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  1. https://www.facebook.com/leonardcohen/posts/in-a-1997-interview-with-stina-dabrowski-at-mount-baldy-zen-center-leonard-cohen/10155468401454644/ & thanks lol!
  2. I love him so much <3 my top 3 albums are prob songs of leonard cohen, death of a ladies' man & songs from a room but i find all his entire body of work thoroughly enjoyable, right up to you want it darker. i have a few of his poetry books as well, gifted to me by my bf last christmas <3 my fav is the flame this is probably one of the greatest pieces of wisdom, like ever. it's constantly on my mind.. he was a deeply beautiful, intelligent human
  3. idk i just need her to refer to me as doll/ love/ sweetheart etc. when she says whatever she says
  4. gonna revive this bc how wholesome & why not <3 this is the first song I have any memory of, my dad basically taught it to me- we sang it together all the time when I was a lil girl & because of that it'll always be very special to me besides that.... def Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.. I'd always ask my granddad to spin it when I visited LOL, I thought it was so fun n loved dancing to it
  5. I'm just gonna do fav Releases* like including singles cause i cant compile a list otherwise lmfao Ocean Blvd DUHHHH Shadow Kingdom was interesting enough as a Dylan fan i guess lol Now & Then by The Bootles <3 Lana's Country Roads Say Yes To Heaven & Mitski's Mine All Mine was sweet
  6. in the wintertime keep your feet warm <3
  7. nonsense christmas by sabrina carpenter for some fun santa baby by eartha kitt for tasteful sensuality happy xmas (war is over) by john lennon to have beautiful feelings of love, gratitude and optimism wash over you
  8. i think i had a Let The Light In year, my bf & I just had crazy fun, including me finally visiting him in Liverpool for my bday trip early November, he took me around to see all the Beatles locations/ museums etc. Now & Then also came out while I was there so it was an extra special time for my 21st <3
  9. the story is gone LOL unless thats my wifi idk
  10. country roads take me home to the place i belong west virginia, mountain mamaaaa
  11. sabrina vs belle de jour
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