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  1. Hi all! With the release of 'Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd' being less than two months away now, I thought that now would be a good time to add 1 or 2 new moderators to our team. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application below and DM it to @admin with the subject '2023 Moderator Application' To apply, you must have been a member since January 2022, have not received any Warning Points since January 2022, and must have no more than 3 Warning Points. Having no warning points is ideal, and those with 0 points will be given a higher priority in the consideration process. You can apply now through February 4th, and I will be announcing the new moderator/s in the days following! Once selected, the new moderator/s will receive a training video so they'll be informed on how to be a proper LanaBoards moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I look forward to reading all of your applications and having some new faces join our team xx 2023 LanaBoards Moderator Application How long have you been a member of LanaBoards? Do you have any Warning Points? If so, what were they given for? Where are you located/What timezone are you in? How often are you online? (days a week, hours a day) When are you typically not available to be online? (days/hours, whether this be for work, school, sleep, etc.) What threads are you most active in? Who are some of your closest friends or members you enjoy seeing on LanaBoards? (this question is to see your familiarity and involvement with our memberbase. your choice of members will not impact your chances of being selected either positively or negatively.) Are you a member of any other fandom forums/chat groups? If so, what are they and how long have you been a member? Do you have any prior moderator or general managerial experience either online or offline? Why do you want to be a moderator for LanaBoards, and why should I choose you? Be as detailed as possible. Optional Questions (Note: you do not have to answer these additional questions if you would not like to, and your answers or lack-thereof will not impact your chances of becoming a moderator either positively or negatively. These are just so I can get to know you better as you'll become a core part of our team!) Name: Age: Fan of Lana since: Favourite Lana album & songs: Other artists you're a fan of: Feel free to tell me anything you'd like about your journey with Lana: Feel free to tell me anything you'd like about you personally:
  2. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    I say this alll the time.. to be able to do her eye makeup with that lid space would be a dream
  3. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Wildflower Wildfire vs Wild at Heart
  4. Last night, Lana Del Rey met some fans while out in Los Angeles, California.
  5. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    “A&W interscope team hair braiding sesh + jimmy and bo”
  6. Again, I just feel like people shouldn’t have found reason to expect so much? All that was said in their post announcing the article was “don’t miss the article on Lana Del Rey’s new album” which I feel like didn’t imply an interview/new info. What I personally expected is exactly what it was - a brief of what we already know. Plus, why would they have had new information anyway from being a small publication that Lana didn’t even know about? Idk I just feel sort of bad that some disgruntled fans are going to attack them for the article in the comments when I really feel like it’s not deserved. I know tensions are a lil high right now since we don’t have a lot of info at the moment (and we actually know more than we should because of insiders) but I feel like a random small IG magazine is the wrong place to direct our frustrations towards x
  7. I feel bad that people are giving them are hard time about the article on their page. Sure, it would’ve been beneficial on both ends for them to clarify it wouldn’t be an interview/review to those asking in the comments, but at the same time we had no reason to expect that coming from such a small unknown publication - especially since Lana herself noted in the comments that she didn’t know what would be said in the article. I think fans just got their hopes up too high since we don’t know too much about the record from elsewhere, and were just blinded by the hopefulness that there would be new information shared. It’s a fine article to inform people about Lana and the record who aren’t super-fans, but we really shouldn’t have expected anything more. So, please don’t send hate directly their way, it’s sort of undeserved. Complain here, sure, but I feel like subjecting them to negative comments won’t help much x
  8. Here’s the full article with the correct cropping for those interested, again no new information -
  9. Girl she literally had NO involvement in this, she didn’t even know it was happening, pls
  10. Well, this is pretty much exactly what I expected Considering Lana herself didn’t even know about the article, I had no indication to think there would be an interview. & Considering this is a small IG-based publication, I also had no assumptions that they would’ve somehow heard an advance copy of the record to write a review about. I expected it to just be a brief of info we already know, which is exactly what it is. Anyway, please don’t slaughter them in the comments though because truly, what did you all expect
  11. Pls do not do this Lana fans have been tortured for far too long with the word “soon” x
  12. Question is, where is this article even going to be posted? On their IG? Because they don’t appear to have a website
  13. Elle

    Kali Uchis

    Signed CDs were restocked and I grabbed one so happy! Also happy that the signature appears to be on the booklet rather than a signed art card based on the video of her signing them x
  14. Well, we do have lyric threads for every single song which are meant for lyric analysis/thoughts/questions/etc including one for the title track which may be a better suited place for the recent discussion since that thread will live on forever rather than eventually locked & forgotten like this one, and analyses such as these may be good to look back on there in the future. & then of course we have Lanalysis where people dissect her lyrics to piece together the stories of her personal life x
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