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  1. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Like… that’s just Lankita babes x Putting Niko in the black and Topanga in the blue.. a vision x
  2. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Idk how to explain it but Lana’s cat literally looks like her skfndksk. Like if Lana was a cat, that’s what she would look like x
  3. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    “me and my baby finally back together after a long week in the desert 🏜️”
  4. I’m not sure if she’s ever not sung Video Games at a performance before.. even shows where she’s had short, 5-song setlists, she still sang it. Even when her mic was cut at Glastonbury, she still made sure to sing it with the crowd! Definitely odd, but they must’ve run out of time and couldn’t cut any of the final 4 songs (2 guests, 2 in the second outfit) in its place x
  5. Not to be woo-woo-delulu, but I feel like this nap dream I had foreshadowed her Coachella performance a bit.. at the end of Hope she was carried away like a bird with her wings spread, everyone all dressed in black… only to return in a country-inspired outfit, and as some may know Memphis, Tennessee is known for its heavy influence on country music. Anyway, “Blackbird (bringing me to Memphis)” as the lead single to Lasso coming soon xx
  6. Yes (and yes to everyone asking, I will add an emote of Lana on the pole lol)
  7. Lana perform Hope is a dangerous thing without making me cry challenge!!!! That was soooo moving with the spoken word outro at the end I can’t. Anyway, quick thoughts since I’m still drying the tears - this show was fckn incredible, miles better than the first show which was already pretty amazing. You could tell her confidence was boosted and wasn’t as nervous as she was in the first show, and that paired along with no mic issues this time produced GORGEOUS vocals. Some of her best ever perhaps. Simply amazing. I’m going to have to rewatch this again tomorrow with friends as the whole show was stellar. Only things that the first show outsold on was the outfit (the light blue worked better with her lighter hair, the black would’ve looked great with her signature brunette though), arriving to the Jealous Girl remix, and Billie as a guest instead of Camila. Camila’s performance still has me giggling tbh lmaooo but Lana seemed to enjoy herself during it, so it was cute to see. Also, was that FJM shade during PWYC…? I thought it was odd that he was on the W1 setlist and didn’t perform either weekend… maybe he bailed last minute. Anyway, god, I wish there was a Weekend 3!!!!! These past two weekend have been a treat! Xx
  8. I actually ctfu when Camila came onstage LMAOOO I’m still giggling. That was a cute moment though, I luv when Lana’s all silly x
  9. Everyone screaming on the livestream makes me so anxious skjfshk 8 more minutes or less if she arrives early again!! Xx
  10. Best case scenario with Camila possibly being a guest is that they’ll also bring out Playboi Carti to do I Luv It, and then A$AP comes out to do Summer Bummer w Lana & Playboi lol. I’m admittedly not the biggest Camila fan however x
  11. Her set from last week was also scheduled from 11:20-12:50, but she went a few minutes over x
  12. I had a dream the other night that she replied to an Instagram comment saying she was bringing him out for Summer Bummer & Groupie Love, she wasn’t going to do West Coast again, and that her outfit was going to be pink lol. (I don’t count on any of these things coming to fruition though as I already had a different element of that dream come true that same day, which is why I never shared the Lana part of the dream here lol. Still manifesting a pink outfit though xx)
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