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  1. Sitar

    Ethel Cain

    Downloading artists' entire unreleased catalogue is so much harder than it was a decade ago, why.... If anyone could DM me a link I'd really appreciate it
  2. Sitar

    Charli XCX

    This ugly as sin Charli wyd
  3. Damn this thread only coming across my radar now...But interested in this bunch of stuff! Curious about Josh and what confirmation we might've gotten of this since again I haven't paid attention in a long time! Highkey I gave up on it long ago because I'm a perfectionist and it's a kii the amount of speculation in the original post when all these men that were confirmed to be associated later on were never mentioned in the early days. But stuff like this makes me long for the free time I had as a 17 year old to piece everything together again. Sorry for the bumps guys somehow the Wild One leak led me here! That Mike name-drop....
  4. Sitar

    Nicole Dollanganger

    Ugh she touches me like so few artists
  5. Sitar

    Nicole Dollanganger

    The comeback we need
  6. Sitar


    Well, Elon Musk is the father
  7. Nice job, loving the concept of God Bless America and Daytona Meth I suppose I owe this thread an update....
  8. Sitar


    Music incorporating brass horns or Ms. Thing wearing devil horns? Lollll
  9. Sitar


    Okay I love that song, when is she releasing it? Also who said she was going a different direction cuz
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