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  1. Israel got the pity votes just like Ukraine did back in 2022, and they still didn't win, which I think speaks for itself no matter what, they still get to play the victim, so it all works out in the end I suppose!
  2. Petra Mede can do no wrong and that's all I have to say
  3. i'd kill for that vegas kitsch print on a tee ngl
  4. oh i love this, um AKA - John Waters BTD - Lars von Trier UV - Adrian Lyne HM - Wong Kar-wai LFL - Guillermo del Toro BB - Dario Argento DYKTTATUOB - Wes Anderson
  5. the remasters are fucking incredible and that's all i have to say the quality between levels is lowkey inconsistent but as a package??????? the attention to detail (where it was duly paid)????????? u can tell fans were on this shit it's insane
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