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  1. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Tulsa Jesus Freak vs Out With a Bang
  2. Elle

    Dua Lipa

    I got my House Party tickets for ATL yesterday, so I’ll be there! Our LB meetups at Dua shows are iconic xx
  3. I’m sorry, but a multi-page argument about the use of a certain word has literally no place being in this thread, and really shouldn’t have happened in any thread in the first place and should have been communicated with the mod team directly if there was a concern. I want to keep this thread, and the whole site for that matter, as drama-free if I can. If you’re interested in the drama of the day though, please check the RCT. However, I typically announce when I’ve moved an argument. I’ve also been more tolerable about keeping random joke posts that attempt to tie into the Blue Banisters album that I normally would have moved before. (I’ve been sizing down images and gifs though here and there so it still doesn’t become too cluttered for mobile users. I still don’t encourage any gif-gates, but I’ve been letting joke posts here and there slide.) Anyway, it’s nap time ZzzZzzZzz
  4. Hi everyone. First, I just wanted to apologise for being sort of spotty this week. I was out of town for three days this week while I was filming a TV show (& yes, I stayed at a Hilton Hotel), and today I was out for the majority of the day supporting my friend at the funeral for her newborn. I finally had a moment to check in, and I saw this thread sort of took a weird, off-topic turn. I moved all the fighting that occurred in here into the Random Conversation Thread. In the future, please refrain from having off-topic arguments in the Pre-Release Thread. & as always, if something someone posts ever bothers you, feel free to send in a Report or contact me or another mod directly. Also, I moved the discussion about your favourite song from each album's track-listing into its own thread, not only because it was a bit off topic, but because I think it's a really cool topic of conversation that deserved its own place of discussion. You can find the new thread for that here. Well, since it's been a very long and exhausting week, I'm going to go take a nap now lol. Please behave, all! All my love xx
  5. Elle

    Angus & Julia Stone

    Oakwood & Cellar Door are my top 2 from Snow!! Taste!! Snow just has a very sentimental value to me as it was released right when I moved to Brooklyn and I was always listening to that album while on the subway and walking around the city, so it brings back those memories when I listen to it now. It's undeniable though that the tracks on the self-cited record are just flawless in terms of production, melodies, etc.. see, this is why I can't decide!! I go back and forth with those two all the time, they're always just in an equal tie for my favourite lol x
  6. Elle

    Angus & Julia Stone

    Ooo 'A Heartbreak' is one of my favourite A&J songs too! That album has sooo many gems. I think their self-titled album & Snow are tied for my favourite A&J album x
  7. Added another picture and two more videos to the OP! Also, I've seen a few others comment this elsewhere, but upon first glance of Byron's photo I thought it was a throwback photo from the night of her performance with The Weeknd in 2015. It wasn't until I saw the videos posted by another friend that I realised it was current! x
  8. Last night, Lana Del Rey celebrated her dancer and close friend Alex Kaye’s birthday at La Mesa Lounge in Los Angeles, California.
  9. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Carmen vs The Greatest
  10. Elle

    Kali Uchis

    Sad Girlz Luv Money (remix) - Amaarae & Mouly ft. Kali Uchis out tomorrow! x
  11. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Feeling like a ~lost little girl~ without mama Lana on IG But again, I know this decision is one she's making out of her best interest, and I hope she's able to find the peace and privacy she's looking for. In the meantime, I'll miss her endlessly, and will always be sending her so much love ♥️
  12. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Just a note as someone just posted it, please do not share Lana’s personal private account! She’s obviously looking for privacy right now, so let’s respect that ♥️
  13. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Okay, I left her a little goodbye message. I just hope she knows how much we all love her and will miss her as she's gone! Hope she returns one day soon whenever she feels ready, and at least we'll have the music and any other gifts she shares to remind us that she's not so far away as it may seem. Bye for now, beloved x
  14. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Thinking about doing this now that you’ve said it - she’s never opened my DMs, but she’ll sometimes see & like my comments since she follows me. I kinda want to give her one last goodbye before she’s off just to send her love and let her know we’ll all miss her. I’m going to miss interacting with her, her interactions always made my day
  15. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    After this week I’m literally entirely desensitised but this has me so distraught I’m just gonna completely forgo the rest of the work I was supposed to do tonight bc I cannot focus at all now and go to sleep lmaooo (even though this really shouldn’t upset me as much as it is and I totally understand her decision as I took a ~2 year social media hiatus myself and it truly did wonders for my mental health) x
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