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  1. guys if you could have your ideal, dream version of syth that could fit on honeymoon, what type of production/instruments would you want? want aspects would you keep or discard, give details (may or may not be hinting at new project wink wink)
  2. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Radio vs. Say Yes To Heaven
  3. the resurrection of wayamaya, jump, and mermaid motel as LDR X's holy trinity is coming... btd — sky blue paradise — yellow-gold uv — black honeymoon — dark blue lfl — red nfr — green cotcc — white blue banisters — brown dykttatuob — yellow ldr x — SUNSET ORANGEEEEE
  4. no bc white dress is literally about "simpler times" before she was famous and the candy necklace mv shows her not succumbing to the fate of other famous women who died also black (candy necklace) and white (white dress); both also have a delicate sound to them, are on the quieter side, etc.
  5. the next album is going to be THE summer album, mark my words surf-rock, california, red hot chili peppers inspiration, early summer release, i can see the blue, yellow, orange and red already she's already in the making...
  6. Lolita / Carmen West Coast / Brooklyn Baby Heroin / California Change / Yosemite Tulsa Jesus Freak / Fishtail Cherry Blossom / Sweet Carolina
  7. This is Broken Hearts with a little extra kerning, and it seems stretched out as well. https://krakenfiles.com/view/nlt8Nej64w/file.html here is a zip file for it, you can manipulate it to make it look exact in whatever program you use
  8. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Ultraviolence vs. Thunder
  9. the more i listen the more i'm ok with the quieter drums still hard to get over the bridge change though
  10. say yes to [LEAK] Zodiac... ...say yes to [LEAK] Dark City
  11. me when i see i got a 1 on all my AP exams this year
  12. ultrabanisters! you're in the "this is what makes us girls" thread!!! not the "pink champagne" thread!!!! here lemme redirect you!!!
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