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  1. a single please? spare a single ma'am? please a single?
  2. it's trueeee, also their fries are my fave lana looks so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. yes! this is the perfect imagery, also just that vibe of going home after a day at the beach, the sky is that beautiful color going into the sunset and you're feeling kinda sleepy while your hair is drying out from a swim
  4. lanita pls free henry come on I want to yeehaw
  5. riiight! charlie our primooo kinda loving this lol, it's cool and he has a very nice speaking voice
  6. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    what's his spotify tho I hope he posts a link lol
  7. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    wait I remember he posted ages ago asking abt brazillian producers, imagine if he says something in portuguese, I'll have no choice but to stan a little for the effort
  8. Cult Leader

    Charles Grant

    kinda excited
  9. got your bible, got your gun
  10. she'll probably just drown him in legal fees, which is well a bit evil? He's a 21 year old student posting public information like this is so embarrassing for her
  11. HauteLeMode liked Lana's look oh he gets her I fear which I wasn't expecting but it's nice to see!
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