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  1. This show made me so emotional I’m even more excited now for the two festival dates I’ll be seeing her at later this year. Also, my friend came to pick me up for our friend’s party right as Lana was walking offstage on the Multishow stream.. perfect timing. Now time to take shots to celebrate a flawless show x
  2. I’m guessing Bittersweet Anthem to be a mashup of National Anthem (a song she’d say she’d play then didn’t) and then Sweet or LMLYLAW (“don’t make me be bittersweet”) x
  3. Just heard her say on the other stream “skip Bittersweet” what is this… x
  4. Lana’s setlist included something called Bittersweet Anthem.. she mentioned at the airport she’d play National Anthem but didn’t, maybe this was meant to be a mashup with Sweet or something that was scrapped due to time? x
  5. The guy on the stream repeating “candy necklaces” is taking me out
  7. I can’t… her first ever outfit AND hair change??? Legend!!!!
  8. Was waiting for someone to make the joke that a floor covered in white powder is the perfect setting to watch a LDR concert x
  9. Anxious for the show so I’m all shaky & moving too fast, so I just spilled my setting powder all over the floor love that for me x
  10. They’ll never understand the Lyfe of a Lipster xx
  11. My friend is having a party tonight, so I’m frantically getting ready and doing my hair/makeup right now so I can watch the show in peace and then head to his place as soon as it’s over Looks like I’ll be a little ~fashionably late~ though due to the supposed delay x
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