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  1. Elle

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Here's a great video of her announcement where you can see her become emotional as she announces the news of her departure from Atlanitc Records -
  2. Yesterday, Lana Del Rey met a fan while out in Los Angeles, California.
  3. This is actually my #1 most wanted song. It's been about 5 years now.. but I'll never give up hope
  4. The fact this lyric thread was created almost 4 years ago now and we just now got the full song.. I suppose the message is to never give up hope! This must’ve been one of the longest waits we’ve had for a song. I think the longest waits to date have been for Life is Beautiful & Roses, which both leaked about 5 years after gaining knowledge of the songs’ existences x
  5. Last night, Lana Del Rey attended Jack Donoghue's birthday party in Los Angeles, California. Fans have been speculating that the two may be dating, and they were seen holding hands at the party.
  6. Here's the complete gallery of 45 pictures from this! Also updated in the OP -
  7. Last night, Lana Del Rey arrived at Churchome to attend their weekly Wednesday night services in Beverly Hills, California. Popular among celebrities, Lana has been frequenting the church's services since 2019. More photos:
  8. Elle

    Dua Lipa

    Aside from Argylle, two more Dua films will be gracing our screens soon! It was just revealed by The Sun that Dua has been cast in the Barbie movie alongside Margot Robbie. Furthermore, she confirmed to the crowd at her Amsterdam show that the performance was being filmed for a tour film. Behind the scenes footage has also been said to have been filmed throughout the duration of the tour to be included in this! x
  9. Today, Lana Del Rey was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California. While dining, she stopped to pose for a picture with a fan. Yesterday, Lana returned home to California after her trip to Italy. More photos:
  10. These appear to be colourised edits ran through an AI app rather than the actual colour photographs x
  11. Ben reposted her W Magazine cover with the caption "New music in the works" I feel that it's a good sign that one of her managers confirms new music is coming x
  12. She really got all her OGs for this event! Marc Ramos coloured her hair for it, and he had been colouring her hair since 2011 until she switched to Tracey Cunningham in 2017 x
  13. Another behind the scenes photograph shared by Lana on her Instagram story -
  14. Our first ~insider news~ of the pre-pre-release:
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