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    Alright. We were down for about an hour and I’m going to explain why. As I was just beginning to fall asleep two hours ago at 2am, I received a phone call from an unknown number and groggily answered it. It was someone who identified themselves as Bridgette, asking for the owner of LanaBoards. Confused and taken aback and also half asleep, I just nervously laugh and ask what this person needs. They hang up. They then text me saying that they are a social media analyst for TAP Management, Lana’s management, essentially informing me that Ben was in talks of having the site shut down for recent leaks, discussion, etc. Saying that this was Lana’s personal request. For over an hour and a half, this person proceeded to fill me with stress and anxiety through text message regarding this “issue” with the site and not answering my calls saying that Ben would be reaching out to me personally tomorrow to speak further. Though I was initially skeptical that this was a prank after they called asking for the LanaBoards owner due to the suspicious number (I even texted my personal best friend who knows I run this site and is infamous for her prank calls that don’t typically target me who confirmed she wasn’t behind this), the gravity and severity of the situation that they informed me of once they texted me after they hung up lead me to treat this as a better safe than sorry situation. When I asked how they received my number as Lana’s management doesn’t have my current number as it’s changed since I last spoke with one of her managers years back, they said that Lana herself provided a list of fans they thought may have managed the site, and they listed my ex-girlfriend of 3 years ago who is a fellow prominent Lana fan in the community as someone they reached out to that eventually put them in contact with me. (Note, I have no idea if she’s actually involved with this and highly doubt that she is as it would be very out of character given how we left things at the end several years ago, but that only added to my concern as well as my suspicion.) Everything that they asked of me I immediately cooperated with, including temporarily pulling the site. Then, after an hour and a half of this anxiety inducing madness, they tell me this is a prank. They then identify as someone named Dez. This was not funny. It was very immature and inappropriate for someone to call me posing as a member of Lana’s management asking about LanaBoards at 2am on a Monday morning ahead of a very busy workweek for me as I’m spending the next 5 days working 14 hour days on set. I am posting this here to just say, if this is someone from the site, do not ever do this again. I would also appreciate if you could please reveal yourself and how you got my number, as I’m really concerned about how LanaBoards members/Lana fans are receiving my personal cell phone number that they feel free to call to harass me for a prank at 2am. If you are someone who has my phone number, which I know is a couple of you here, please do not give it out without my permission. I keep a relatively small personal circle, and whoever is behind this has relative knowledge of my life regarding the fact I own this site and the name of my ex-girlfriend that I haven’t spoken to in years. This just grows my concern of my number and personal details being passed around. If there ever is a serious issue regarding the site, LanaBoards has a contact email and social media pages that work just as well. & if you’re going to prank me like this, choose a better time. Thanks x
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    Exactly 10 years ago to this day on September 1st, 2012, LanaBoards.com was created... Happy 10th Birthday, LanaBoards! Over the past decade, we have created over 1 million posts by over 17,000 members, along with countless memories in between. LanaBoards has become a home and a family to so many of our members, and we would not be who we are without our loyal, dedicated member base. Thank you to everyone who has become a part of our family, and has contributed to the wonderfulness and wildness that is LanaBoards.com. We look forward to another 10 years together! I have personally been a member here for over 9 years and the owner for 6 years, and I could not be more grateful for what this silly little website has done for me. I've met so many incredible people from all over the world through LanaBoards that have become lifelong friends to me. Over the years, I've always felt a sense of comfort here, and it truly does feel like home. I would hate to think of how much different my life would be without this place, as it really has had such a great impact on my life. I'll always cherish the memories, friendships, and traditions we have here on LanaBoards, and it is my greatest honour to continue to host this site for you all. Sending all of my love to each and every one of you xx
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    lustforlife would know what to do in times like this
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    you took my comments out of context, at the lanaboards prerelease complex, i ain’t no umbrella in the wind
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    Earlier today, Lana Del Rey attended the Malibu Chili Cook-Off festival in Malibu, California. She attended the event with her siblings Chuck and Charlie Grant, her father Rob Grant, and friends Sveta Matiunina, Hunter Barker, Jen Stith, and Evan Winiker. While there, she stopped to take pictures with fans. More professional photos: Fan selfies: Videos:
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    „Ian and i making magic” she’s on facetime w him and he's in the studio soo
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    Lana: Hi Ricky: Lana you know me... Lana: Oops okokokokok Ricky: You know me... you know me Lana: Ok, hi Ricky: You know me... you know me Security Guard: She doesn't know you actually Ricky: Ricky, I'm Ricky Lana: Um... Ricky Jus- You gotta be careful because I don't want you to hurt yourself Ricky: I will. I just wanted a picture with you Lana: You know what, I think, I think it sounds like it's maybe not really a good time Ricky: [illegible] Lana: Listen, listen, but I appreciate you and I, I'm- (Ricky tries to hug her) Lana's friend: Let's not Lana: Ok, well let's be careful ok? Security Guard: No, come this way, come this way Lana: alright, I'm going to get- Ricky's Friend: Just one picture please Lana: No, guys- Ricky's friend: We love you Lana: Be careful okay? Security Guard: Please get inside, please get inside the car Lana: Bye guys, i'm sorry about that Ricky: [ineligible] sending you a message Lana: Ok i'm- Is that it? Ricky: dat1guitarguy Lana: dat1guitar yeah I understand that, I know who you are and I'm going to keep to myself right now and i'll write back Ricky: I came to church and- Lana: Can you walk to- Lana's friend: Okay you got a conversation, ok let's go, let's go Lana: Keep yourself safe babe ok? Ricky: Ok I will Lana's friend: Sorry about that
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    Seems like she's already working on LDR11 while LDR10's getting mastered for the digital drop on September 1st! She moves so quick
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    imagine waiting for an album for years like most other fanbases do
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    Sobbing at how Rob looks like he realized he never turned off the stove before they left home
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    None of this arguing would have happened if someone had asked Picasso not to be sad
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    Are you expecting him to pick up and go "'Hi this is Ian here's a snippet of the album" like... Literally what will harassing him on his personal number do other than just make him annoyed about his number leaking. Very weird behaviour.
