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  1. ever since we got the tracklist and I've seen Sweet Carolina mentioned my mind instantly starts to play Sweet Caroline. at first it was annoying but I've blasted the song for some days and now I actually want Lana to cover it
  2. first versions that we know of of Cherry Blossom, Living Legend and Nectar Of The Gods were created while Lana was creating UV and If You Lie Down With Me was written with Barrie James O'Neill, her boyfriend of the time so it's probably based on UV outtake as well
  3. lover

    Instagram Updates

    I've actually always lived in an assumption that a record label could hold control over artist's social media accounts if they wanted to - is that correct? like they could "force" them to post or delete something maybe that hasn't been the exact case with Lana, I mean it seems to me her posts were rather random, but still
  4. lover

    Taylor Swift

    yeah I love it too much to give it up maybe we should always stream them both back to back so the TV one gets some love too?
  5. for this exact reason I think that For Free will be the only COCC song we have a chance hearing live my somewhat realistic dream setlist:
  6. if the album le*ks before October I promise I'll create an Instagram account and go send titty pics to Ben & Ed
  7. hadn't figured out what exactly it was with Arcadia that made it feel a little off for me but this description sounds like my exact feelings I still like the song and think it's beautiful, but honestly...
  8. lover

    Taylor Swift

    do you think 1989 (TV) will drop in 2021? trying to not get my hopes up but I just might
  9. 1. White Dress Honeymoon / Ride 2. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 3. Venice Bitch 4. Video Games 5. West Coast 6. Gods & Monsters 7. National Anthem Art Deco / Love Song 8. Yosemite 9. California 10. Old Money Dance Till We Die 11. The Greatest The Blackest Day 12. Bartender Black Beauty 13. Swan Song 14. Heroin 15. Flipside 16. Get Free the way this made me rethink my album ranking
  10. honestly and most of the fans will stream the album for months after the official release if they like it so
  11. lover

    Florence + The Machine

    one day she's gonna take a break and return with something like Solar Power
  12. watch me buy it and then go spam Ben's inbox when it hasn't yet arrived on the 4th
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