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  1. Arca as a main producer of her next album
  2. LDRX Tracklist: 1. Loved you then and now 2. Zodiac 3. Honeymoon from hell 4. Stars Align 5. Waitress 6. Bittersweet Anthem 7. Sunset Boulevard 8. Peach Fuzz 9. If you want a little more chill a little more 10. Hawaiian Tropic 11. Tango 12. Stories of the church that was in the forest up north 13. Personal Jesus 14. Freedom
  3. Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard? fuck me to death Mosaic ceilings painted tiles on the wall love me until I love myself Trap beat and speed up version yup yup I would be streaming
  4. DYKTTATUOB ended with trap version of VB so new album will be trap/beachy yup yup
  5. Loved you then and now will be on her next album
  6. 1.DYKTTATUOB 2.Violet 3.BB 4.Honeymoon 5.NFR! 6.Lust for Life 7.Ultraviolence 8.Born to Die 9.Chemtrails 10.Paradise
  7. She will probably announce new merch or her dad new project
  8. Uhmm….The Grants grown on me so much Definitely one of her best openers
  9. I hope she will collaborate with new producers and try new sound for her
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