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  2. I’m hearing AKA vibes but can’t quite discern any lyrics whatsoever! Can someone help?
  3. You got some nerve coming for anyone after lying to all of us, repeatedly (myself included - even after I defended you time and time again). Serene Queen and On & On are masterpieces.
  4. A theme for every era would be perfect but I know logistically that would be a pain in the ass to do… however, dead of winter means Ultraviolence for me so it’d be nice to have that theme, change it to LFL for spring, to Honeymoon from June to August, NFR for August and September, Chemtrails for October, Blue Banisters for November and December. Rinse and repeat, life is complete
  5. I honestly thought we were getting an extension of the aesthetic of that Interview Mag video she did: blonde bombshell housewife suffering from increasing paranoia and psychological distress, reminiscent of Todd Haynes’s Safe! Imagine how UNBELIEVABLE that would be, right after NFR.
  6. I’m totally going for the throat with this one but… I genuinely don’t mind if Lana works with Antonoff again. NFR and Chemtrails brought out the perfect marriage between poetry and musicality for Lana and those projects are responsible for Lana finally being heralded as one of the best singer-songwriters working today/alive - that counts to something. Sure, those albums aren’t as ballsy as Ultraviolence or as sonically adventurous as Honeymoon but the sonic landscape in NFR and COCC are very very VERY intricate and cohesive. It may not sound as bombastic as the aforementioned albums or BTD/Paradise/LFL but imo the universe that is built from those albums expands a lot more than all of their predecessors (specially in NFR’s case). I’m a NFR/HM hoe (clearly) but even COCC is a very succinct and coherent piece of work that makes tons of sense after NFR (while being different as well!). I know Lana and Antonoff can make something new and exciting because if there’s one thing we can’t deny is that Antonoff will get on board with anything Lana decides to do and help her achieve her vision amd build a whole universe from it. I’m not sure the BB producers (with the exception of Zach Dawes) have that capability.
  7. Sportscruiser

    Omg. I’m not a huuuuge Beyoncé fan and I usually find almost every stan of the Bed Bug Hive insufferable but I’m looking forward to listen to her new LP. Lemonade, regardless of being slightly overrated in my opinion, was a cultural moment… I wonder if she has another of those in her sleeve. What about Harry?
  8. Sportscruiser

    Wait how do we know this?
  9. I would die. I have a feeling this one’s gonna be a curveball. Not like anything she’s done before.
  10. Sportscruiser


    I thought I was off today but I guess I gotta go in. Saying that Lana’s vocals are mumbled/soft and only that throughout the entirety of NFR is just as false as saying NFR has no guitars. Not even close to being up for discussion - just plain and objectively false. The chorus in The Greatest, the outro of the title track, the almost-desperate-wailing in the final stretch in Hope is a Dangerous Thing (among a few others) are good examples of the vocal diversity that permeates through NFR - as opposed to Solar Power which alternates between typical Lorde snark and full blown monotony (everything about The Man With The Axe is absolutely abhorrent and that includes her vocal performance). The thing about Lorde is that she surrounds herself with a lot of vocal layering and she has Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers in a lot of songs backing her up while Lana only used her own voice and didn’t even resort of choirs or back up vocalists; plus her voice is typically much more emotive than Lorde by nature. Lorde can be an expressive singer when she wants to (see: Melodrama) but in SP it seemed like she was being put to sleep with chloroform. And this is coming from a Lorde fan. I know it’s easy to bash NFR because Jack Antonoff became Enemy No. 1 around here and the overall reception the album got makes it easier for the fans to criticize since the GP doesn’t but to say Lana ruined the album with her VOCALS is a total reach.
  11. Sportscruiser


    To compare NFR’s lyricism to Solar Power’s… that is just…
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