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  1. this was my first lana concert and it was just amazing, perfect, it was everythinggg I have a lot of good things to say (but im not going to cause I just got home I cried a lot im so tired and i have to go to work in a few hours so I need a nap ) hope everyone loved it as much as I did!!
  2. my boyfriend got two tickets for us im so excitedddddd see you there!!
  3. I havent been much into billie's music for a few years but this album>>>>>>>>> loved it a lot
  4. wrestling in dirt pits by ethel cain
  5. black beauty 2:33... I'll never forget
  6. this is the cuntier version of that stunning photo from interview magazine (by nadia lee cohen) and the new wallpaper on my laptop ehehehe
  7. I slept real bad, it started thundering, I had a nose bleed and I'm very sleepy... this better be good
  8. and then she posts the official lasso announcement with pre-orders, variants and it's actually not called lasso
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