I wouldn’t have been able to give it to her for her to then wear at the show the next day. Another friend told me about a month ago that every “wrong turn” is actually meant to happen and it’s so true. I’ve always believed that nothing happens by mistake.. and this just proves that. This whole experience was truly magical. The stars really did align for me, and I feel so lucky x
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    I really need her and David Lynch to stop firting and finally work together. My dream collab from the start.
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    For the covers album I'm sure shes referring to covers recorded for Pacific Blue and AS&C. Barrie also slipped that she wanted to use Summer Wine so probably even super old covers like that one are in consideration. Makes me wonder if she'll even include Where The Boys Are and the rumored LA Woman covers...Why Don't You Do Right studio manifestation pleek
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    Omg Kesha was at the show tonight, paging @The Siren x https://instagram.com/stories/iiswhoiis/3192819775553811281?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
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    I got barricade tonight right in the middle! It was one of the most magical nights I’ve experienced. I was only a few people away from meeting her before she returned to the stage but I’m not even mad about it. Everything about the show was beautiful. She sadly spent less than 5 minutes at barricade. Such an amazing show overall. Well worth it
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    In the four years that I have been active on this forum, I have literally never once read a single post of yours saying something remotely positive or kind about literally any producers she's been professionally involved with other than Jack (or any album of hers other than NFR, Chemtrails or Ocean Blvd. for that matter). Speaking of simping, that's literally the only thing you do on here, simping on Jack Antonoff like your life depends on it and shit on everything else.
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