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  1. Honeytrails

    Charli XCX

    This seems mean spirited… just weird. especially the sentiments towards her romantic relationship
  2. but bb was released before so it wasn't a back to back march release
  3. her albums are usually two years apart... so I'm expecting like a single by the end of the year and maybe a February or April release... (wouldn’t make sense for them to do another march release like ocean blvd)
  4. imagine a solange sample for newjeans... my vision is so clear
  5. sad girl is so good it just sounds so maximalist and hurts my ears sometimes… especially the bridge where it goes into a higher key… it needed more acoustic breaks like that part before the outro
  6. The Idler Wheel… Fiona Apple
  7. Do I need to pull out that interview of her saying she’d rather have people write songs for her cus it’s much easier and less annoying for the people saying that don’t like it cus she didn’t write it
  8. reminds me of that Rick Knowles demo playing the summertime sadness chorus… she probably just built the song around what her collaborators gave her
  9. this might be the first time we find out Lana didn’t actually write anything for a song
  10. Honeytrails


    it’s crazy how we haven’t had such cryptic and interesting Lana lyrics in a minute… she’s been so upfront with her latest stuff that there’s barely room for interpretation I love reading yall’s theories!
  11. Caption says 4th, pic says 3rd, leak says 5th
  12. who gaf at this point… no date no nothing like just annoying
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