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  1. Just woke up from a 45 minute nap that included a song from a song from Lasso so I thought I’d share. My nap dreams are always a bit fuzzy compared to a full-length sleep dream so I don’t remember too much of it. All I remember is listening to a song where the chorus went “…& I’m tired now. ____________ bringing me to Memphis. __________ bringing me to Memphis.” I for the life of my can’t remember what that first part is, but it was also used in the title of the song which was a single word and I remember members here didn’t quite understand it / thought it made no sense in the context of the lyric. For example, the lyric could’ve been “red-winged blackbird bringing me to Memphis” and the title of the song was Blackbird, but that doesn’t make much sense unless you attempt to dissect the meaning a bit. I’m using blackbird as an example because for some reason I have a slight inkling that was what it was, but I can’t remember for certain. The sonic style/production was very reminiscent of a song that could have been found on Chemtrails, maybe closest to Dance Till We Die sans-bridge. It was definitely Lana’s “version” of country and more folk-focused rather than modern day “yeehaw” country, so country haters were relieved and Chemtrails lovers were happy. The best part about the song though was the outro. It was the phrase “people work so much” repeated with multiple light floating harmonies that sounded so gorgeous. It sort of reminded me of the last part of Chemtrails title track where she’s singing “under the chemtrails over the country club/you’re born in December and I’m born in June” over each other in her higher vocal. The overall message of the song was reminiscent of Swan Song and there were theories that Lana is taking a step back from music, but the general consensus was that she’s just becoming more lowkey and laidback as she transitions into a new genre. Anyway, that’s all I remember as the dream was so short. I also literally just woke up from this so hopefully my groggy description makes sense loool x
  2. Snow on the Beach was allegedly heard by fans camping… x
  3. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! & I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying LanaBoards! It makes me so happy to welcome new members to our community, even those who are just starting out with Lana’s music! This will be an exciting adventure. As far as Lana’s unreleased catalog, she literally has hundreds of unreleased songs including everything from scrapped tracks, album outtakes, demos for both released and unreleased, and shelved albums/eps that span over two decades. She could more than double her discography with her unreleased songs. Getting into Lana’s unreleased is what converted me from a standard fan to ultra mega stan when I first stumbled across her unreleased music on the day Paradise EP was released in 2012. That was the day my world truly changed forever. Leaks of unreleased tracks are rather frequent for her, so there’s pretty much an endless trove to explore with always more to anticipate. Like her albums, her unreleased music has many different sonic styles, even those that she doesn’t use much in her released discography. Again, knowing a bit more about your favourite artists & songs would be helpful in recommending songs you would like especially since her unreleased has even a broader span of different styles than her released music, but 10 good general starter unreleased songs are Hollywood, Dragonslayer, Fine China, On Our Way, Hollywood’s Dead, Hundred Dollar Bill, Angels Forever Forever Angels, If I Die Young, Hawaiian Tropic, and Come With Me (this last song is one that leaked just a few months ago, so it’s a good example of what is still to come in terms of unleaked music!) She’s also had quite of a bit of her unreleased songs become viral on tiktok that you may have heard without realising, including Queen of Disaster, Jealous Girl, Playing Dangerous, You Can be the Boss, Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight, Driving in Cars with Boys, Serial Killer, Every Man Gets His Wish, Go Go Dancer, St Tropez, Trash Magic, Put Me in a Movie, etc. That last song is from her shelved 2010 record Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, which is one of my personal favourites in her whole discography. One of her unreleased songs that was a scrap from Ultraviolence that leaked in 2016 became super viral on tiktok in recent years, leading her to ultimately release it last year - Say Yes to Heaven. It’s now one of her most popular released songs. Lana is known to sometimes put her unreleased leaked songs on later albums or rework elements of them - for example, her Blue Banisters album contains 4 songs that were scraps from other projects that leaked a few years before she ultimately decided to release them. She’s also performed a few leaked unreleased songs during her tours including Serial Killer, Us Against the World, You Can be the Boss, and Paradise. She also just used a remix of Jealous Girl as part of her intro for her Coachella performance! Don’t overlook her demos either. One of the most popular demos among the fandom is Pink Champagne which was originally intended for Ultraviolence, but was later reworked into Let Me Love You Like a Woman for Chemtrails nearly a decade later (even though the demo didn’t leak until after the release of the final.) The demo version is truly so much better, along with some of her other demos such as Lust for Life, The Next Best American Record, and the Lolita/Diet Mountain Dew/National Anthem demos from Born to Die just to list a few. If you’re interested in the process of song creation, her demos are also a really interesting part of her catalog as you can see the evolution of certain songs as she makes minor-to-major changes in everything from lyrics, melodies, production, etc from the first concept to its final version. Again, this is the case for both released and unreleased songs. So, needless to say, her unreleased catalog runs very deep and is one of the most exciting parts about being a fan x
  4. Elle

