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  1. Can someone transcribe what Lana says tho? curious. can’t quite make it out edit: ok after a few more listens it kinda sounds like “I’ll give it back when I get there” ? but not sure
  2. someone needs to find out where her sparkly blue dress is from
  3. Real ones know the mcdonald’s cola tastes best
  4. the baby blue cardigan x bag combo lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. same stylist Sydney Sweeney works w most prominently! here for it, she always looks wonderful
  6. i hope she commits to the bit & gives us some Shalako like visuals/ vibes for this era. similar to Chemtrails' but more fleshed out
  7. also Im glad she finally took the baby blue chanel out for a stroll.. I was wondering when she would make her debut
  8. all the ladies of the canyon wearin black to the... superbowl?
  9. lana and chuck are always cancer x scorpio greatness 👯‍♀️
  10. Leonard Cohen - Full Employment (excerpt) I see you in windows that open so wide there’s nothing beyond them, and nothing inside. You take off your sandals you shake out your hair, your beauty dismantled and worn everywhere. The story’s been written. The letter’s been sealed. You gave me a lily, but now it’s a field.
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