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  1. Happy 7th anniversary LFL!! I can't believe it's been 7 years! Keeping us hot, like July forever
  2. It sounds so much like Kevin doesn't it??? And then she said Kevin in Sweet Carolina so I was like "yup that Kevin exactly" lol Yeah! lol
  3. "so what if you taste just like kevin" instead of "so what if you taste just like heaven"
  4. and she totally added to it and gave it her own vibe, I don't mind it being a writing collab
  5. This is a day to be remembered and celebrated
  6. I was wondering the same thing cause me too LOL
  7. oh slay, hopefully the mv comes out too so I have something to watch with lunch, amo
  8. https://sparklejumpropequeen.os.fan/toughtrailer?step=finish I posted it further back but here it is again, so it's easier for whoever didn't get the email to see
  9. took off the link cause I wasn't sure if my email was showing or not, sorry this link was on the email too, an mv trailer omg. Sorry my replies are all messy I just forgot to scroll down on the email LOL
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