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  1. I didnt realize that this was a @1mateusnunes concert
  2. im gonna have a panic attack from this fkn EDM
  3. wait hahaha yes do u mean the “i got it in the diamond district”
  4. deleted bc I read the post wrong
  5. they're scavenging for new things to be pissy about, now that chart numbers isn't one of them
  6. oh shit ur right - I just listened to Fingertips and they did remove the crackling!!!
  7. Omg its fixed? I heard the crackling on Spotify but let me go check this out...
  8. lol once I ate an entire Lush lip scrub in one day
  9. whoever added/or left the crackling in Fingertips and Grandfather can be discarded (however, those songs are still two of my favourite)
  10. some of u give me a headache - just skip the damn interlude and move on, if u don't like it! no one's making u listen
  11. maybe she's making a joke at Lana barely promoting her music? idk
  12. @Elle if u have any time soon, I think many of use would love an updated version of this! No pressure though <3
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