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  1. super disagree with what seems to be a common sentiment, if i go to a ldr concert i’m expecting/wanting to hear the hits and the classics and the fun songs - which mostly happen to be from btd although they aren’t my favorite songs from her in a concert setting those are the songs i’ll be wanting to hear - not Breaking Up Slowly featuring Nikkie Lane or Arcadia for gods sake
  2. i’m sure these upcoming performances will snap lana back into reality and out of her folk/stripped down phase…
  3. will there a way for people not going to watch it live?
  4. meh... it'll be cool to hear her singing actually something in the song but the song itself isnt all that
  5. relistening in full for the first time in a while and omg you can’t blame me for missing whatever sound we had from her… this is real music i’m in tears
  6. everything post nfr has been kinda meh, although she seems to like them very much as they arent persona driven (she stated something in a deleted ig video about how "at least the last 4 albums" tell her story clearly or something along those lines dont remember it too well) but your right, syth isnt all that groundbreaking and yet i enjoy it as a song more than anything off of chemtrails, blue banisters and a good portion of ocean blvd - dont know why as i agree that the song isn’t all that interesting but i guess i'm just not a fan of the either extremely stripped down stuff or the too diaristic so there's barely any room to relate stuff - not something like "my sister's first born child... my grandma's last smile" i think those feel universal but something like "and then there's donoghue..." in kintusgi even the reworked ver of syth isn’t my fav as the chorus sounds less bombastic but... I just find it more vibey and easy to listen to
  7. cute throwback since yes to heaven got officially released! she really has always liked that song
  8. it finally dropped where i’m at! i hated it but oh well i tried being positive
  9. agree and disagree, I don’t think the tiktok-ifaction of music relates to popularity but relates to a singular part of a song being used over and over again to the point it becomes stale and simply background music, and I absolutely hate that about tiktok - but also I don’t think she was “forced” to release this, keep in mind the version being released is not the same version that went viral in the first place
  10. isnt that for legal reasons and not some cute persona name change… I’m asking btw idk why she’s credited under a billion different names for the songs on ultraviolence for example
  11. find it kinda weird that the conversation is around if she’s releasing this as a cash grab or in desperation for a hit instead of simple speculating and talking about the music, she doesn’t care much about that stuff and we know that - it’s a new version! hope it’s good
  12. ur ridiculous, no unreleased track is “deserving” of getting released unless it was so push forward a narrative like those songs on blue banisters, the music is out there for us to listen to (which i’m sure is what she only cares about) but also she still makes money off of them… regardless I think syth is a dreamy fun track that’s loved and if she wanted it officially out there then so be it!
  13. spotify link if someone hasn’t shared it yet! super excited actually although I wasnt on board of unreleased music “needing” to be released… it’s stormy and raining this will be perfect for me rn https://open.spotify.com/album/6jVg0POvGYH1Pt6lISl3ok?si=qteYqos1QH6UmG-tfxuqFw
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