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  1. Earlier today, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet a fan while trying on cowboy hats in California.
  2. Last night, Lana Del Rey celebrated her friend Annie Hellreich’s birthday with friends Jen Stith and Valerie Vogt.
  3. Last night, Lana Del Rey was seen leaving Churchome, a popular church frequented by celebrities, in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. Lana has frequented their Wednesday night services over the past 3 years.
  4. On Sunday, Lana Del Rey went shopping at Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, California. While there, she stopped to take some pictures with fans.
  5. Elle

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Yes, I arrived the shipping notification earlier today!! Also, Marina played Hermit the Frog tonight for the first time since 2011 I’m absolutely deceased. Her setlist is: Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Venus Fly Trap Froot Man’s World Blue Oh No! Purge the Poison I’m a Ruin Hermit the Frog How to be a Heartbreaker Bubblegum Bitch Primadonna
  6. Elle

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Marina’s first show opening for PATD is tonight! I’m looking forward to seeing what her setlist will be. She also has 4 new shirts that will be for sale at the merch stands as well as on her online store -
  7. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    God Knows I Tried vs Wild One
  8. In case anyone was interested in purchasing the vinyl/CD but haven’t already, all formats of the Euphoria S2 soundtrack are 20% off until the end of the night from Interscope’s store
  9. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    24 vs Motel 6
  10. Against my better judgment probably, I'm unlocking this thread. Please keep drama to an absolute minimum. Try to just stick to talking about Sky and don't get too catty or personal. Thanks everyone for your patience and further cooperation x
  11. I went ahead and split posts speculating about Lana Del Rey having a feature on Taylor Swift's upcoming record into its own thread since this doesn't necessarily pertain to LDR9, and gives the topic its own area for discussion
  12. Elle

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    First unboxing of Electra Heart - The Platinum Edition! It looks goooorgeous, I can't wait for mine to arrive x Also, tonight was meant to be Marina’s first show opening for PATD but the first two shows have now been postponed due to COVID. The first show will now be in Detroit on the 20th -
  13. Yesterday, Lana Del Rey stopped to meet a fan while at Cha Cha Matcha in West Hollywood, California. Lana has been known to frequent the popular cafe over the past couple of years.
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