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  1. Peep how Clayton is holding Lana’s hand in the fourth video.. new power couple! Xx
  2. Lana Del Rey is currently celebrating a friend's birthday at Valle de Guadalupe in Baja, California. During the day, she visited Hilo Negro Winery and Viñedos de la Reina, and is now dining at Da Toni Esenada to celebrate the festivities. Other friends in attendance are Alexandria Kaye, Clayton Johnson, Rosie OBella, Portia Simone, Ellye Well, Bronte Murphy, Amir Carraway, and Davon Johnson. 4 videos:
  3. When I think of a midwestern Lana record, I immediately think of certain tracks from AKA such as 'Queen of the Gas Station' & 'Raise Me Up'. Maybe the blonde hair returning truly is signifying a Lizzy Grant return.. which would be so exciting. I would love to hear a mix of modern Lana & retro Lizzy sounds, because I feel for the most part they're pretty separate and distinct from each other. The LG quirkiness with that LDR dramatic flair blended together would be so cool to hear.. a little nod to AKALG a decade after its release x
  4. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Religion vs Million Dollar Man
  5. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Cinnamon Girl
  6. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs Pretty When You Cry
  7. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Fine China vs. Hollywood
  8. Yes, off-topic discussion & joking in this thread PLEASE... That's what I've been asking lol. I'm glad the hint is being taken. On-topic, worthwhile discussion in the COTCC thread! Spammy posts here please x
  9. Truly, they're asking for it at this point! Stay on topic, team! No spamming please!! Give the Random Lana Discussion thread a visit instead! xx
  10. Like what even is the point of saying it over and over anymore. I need like a megaphone or something
  11. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Lust for Life (Demo) vs Life is Beautiful
  12. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Yayo (AKA) vs. For K Part 2
  13. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Boarding School vs. Wolf
  14. Sometimes I feel like I"m just speaking into the void with my big red text walls. C'mon team, let's get back to theories, speculations, and hopes & wishes for the record rather than endless posts of complaining, gif-reliant posts, and spamming unrelated nonsense!! I know you all still have some of that positive light & energy in you somewhere x
  15. Taste!!!! Sad Girl is also my favourite song from UV & still my favourite song she’s officially released so far. Religion is also in my top 3 from HM. Underrated masterpieces xx
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