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  1. [removed] this shouldn’t have to be said, but no posting links to porn on the threads.
  2. the fact that the insiders were trashing dealer and its actually just what we neededwanted
  3. i dont know if it is coincidence but it looks like she's recreating this picture from 2018 lmaoo the position, the earings, the hair
  4. french restaurant is another good example of this, that song is mostly piano with a few effects, i can actually feel what lana was feeling when she wrote it/recorded it, i really dont mind if blue banisters goes in that direction if it makes me feel whatever lana wants
  5. yeah, if she finishes the album this month in august we might get the pre order, and maybe october/november we get the album
  6. i'm still processing all this cant wait for the full album elizabeth hurry up honey
  7. i feel like its all because lana doesnt know how to promote her work, i know we had the three singles but it was nothing out of this world musicaly (lyrically they are fire tho) and there's the thing about revenge that made us all go to UV era, so its best to not get excited and maybe we will love it whenever it comes out
  8. the third one is a picture of charlie apparently https://twitter.com/LDRaddic/status/1401665957035229190
  9. it would be cool if it was something like Stargirl Interlude or Groupie Love, but at this point i just want something different from nfr and cocc
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