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  1. All of this mess is really souring my enjoyment watching right now. Everything just reminds me of the double standards the EBU uses for enforcing their rules. It’s also just sad because Europapa had such a cute connecting European vibe. As a Dutch person I was really looking forward to see him perform. The story so far is really not adding up and it is hard to make sense of so I’m curious to find out what all went down
  2. The judge panel this week! I don't know who are the two women on the left, I don't think Lindsay invited them, but they refuse to leave and haven't blinked once since they got here. I'm scared!
  3. i feel so honored that i'm part of this week's episode of LBNTM. i'm such a big fan of all the girls. how cool it is to actually be there in the room with everyone. to hear RuPaul's tantalizing laugh, to perceive Mitski without tiktokers meowing at her, and to get a whiff of the febreze Lizzy likes to spray onto herself.. good luck with your alter egos everybody <3
  4. qftc: Sometimes I suspect Lanaboards next top model might be more scripted than not. How do they call it reality TV when it's not even reality? In any case, I'm feeling quite hydrated after this aquatic episode. I am certain the shocking intrusion of a certain individual this week has nothing to do with producer interference, at least. I'm glad no one got hurt, as I heard a rumor that the Swift woman can be quite deranged! At least the girls know to stay vigilant now. Besides that, RuPaul was destined to take the win this week. Naomi ate it up as usual. Excited to tune in next week! stupidapartmentcomplex Sent from Mail for Windows 10 for lana boards
  5. I'm gonna explode i'm so excited
  6. streets are saying jonathanwumua is a stupidapartmentcomplex fan account first and makeup artist second
  7. runner up challenge! take out your runner up and start running it up everyone @Psychedelic Pussy@Veinsineon!
  8. To address all the controversy, I'll be performing LIVE at the lipsters tonight
  9. stupidapartmentcomplex has arrived!
  10. you joining us on the red carpet @111 squiddy bestie? Streets are saying Spongebob will be attending too
  11. Not me on candid camera scurrying around to find a cute lewk for tonight girl
  12. Igual Que Un Ángel is ENDING me my god this album is so good it kept surprising me at every turn
  13. just voted yup contemplating a @Veinsineon sweep
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