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    This is def fake but I'm choosing to believe all of this TBH (except the "the album isn't finished yet" part cause it's coming in 3 days!)
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    I know it hasn’t even been that long since the snippet, but it feels like it’s been forever and everyone has been completely silent. Not even Ben has reposted the snippet yet
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    i think Lana has a lot more control in the studio, even or especially with Jack, than people wanna give her credit for. beginning with NFR and increasing through BB, her songs have included more of a wildness, even a messiness, that's more folky, more raw, than her very much polished early work. critics derided BTD for being over-produced. yet with her recent albums, she discusses in her lyrics and interviews her drive towards wildness and freedom, and i think you can really hear it in the music. when the last three albums first came out, i loved them, but i was a little critical of the difference between them and her prior work. now, i feel like it's sunk in more, like i finally get it. she just produces beautiful art naturally, and she's become more real and more intimate/personal in her music and lyrics. the more time passes since Blue Banisters, the more I appreciate the direction she's been moving in. it feels so natural, and like she wants to be more natural. she wants her music to be honest, natural, real, raw, even or especially if that's "messy" or wild. she expresses being wild a lot. she talks about wanting to get away from the city, from LA or NY, and explores more small town USA feels, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, more middle America type stuff, going to the mall, doing mundane tasks like washing hair or laundry. i think it's totally Lana's choice and her own direction taking her to the sound she has now, and tbh I love it.
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    Good LORD the delusions and entitlement She is probably too afraid to unfollow him in case he snaps Ricky if you are reading this: it's not us, it's you. Sort yourself out and stop stalking her. Everything she said is woman-speak for "I'm not comfortable and I want you to go away"
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    Earlier today, went shopping at Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, California. While she was there, she stopped to chat and take pictures with fans. More photos:
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    It really dried out in here huh LMAO don’t worry gorls I’m in New York, lemme take a quick lap around Manhattan and when I find her with Mike Dean I’ll find out what DNC really means
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    Please be respectful when talking about the Queen. She was a head of state, a monarch, a mother to multiple pedophiles and most importantly a devoted cousin to her husband .
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    Thank God we stan Lana who won't keep her thoughts inside her head
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    With new possible hints that Lana could be featured on Taylor’s new album, if true, I think we’ll get a taste of the new album maybe before but likely after Taylor’s release. and imagine how insane her streaming numbers would be, with a Taylor collab
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    remember when he liked a tweet asking him if her team isn't allowing him to say anything?
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    so ldrvillage is saying big things coming/stay tuned for announcements?? we thinking LDR9 or instead maybe some ride/paradise 10 year anniversary stuff?
