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  1. So what next ? BB is a very good album but honestly I kinda want more like cmon. NFR! Was that ALBUM and that ERA Maybe her next album(not cover album) will be more promoted and will have more "rich" production.
  2. theme of the next album will be fire and phoenix more tracks with the wfwf burning edit and bitchy lyrics
  3. I love LFL but how the hell BB and LFL have the same score on Pitchfork
  4. Finally the chaos is going to end remember to stream BB whole day
  5. After so many months of release that song still feel fresh to me and it’s definitely one of her best lyrically written song ever Summer comes, winter goes,spring I sleep, heaven knows
  6. Well...I can be delusional but I started to think that "edited photo" of Lana for alternative cover can be true I remember that before COTCC was out Lana and Charlie I guess went to some mountain and Charlie used dragon emoji and Ed used that same emoji when he posted announcement of Lana new album with that same alternative cover
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