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  1. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    Girl trust me I did LOL Still no luck trying to figure out this mystery, but I'll keep you all updated if I do lol x
  2. Elle

    Instagram Updates

    No, sorry, Lana didn't post anything about White Dress, but you guys gotta help me out here For the past several days, I keep getting this notification that Lana sent a message to the @LanaBoards instagram account, but when I go to the DM with just her there's nothing there?? Idk if Instagram is just playing games with me, or if she maybe sent something to a group chat I'm in? The LanaBoards instagram gets added to random fan group chats all the time, but I never really check them.. is there some way to like search for where she said something LOL I'm so curious as to why I keep seeing this notif yet seemingly can't find any message from her x
  3. Just received an email that it's out for delivery! That means I should be receiving it sometime this afternoon - I'm so excited
  4. Elle

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs 13 Beaches
  5. I’ve only seen evidence of one pair from that collection being sold, and it looks like a Lana fan got them. I continue to keep a look out for them, but they’re extremely hard to come by! x
  6. Another photo with a fan from this night & a painting she signed for her -
  7. Life is Beautiful leaked last year, m8! Hollywood has also leaked, unless you're talking about the version with a different production that she referenced on a livestream in 2017 x
  8. Elle

    TikTok Updates

    One of the Grant siblings changed the profile picture to the @familyheirlooms account to the Lana Cult image -
  9. Last night, Lana Del Rey posed with some fans while dining out at Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria in Anchorage, Alaska. Lana visited the same restaurant earlier in the week. One of the fans who met her said, "She said I was cute, funny, and she would let me babysit her kids."
  10. Elle

    Instagram Updates

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  11. Another picture from this day of Lana posing with an Ultraviolence vinyl she signed for a fan -
  12. Last night, Lana Del Rey stopped to pose with a fan while dining at 49th Street Brewing in Anchorage, Alaska. Lana is currently visiting Alaska with her boyfriend/rumoured-fiancé, having spent the last 5 days there together.
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