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    Hi all, I just woke up a little bit ago as I ended up staying awake until past 6am feeling angry, stressed, worried, and extremely violated. I still feel that way now. This was a major overstep of privacy, respect, and personal boundaries. I first want to thank you all for your messages of support, that really means a lot. You all know how much I care about this place and all of our members, and I hate that this prank was trying to target that. I also just wanted to generally answer some thoughts people were saying in regards to who this could've been - I did not recognise the voice from the phone call. The caller I spoke with who had identified as Bridgette (and later as Dez over text) had no discernible accent. They had a typical, American-sounding feminine voice. However, I also believe this person could actually be from Canada or the UK as they used British English spelling in some words, but they could have just done that to throw me off. I do believe the number they contacted me from is a spoofed number likely obtained through a text app. The area code was a Santa Rosa, CA / 707 area code, but again, I don't believe this number is a true indication of where this person is located. It was not an iMessage number but rather a standard SMS number, and the dial tone and voicemail note sounded strange when I attempted to call back. However, I do strongly believe this was someone here from LanaBoards that I do not know personally. The fact that the backbone of their prank was threatening to have the site taken down due to recent posts means that this person is actively monitoring the site. Though they did bring up the name of my ex-girlfriend when asked how they received my number, my ex is a fellow prominent Lana fan and our relationship was quite public when we were together. Anyone who kept tabs on our Instagram or Twitter, which were infiltrated within the Lana fandom, would have known we were together as it was rather public knowledge. Once the prank was revealed, I asked if it was her herself doing this, and the person said, "Honestly I just said (my ex's name) to fuck with you. She doesn't care to prank you lol." So, I really don't believe it was her or anyone in her circle. Mostly because it would be incredibly out of character to call me in the middle of the night for a prank after several years of not speaking. Her and her group of friends are also not active users on LanaBoards. Last night, I did attempt to reach out to her to ask if she was involved in this, but she still has me blocked on everything so I couldn't get ahold of her. Now that I've slept on it and feel certain she actually wasn't involved, I have no further intention of trying to get ahold of her to ask about this as I'm not sure it's worth opening up old wounds for something that would likely be fruitless. As much as I would truly like to get police/phone company involved and have been strongly considering doing this, I also worry that will be fruitless since the number is likely spoofed and therefore untraceable. My main concern at this point is how this person received my personal phone number. I keep a very small personal circle nowadays. Any personal friends who know that I run this site as well as the name of my ex-girlfriend have confirmed they're not involved, and I trusted that they were not anyway. The people in my life are good people who are above trying to freak me out at 2am. My phone number is not available on any public profiles of mine. I try to keep a very private life. In fact, the only social media I now use is Instagram in which I share personal moments of my life sparingly, after I dealt with a pretty scary stalker situation a couple of years ago that scared me off of all social media for an entire year. I was even gone from LanaBoards for awhile that year too due to all the distress if you all remember that. I also typically never answer phone calls from unknown numbers, but I answered this one because as I mentioned in the original post, I will be working on set for the next several days, and people from my casting agency are known to call at late hours if there is some immediate issue. They essentially work 24/7 and call from various numbers. Because this call woke me at 2am, that's sort of who I expected it to be from and why I answered. Never answering my phone again lol. I have actually been unexpectedly called by a LanaBoards member before about a year or two ago as someone called me from a hidden number, but they then revealed who they were and it was someone I had knowingly given my number to from the site, and they said they had gotten a new phone and were calling people to see who all the numbers were in their contacts. Though that seemed strange since they called from a hidden number, I do believe there were no real bad intentions behind that, and trust that this person was not involved in this situation. I am strongly considering changing my phone number if this person does not come forward, or the person who provided them my phone number. That frustrates me, as I shouldn't have to go out of my way to do that. & just a message to the person behind this if they are reading this, I may be the owner of LanaBoards, but I am a real person with a real life. I cannot reiterate enough how immature and inappropriate it was to call and wake me at 2am on a Monday and then keep me awake to fill me with stress and anxiety for several hours doing this. At the risk of sounding whiney, this honestly has skewed my whole week. I'm anxious about the fact of my personal number being passed around to strangers, and my sleep has already been affected at a very inconvenient time given the busy workweek I have ahead of me. I hope you feel some remorse about the situation and will step forward. Thank you x
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    She uploaded an Instagram story in 4 parts, representing four quarters of the year. The first three parts were in black & white and the last one was in color. It means she is releasing her album in Q4 of 2022.
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    Reminder that this thread is not a funeral. No one has to pay their respects here. It's a discussion forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion even if you think it is distasteful
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    At least she’s reunited with her husband/cousin in hell! A terrible evil person dying peacefully at 96 surrounded by loved ones, things really could’ve been worse for her lmao. People acting like this is one of the greatest tragedies of our lifetime are wild liike irdgaf, there are genuinely good people out here losing their lives every day; why should people care about this old hag?
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    my pussy is twitching something is coming very soon ladies, full moon in two days!
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    Omg us pisces girls coming in strong: Lead single dropping tomorrow to set the world on fire
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    Jack just posted stories in the studio captioned “hell on earth”. Maybe it has something to do with his “honeymoon from hell” comment from the other day and those guitars are indeed for LDR9/10?
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    I'm gonna take this as a good sign for something lol
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    if she started the snippets we have about a year to the album! ldr brazil or whatever: EXCLUSIVE!!! lanaboards insider revealed new album a year later...
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    Give me that lush Honeymoon and Paradise style production. I listen to the instrumentals so often because of how incredible they are.
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    ??? I don’t think they’d even met yet when she was working on Honeymoon?
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    Just did this using Don't Forget OG cover.
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    I woke up to 20 new pages of this thread thinking 'that's it, the lead single is out' imagine my confusion reading through it all
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    The clownery and the delusion today is so beautiful
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    Okay so if yesterday was piano argument day and today was Jack argument day does that mean tomorrow is unreleased songs on albums argument day or country music argument day? I get mixed up sometimes sorry 🤪
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