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  1. i was there that ocean blvd outro was the serviest & cuntiest shit on earth i literally cannot i hope someone made a good recording cause i was shaking and crying so bad and there were like 2 minutes of guttural screams from the entire crowd after summertime sadness like i seriously need hearing aids but she said she would always take that cheering with her whenever she was feeling down and she repeated it later on it was so sweet and she was so sweet about everyone putting their lights up during arcadia i really think we made her feel all the love
  2. Lana Del Rey was recently spotted browsing LinkedIn before her show in Sao Paolo when she was supposed to be on stage and getting her wig on. She was reportedly intending to find job vacancies for the LA gays that follow her around everywhere. It seems she has remembered the password to her old LinkedIn page and has updated the description, which now states 'Happily Retired' Everyone please show Lana some love on LinkedIn and follow her, as LinkedIn will reportedly become her main social media outlet
  3. me walking out of the house of that polish socks person with the vinyl picture disc up my hoo-ha
  4. this is exhausting i have obtained permanent mental scars from this pre-release and it isnt even over
  5. this info is really messing with the deluded fantasies and preconceptions i have about this album right now
  6. some of y'all really getting my hopes up and for what anyways beautiful OCEANBLVD_DCOOPEREXCLUSIVE.rar files coming soon πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸš€πