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  1. how long have we been saying this nobody understands it like we do @Psychedelic Pussy
  2. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Dark But Just A Game vs. Dealer
  3. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Jump vs. Mermaid Motel
  4. ivory almond


    whyd she say texas is landlocked no tf it isn't? i trusted her.
  5. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Is This Happiness? vs. Wait For Life
  6. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Religion vs. Old Money
  7. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    The greatest vs. California
  8. when we get covers album first and then LDR 10 which is all surf rock production with fun, playful lyrics like peppers, LTLI, and taco truck
  9. ivory almond

    Song vs. Song

    Swan Song vs. Out With A Bang
  10. she probably feels like she's coming up to a point in her life where she'll have to choose between motherhood or experiencing as much as possible and it sounds like she's going for the latter
  11. this year's vibes have been Let The Light In, but MY soty was Pink Champagne i think
  12. i bet thats why ben posted the fake acc on his story that ugly mf hiding behind the computer prob hacked her acc to deactivate it and made the fake one
  13. wait i just found out abt that "honeymoon 2.0" acc what is LB's consensus on it
  14. specifically October and November right before the switch to Dan was the most pivotal moment in the UV timeline
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