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  1. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Hop is a dangerous thing… vs …Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
  2. MAC has been on the printed setlist for awhile, but hasn't been performed. One of my friends I met at the Alabama show got a setlist, and MAC was on it but was crossed out with a black marker She's also been heard sound-checking it at a few shows, but I guess she doesn't feel like she has it down 100% yet to perform x
  3. Rewatching this video, and realised she lost the ribbon on the left side of her head when she bowed after the crowd shouted "you snort it like a champ!" It's at 2:14 x I don't think so.. It doesn't look like she went down in West Palm Beach as well, and she didn't in Dallas either but that's probably because she had to rush her set due to the storms x Me theory is because the East Coast leg for the NFR tour she was planning got scrapped before it was even announced due to COVID, she's giving the east coast a little mix of both NFR & OB sets x
  4. Here’s the full performance of Florida Kilos from Rob’s live, it literally took nearly 20min to upload since the video is over 7 minutes skkk x
  5. Pointing the mic towards the crowd at the unintelligible lyric “??? in my mouth and gold hoops” It’s okay bb, it’s not just you who doesn’t know that lyric
  6. Crowd chanting for Florida Kilos after Stand By Your Man.. Rob said, “I wonder if she remembers the lyrics!” x
  7. For Alabama, I got there at 7am and there were already 20 people in line lol I was #21. The show was on Thursday, and there were people lined up since Monday night. Though, half of those people showed up late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Either way, queueing is getting craaaazy and for what. Pls just arrive the day of the show, camping overnight is insane like there’s no need to put yourself through that. It needs to be a universal rule to not start queuing until the sun has risen on show day. It just causes a lot of panic and stress x
  8. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    I made a lil cameo here in Cam 3 loool living the dream x
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