    Taylor Swift

    The fact you were a former OG mod from the early days… tsk tsk… you should know better… (hi hope ur doing well, it’s been a long time xx)
  5. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    She always got bestie w her lol x ~pass me my vape, I’m feeling sick, I need to take a puff~
  6. I think the clip is actually footage Anna took - It seems like the styling footage is most likely from the day before the performance and Anna took a lil behind the scenes footage from when they shot the hologram x
  7. I’m glad to hear her Coachella performance has made you more interested in her music! I would say to start with Norman fucking Rockwell or her newest album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd as those two have a good mix of different sonic styles and have a lil something that can appeal to everyone. Then move onto Born to Die (Paradise Edition) & Ultraviolence - her two cult classic albums, but they each have very distinct unique sonic styles. The first is more pop focused and the second is more influenced by rock. My personal favourite album is Ultraviolence, and it won Album of the Decade in 2022 for LanaBoards’ annual awards ceremony, so it seems to be the general fan favourite here as well. Honeymoon, Lust for Life, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, and Blue Banisters are her more underrated records again with each having their own distinct style, but they all have their gems and each album has at least a couple songs that will appeal to someone based on their individual taste. If you want to list some of your favourite artists and your favourite songs from them I could give you more personalised recommendations, but 10 good general starter songs for everyone are Born to Die, Off to the Races, Ride, West Coast, Shades of Cool, The Blackest Day, Cherry, Get Free, Cinnamon Girl, and A&W (I would say Video Games too, but you said in your post that you’ve listened and liked that one) I would also say to watch the music videos too as seeing the visuals with the music brings a whole other level to the songs. Some great videos to watch are the ones for Ride, Born to Die, National Anthem, Shades of Cool, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, and Candy Necklace. I hope you enjoy! Xx
  8. Elle

    Dua Lipa

    Another edition of 5000 hand-numbers zoetrope vinyls available from Blood Records, 2000 already sold in the first two minutes - https://blood-records.co.uk/products/dua2
  9. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    No, that was Will Whitney, a drum tech. This is Peter Abbott, her longtime tour production manager who she threw plates at in Dallas 2015 lol x
  10. This pic w her tour team also looks to be from this day -
  11. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Peter Abbot, her (former) tour production manager since her early tours, pictured on the right - From a 2018 interview article: Recalling the beginnings of his working relationship with Del Rey, Abbott stated it all came down to being in the right place at the right time: "The tour I was working on in the US ended rather abruptly due to a family illness," began Abbott. "To fill my now-open schedule, I ventured back home to the UK to help out a friend's band, who ended up supporting Guillemots. This led to me meeting their manager, Ed Millett, who subsequently partnered with Ben Mawson to manage a brand new female artist by the name of Lana Del Rey. I was introduced to Lana in the street outside Webster Hall in New York whilst loading a truck for Marina and the Diamonds," recalled Abbott. "Ed asked me to look after Lana's first European shows that autumn. I jumped straight onto a bus with Lana and, metaphorically speaking, have never left!" Never left until now, that is x
  12. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    “Thank you guys. For fucking everything, Jack and John and Billie for showing up for me -and the band for just killing it and spending months in Sylmar in a 40° warehouse to the point but it was so cold that I caught laryngitis that literally left just a few hours before I hit the stage because Tessa DiPietro spent two hours lifting that cough remotely through her body intuitive skills just minutes before showtime, Wally Crowder for my bad as bikes. Every stunning dancer on stage, including my besties and Alex for her beautiful choreography. My stunning three singers who danced and sang their asses off in style and high matching boots. Emily for stepping up as tour manager when Pete quit for no reason after 15 years because he was butt hurt that I got 10 comped bikes for free from Wally and randomly decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager... Never got a phone call probably never will. Still grateful for the 15 years though. No worries – 37 days was more than enough time to put together an entire headlining set all by ourselves. Not stressful at all. Way to go Emily you fucking killed it with grace. Thank you to my managers Ben and Ed for making me laugh the entire way through everything for my whole freaking life even though none of it ever makes any sense. PS please send me an email If you decide to quit this year- 15 years is a long time for us too☺️😝 Molly Dixon❤️ for those dresses, dolce and Gabbana for literally wrapping silk around my body for hours until I became a perfect shimmering swimming pool Etienne and Anna for somehow making my eyes change color on stage with witchy brush strokes of subtle peach make up and light old Hollywood hair, and Tracey Cunningham for changing my hair to the color of the desert like I wanted. And of course, Paul for inviting us. it was fun. I’ll see you again real soon.”
  13. Little behind the scenes from Anna Cofone of Lana’s hairstyle -
  14. I just realised we never heard from our resident barricade babe @Joshie… how was your experience? Xx
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