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  1. Oh thank you for saying this!!! I most definitely have that planned as well (but after the interview) because she’s insane for thinking that.
  2. The way this past year she’s been navigating between casual looks, high fashion and full Americana with such ease is amazing.
  3. That’s a horrible take lol (Text Book being her worst song).
  4. Oh, she will. Even if not in the official interview, I’m gonna insist off the record. I have it all played out. I’m gonna introduce myself, show my distorted Terrence Loves You tattoo and say I’m a day 1 stan. After that it’s all charm. I also added a Lizzy Grant question. I’m gonna ask her about that project and if there are any plans of a reissue.
  5. Personally I think that going to all of these events, having this "relationship" of sorts with Quavo and simultaneously still stepping foot in the country world is what's probably stopping her from going full country. Come on, she loves Camila's I LUV IT haha. She's full country aesthetics these days but she never really closed the door when it comes to trap and electronic influences so I think Lasso not being fully country as (most likely) initially intended is a reflection of the wide range of experiences and people she gets in touch with. I think we're fully ahead of a LFL 2.0 which is honestly very exciting to me. I think it stems from the tepid reaction to her announcing Lasso.
  6. Which I think it's good because it means she wants to keep doing her own thing, which is exactly why she's one of the GOATs. I'd go full jazz/electronica/trap if I were her but I'm sure whatever decision she makes will pay off creatively. I just don't see it coming anytime soon. She's now living the things that are probably inspiring her into writing new material.
  7. I'm speaking to her on June 7th (exactly 2 weeks from now, yes I'm getting very nervous about it) and I'm going to double down on Lasso questions.
  8. She really sat down with the president of Disney Channel and said “I wanna make history”. And that’s what this is.
  9. I personally think whisper-singing requires a strong set of skills and voice control. She does it live too which is just as commendable.
  10. Just wanted y’all to know I have officially submitted the list of proposed questions to Lana’s team for Primavera Sound when we get to interview her and I personally crafted the questions myself and included two about Lasso: You have announced a new country project coming up, called Lasso. What can you tell us about this record and why did you decide to go country? Looking back at your discography, you have always created albums that blended genres and sonorities, in your own unique fashion. Should we expect a similar path for Lasso? Sorry for the boring, corporate questions but this is the best I could come up with without ruffling any feathers in my office lol. If it was entirely up to me, I’d go full LanaBoards and straight up ask her if Zodiac will ever see the light of day, whether or not Lizzy Grant will ever go to streaming, what is her favorite MissDaytona tweet, etc. Not Portugal coming through for this forum when our Alabama sisters have failed us.
  11. Most unnecessary comment.
  12. She’s money and power hungry and has a history of doing this to other people too, namely SZA. But the less I say about that woman, the better. Anyways, this album grows and expands with repeated listens. BLUE is perfection.
  13. She literally looks like Born To Die era here it’s actually insane.
  14. I'm far from being a Billie Eilish stan (both her albums are a 6/10 to me so if anything I've been mostly indifferent to her) but this album is absolutely fucking phenomenal. My AOTY.
  15. Y’all really speak too freely about the life of someone you don’t even know irl.
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