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  1. its so pretty i need to rob to produce half of a lana album
  2. I never thought I would read something like what that creature wrote on lanaboards like what the fuuuuuck I hope no one think to much about that cause its not worth it!!!!
  3. the first time I heard it I thought the same thing and I was a bit disappointed , but now its my fav on dykttatuob
  4. at this point she should really release this masterpiece in 1 hour and 30 minutes
  5. lambert sounds like a brand of ham
  6. i don't even understand how tho lmao lana literally fed us with two amazing songs (lana's top 10 imo), we had one of the best photshoots ever from lana, insiders telling us how amazing it is, even boz who ain't a lana fan anymore said it was top 3 like
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