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    That was me and it was literally the best moment of my entire life. I still haven’t recovered. I didn’t want to post about it here bc I was embarrassed about how I look, but since it’s here… Lana is seriously the best.
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    Okay, completely bawling my eyes out after Sweet Carolina. Seriously, crying like a baby right now, so I'm fighting back tears as I write this. This is probably a bit personal for me to share, but I spoke about it a little bit ago last month when I shared a GoFundMe link for something regarding this. At the beginning of this year in January, one of my best friends announced an unexpected pregnancy with her fiancé. Our friends & I were surprised, but told her we were there to support her through every step. As a bridesmaid, I watched her walk beautifully down the aisle to marry her husband in June, knowing their baby would be shortly on the way. Was fighting back tears then too. (& didn't do a very good job at it based on the pictures.) I then got to attend her baby shower in August, reveling in her excitement and nervousness. I even helped her set up the crib afterwards. She was so scared, not feeling completely prepared, but she was so excited for her new child. She gave birth to her lovely baby boy on August 28th after a 48-hour labour. A perfectly healthy baby. She was so happy and we were all happy for her, and it was the beginning of a new chapter. I don't even know how to write this next part, again as I'm still crying here, but her son unfortunately passed away just 9 days later in her arms suddenly from SIDS. She had texted me in the middle of the night about it as her son was airlifted to the hospital.. not really having much hope from the doctors.. until he was eventually declared braindead. It was like the world had completely shattered in front of all of our eyes. Some friends flew in for the funeral, and seeing her once more walk down an isle.. this time completely heartbroken and empty inside.. I don't think anything has ever broken my heart more. The first time I saw her since the funeral was two weeks ago when her, her sister, and I went up to the mountains for a little birthday celebration for me. She was laughing and having fun, showing a little of that old side of her joyous self that had been completely wiped away after the tragedy she faced. I love her so much, and this song makes me think of her. We love every hair on your head Love you like God loves you & you say that you're scared Might be unprepared for havin' the baby blues Baby blues Baby blues If things ever go wrong Just know this is your song and we love you I love you, M x
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    Currently, Lana is out and about with her friend Valerie Vogt on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.
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    Yesterday, Lana Del Rey was spotted by a fan while out with her sister Chuck Grant in Los Angeles, California.
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    barrie really said ‘if you wanna release songs with my writing credits on then revive my career hag!’ We love a king who knows his worth
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    Checking in on LanaBoards while I’m on holiday to see that BB leaked.. thank u to my poor mods who are working overtime while I guiltily frolic around New York skkk x
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    As soon as I saw the last glance cast by Lana in the video, I immediately thought:
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    Born to Die and Paradise were Lana taking her experiences and spinning them into these evocative and enhanced visions of the reality she once knew. Lust for Life was Lana subverting that reality and challenging the moral foundations upon which she operates, marking a transition. Norman Fucking Rockwell! and Chemtrails Over the Country Club were sabbaticals that showed a day-in-the-life of Lana and consolidated her creative vision. Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and Blue Banisters are the complex and intricate autobiographical recounts that are the fruit of Lana's labour. These three records are where the heavy lifting of turning all the way inward happens – and yields the most rewards. (8 days, 9 hours, and 23 minutes!)
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    We just talked for a little bit, mostly about my trip to California. She was honestly the nicest. We hugged. I was extremely nervous and stuttery Thank you guys for the kind comments. It’s funny bc I usually straighten my hair, but I didn’t this morning and when I left my hotel I had a bad feeling about not doing it and not putting on make up and when I saw her I was like omg of course this is happening today when I look terrible lol
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    Yall have a really, really fucking loose definition of doxxing. Look what it means up before you start saying that’s what she’s doing — she’s not. And before you say “ThEn WhAt Is ShE dOiNg!?!?!?!” She’s literally reposting the person who said false info about her and calling them out. If they didn’t wanna be reposted by her and didn’t wanna cause drama and bullshit, they shouldn’t have started shit in the first place. Good for her. I know people who have been doxxed by people with malicious intent and had to go to court for it. This doesn’t fit the legal definition. The person she’s reposting has posted publicly to social media, which makes it free range. She’s not telling anyone to go attack him, but she knows if everyone saw his post and thought what he said was true, they’d all be attacking her yet again. She can’t catch a break with yall, for fuck sake. Just leave her alone if you’re gonna start bullshit. It’s sad as fuck that she has to go and denounce claims made about her when she’s trying to take a short sabbatical from social media, meanwhile, she hears something and has to get involved because it’s defamation not only of her but also her business. Also, she’s not putting anyone’s phone number or address out there. One last thing, this story is 100% bullshit because Target will not allow their systems to sell you something before it’s street date. I’ve tried it with video games, I tried it with Honeymoon when it actually was on Target shelves like a week early and they took the item from me and didn’t let me pay for it.
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    i mean, if you're gonna post a fake story about a celeb, they have every right to call you out on it. end of story.
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    I actually only liked the post because of Mer's IBS anecdote I currently take no stance on this, especially since I still haven't been able to go through this thread so I'm actually completely unsure of wtf is even happening LOL. Ya heard it here first x It's okay, we're both lesbian hosts of utter hellholes (The Ellen Show & LanaBoards.com) x
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    Insiders shitting on Dealer and leaking it as “the worst song ever” really clowned themselves huh
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    me removing BB l-worded zip file from my phone, computer & my memory to pretend to hear the album for the first time on this Friday:
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    Last we heard, Rob’s favourite song was Florida Kilos, so, might I say, the man’s got taste! Sweet Carolina is going to be a beautiful finale to a beautiful record.
