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  1. PORTALS (Melanie's Version) DEATH (Melanie's Version) VOID (Melanie's Version) TUNNEL VISION (Melanie's Version) FAERIE SOIRÉE (Melanie's Version) LIGHT SHOWER (Melanie's Version) SPIDER WEB (Melanie's Version) LEECHES (Melanie's Version) BATTLE OF THE LARYNX (Melanie's Version) THE CONTORTIONIST (Melanie's Version) MOON CYCLE (Melanie's Version) NYMPHOLOGY (Melanie's Version) EVIL (Melanie's Version) WOMB (Melanie's Version) POWDER (Melanie's Version) PLUTO (Melanie's Version) MILK OF THE SIREN (Melanie's Version) MAZE (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) NEEDLE & THREAD (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) MAGNETS (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) EMERALD (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) MOTHER OF PEARL (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) GARDEN (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) DRAGON'S BLOOD (Melanie's Version) (From The Vault) Cover
  2. Ultraviolence (Lana's Version) Cruel World (Lana's Version) Ultraviolence (Lana's Version) Shades Of Cool (Lana's Version) Brooklyn Baby (Lana's Version) West Coast (Lana's Version) Sad Girl (Lana's Version) Pretty When You Cry (Lana's Version) Money Power Glory (Lana's Version) Fucked My Way Up To The Top (Lana's Version) Old Money (Lana's Version) The Other Woman (Lana's Version) Black Beauty (Lana's Version) Guns And Roses (Lana's Version) Florida Kilos (Lana's Version) Is This Happiness? (Lana's Version) Flipside (Lana's Version) Say Yes To Heaven (Lana's Version) Fine China (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Pink Champagne (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Cult Leader (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Your Girl (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Dragonslayer (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Ave Maria (Lana's Version) (From The Vault) Cover
  3. LDR x NL found dead in a ditch, LDR x Quavo EP incoming...
  4. i cant remember where i saw it but someone said that there's a lana song called Tough featuring a rapper
  5. Let The Light In - 83 A&W - 73 Candy Necklace - 4 i added one point to both LTLI and A&W bc they got messed up at some point; the total number of points should always be 160 (16 tracks * 10 pts each)
  6. I do NOT want this album to be experimental at all if she starts mixing genres with country, it's gonna ruin it I just want her to do a revival of classic vintage country, not modern morgan wallen country or country trap or anything Mitski did it right with her last album, The Land which was more Americana than country, but still, it was soft and 60s-influenced
  7. dont forget that the pop twitter insiders said we will have new lana music in june... one more week left
  8. I Talk To Jesus Hollywood OR Famous Back To Tha Basics Lake Placid/I Don’t Wanna Go in that order
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