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  1. yes but I was so embarrassed about it at first as I should and didn't want to think about it at all now I'm recovered and ready to listen some more BB ... or maybe just The Trio for now, the other songs hit too hard
  2. thinking about how 1 week after BB was released I got blackout-shitwasted-drunk and first ended up not knowing who I was and where I was and then stumbling upon my childhood home crying my eyes out and screaming at the top of my lungs to my mother for not ever being there for me when I was growing up and how much I miss my dad even though he's 100% shit also how I don't care about anyone else except my sisters and that my only duty in life is to protect them Lana truly unlocked something with this album
  3. probably because some of her bfs used to pick her up at eight and she wrote that in her diary or she just improvised that adding little things like that makes it more authentic something a real artist would write
  4. that being said, I really like this thread because most of ya'll can play this game nicely and it's fun to read different opinions oh and: - whenever I hear Maroon 5/James Blunt/the Beatles it's a skip like please just shh - Justin Bieber's persona is a massive turn off even though some of his songs kinda slap - I used to be a huge stan of Ariana's music and kept up with her alot but there's something about her persona that keeps irking me, she just seems so inauthentic - I used to stan Nicki as well and I still stream her older music sometimes (god forbid) but she's so embarrassing these days and completely in the wrong
  5. 1. Text Book 19 2. Blue Banisters 18 5. Black Bathing Suit 26 6. If You Lie Down With Me 20 8. Violets for Roses 20 9. Dealer 25 10. Thunder 24 11. Wildflower Wildfire 33 (-1) 12. Nectar of the Gods 11 (+1) 13. Living Legend 18 14. Cherry Blossom 9 15. Sweet Carolina 3
  6. I always thought that she hints at how her older clothes don't fit but her shoes still do. "thanks for the shoes" as in she's very happy about the shoes she owns but not that much about the clothes since she can't wear them anymore
  7. exactly yesterday I listened to White Dress / What Happened When I Left You / Black Bathing Suit and it was a religious experience
  8. all of the covers that are on albums, I like them but she should've just released them as a separate EP/album drives me crazy that some albums have them and some don't
  9. I need to witness Cherry Blossom & Living Legend live
  10. 1. Paradise, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon 2. AKA, Born To Die, Norman Fucking Rockwell 3. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 4. Blue Banisters 5. Lust For Life
  11. LDR9 will be the unreleased album we've hoped for, but with all the songs completely reworked by Emile Haynie and Mike Dean and Dan Auerbach think Astroworld but mixed with Lana's art, and some psychedelic pink glitter electric cotton candy stripper diamonds marijuana -shit transitions, spoken monologue and at least one song that's 8 minutes long album tracklist: Disco Motel 6 Jimmy Gnecco Trash Magic Dance For Money Midnite Dancer Girlfriend Go Go Dancer Hundred Dollar Bill Making Out Push Me Down Let My Hair Down Velvet Crowbar Pin Up Galore The Man I Love Noir Tired Of Singing The Blues
  12. lover

    Instagram Updates

    why can't I still believe that it's her signing them guess I'm just cynical
  13. thank you <3 I've re-discovered the love for crafts and I'm creating several pieces of my own jewerly! the blue beads are my faves right now, especially because of this album
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