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    Instagram and Facebook said "we don't want to live without Lana anymore"
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    EXCLUSIVE: The director of LDR Village has reached out to LanaBoards directly to announce to you all in advance that the LDR Village will be having a pop-up event for Blue Banisters at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. The exact address of the event is 1615 Ocean Front Walk and will be held from 10AM-6PM.
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    After over 2800 pages of discussion between the Pre-Pre-Release & Pre-Release threads, the time has come... October 22nd, 2021: Lana Del Rey's 8th album 'Blue Banisters' has been released worldwide. Apple Music ● Spotify ● Physical Tracklist: 1. Textbook 2. Blue Banisters 3. Arcadia 4. Interlude - The Trio 5. Black Bathing Suit 6. If You Lie Down With Me 7. Beautiful 8. Violets for Roses 9. Dealer 10. Thunder 11. Wildflower Wildfire 12. Nectar of the Gods 13. Living Legend 14. Cherry Blossom 15. Sweet Carolina Share your thoughts on the new record below! Read the Pre-Release Thread Read the Pre-Pre Release Thread (Those who request a free, illegal download link to the new album will receive a Warning Point. Those who post illegal direct download links to the album will be banned. Please respect Lana & her art!)
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    It was rainy in LA today.. Lana & Val took a picture in front of the oncoming storm clouds.. Thunder next single confirmed!
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    It’s just so mind boggling to me that someone could still be so attached to Born To Die for whatever reasons and still expect a recycling of that sound and aesthetic 10 years down the road of an artist who is well known for completely changing her sound from album to album. Even Norman and Chemtrails (which many cite as similar) had crucial differences between them (the former being a harrowing, dazzling surf rock look at a dying America/falling culture, the latter being a quite more introspective, neo-folk incursion into a desire in escaping to a simpler reality, where fame doesn’t exist). Over the course of 10 years and 8 albums, Lana has given us an all-changing variety of soundscapes and concepts, always evolving and maturing as a singer and songwriter. To ask or expect her to return to previous eras and/or sonorities is completely negating and ignoring how much her writing, singing, producing and melody arranging has changed throughout the years. She’s not the same person as she was in 2011 - and she has explicitly affirmed she has no intention to. It’s absolutely fine to not love or support this album. Like, whatever. I myself dislike Arcadia and most of the fandom seems to love it - different opinions are bound to happen within any given fandom or corner of art criticism and consumption. Just don’t put your views and perspectives on a pedestal to the point of becoming condescending and pretentious. They’re absolutely useless and detrimental to the healthy and constructive conversations that can be born from our differences. We’re not 13 anymore, fucking hell.
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    Me in the livestream commenting nice things at Lana while knowing she will never see them because I have a private trap account with 0 posts and 0 followers
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    I hope that you guys who weren't able to watch benefitted from my little real-time transcriptions until someone uploads the whole thing. For my actual real job, I'm a transcriptionist, so hopefully I put my skills to use! Will be adding this to my resume of work Here's also a lil clip I uploaded of her talking about and singing Living Legend & Million Dollar Man -
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    On another note, something that I caught was that he followed the honeymoon account, since in her screenshots it said "follow back," but when searching in her followers list you can see she kicked him out LMAO
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    The comments on @itsvenicebitch's post as mentioned by @That Venice Bitch -
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    Okay I'm still trying to recover from my first listen of the album, especially since I was utterly destroyed by the final song, but I just want to say now that this is one of her best records to date. There's not a single song where I felt ehhh about - and while finding an “eh” song is already rare with LDR records for me actually, every song on this record is just otherworldly. I want to give the whole project a few more listens throughout the next day before I come back to share my final thoughts, but wow... she really did that x
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    Remember when we thought this was gonna be the album cover? Time flies
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    You guys I can't believe it but Lana smashed one of the Blue Banisters CDs at a Target and stabbed me in the neck with one of the shards I love her and everything but I almost bled to death.
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    I still can't believe how solid this tracklist and album is looking in general. I love that she added some of her best unreleased songs. I love that she's adding a wildcard like Dealer. I love how weird/campy yet beautiful her lyrics are. I love the album cover. I love so many things about this album so far and it hasn't even dropped yet. I'm so excited!
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    Omg my insider teaser era! I filmed for the Paramount+ reboot of the series 'The Game' yesterday, which will premiere in November. I've also recently filmed for Queens (ABC - Oct 2021), Monarch (FOX - Jan 2022), and Atlanta (FX - S3 2022) which has been exciting since I took a little hiatus from film in 2018! Feels nice to be back in the scene again. Building my reel for when Lana decides to cast me as a beachgoer in the Black Bathing Suit video
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    People dragging a song where she literally says Your interest really made stacks is kinda iconic
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    You made me trade my violets for roses You tried to take all the pink off my toes, and God knows the only mistake that a man can make Is tryna make a woman change & trade her violets for roses Another song I relate to heavily. Reminder to all my LanaBoards lovelies to never let anybody try to tell you who you are or try to change you into something you're not because you're all perfectly wonderful the way you are ♥️ Even my crazy ones here xx
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    Isn't it wild how much time we all spend together, like I feel like I know some of you so well even though I don't at all This pre-release has been so fun, I truly love this place. If any of my besties are ever in town, just hit me up.
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    The person who made up the Target drama just posted to their story — “it started as a joke it was not supposed to get out my spam page enough”. Wow. The culture really is sick if that’s people’s idea of a joke.
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    Lana ripping Nectar of the Gods, Living Legend and Cherry Blossom from youtube to put on her album
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    I love that some of these tracks were recorded recently! It’s really cool to have Lana release songs in real time because it’s kind of a glimpse into her life as she’s experiencing it (as opposed to her songs just being reflective of her past, or released a year or two later, once her life looks a bit different)
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