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  1. she revealed the album title and cover @honeymoon!! i love how she included her friends on the cover
  2. When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention Or maybe get your attention for a minute or two i laughed i cried i jumped and screamed in fear and awe
  3. not me unknowingly unconsciously getting put in the hunger games hosted by our overlord @the ocean on a school ass night now im sitting here.. barefeet on my luxury satin four poster bed in my 5 storey 10 bedroom 7.5 bathroom neoclassical mansion bought with my prize money - and really contemplating the whole experience id like to thank my district members @IanadeIrey & @Terrence Loves Me we slayed the world and ill forever be a district fiveanator id also like to thank @Elle for possessing me and gracefully choosing me as a vessel for her vengeance against @Rorman Nockwell (ill accept a off-season lipster as a thanks) id also like to take a moment for @House of Balloons as we really went through the trenches together.. first i was whispering roll with me/boom like that a capella medley in your ear by the fire in the soft night really getting into it and then i was backstabbing you behind your back with your back turned. im so sorry my love it was either die or be dieded...
  4. @Venice @Dealer Boulevard @COCC @boom like that @honeybadger @the ocean @PatentLeatherDoOver @IanadeIrey thank you so so so so much you sweet gorgeous people you make every day on this site extra special and im so glad to be able to interact and talk with all of you the joy you bring me every day is crazy CONGRATS to all the winners!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS @Elle @honeybadger @Hydroponic Weeds i CANT BELIEVE IT
  6. im pulling up in my Sri Lanka right now besties are yall ready?? creds to @boom like that
  7. i regrettably spent all my money on purple sweater material for my outfit, so ive taken up a quick side job to pay to get to the awards in time i heard a certain particular woman on the street corner knows a secret way into the awards through her basement should i follow?
  8. screaming and crying and throwing up and starting a mid-life crisis i cant believe the literal ocean has a lanaboards account and decided to give me an award i bestow upon YOU the award of being cute and iconic
  9. dutch geboren om te sterven paradijs ultrageweld huwelijksreis levenslust norman verdomme rockwell chemtrails over de country club blauwe trapleuningen
  10. yall I GOT NOMINATED for missed member and underrated member!!! im crying, screaming, dripping my tears into pots containing my dying plants. i cannot believe i was gone for several months and some of you remembered me enough to vote for me!! im so grateful to whoever you are and im glad that i timed my comeback in such a way i get to receive these nominations at this moment theres so many iconic members on these lists and each and every one deserves an award and it made my entire life to get nominated on the best award show in the world. HOWEVER id like to ask you to consider voting for me for missed member and underrated member! Id also like to specifically endorse some of the most amazing lipsters: VOTE @Venice @honeybadger @boom like that @LanasLeftCheekFiller OR ELSE in any case, ive gathered my outfit and am getting ready to celebrate the most famous event of the year with all the besties
  11. mod note: user has been warned for this post
  12. omg the blue banisters lanaboards theme leaked it fits so well with lana's aesthetic vision for this era
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