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  1. the single’s alright… I still prefer her first two albums and daddy’s home sound over what she’s mostly known for
  2. make up stories bout my life and put on very cherry bomb
  3. ur right all the franchises here are owned by locals with local investors and what not - I think a certain amount of the profit has to go back to the main franchise which is why even those in Arab countries are boycotting but there are also a lot of people who say they’ll boycott mcdonalds if they were in America or France for example but not those in their Arab country as the boycott affects non-zionist local investors and employees
  4. hittin licks by WHO??
  5. labels usually give budget for 2 music videos and I’m guessing she spent it all on one hence why it not making the money back might’ve been an issue but again… I don’t think it was much of a financial issue she’s rich
  6. then we get a Blue Banisters & Henry, Come On type songs
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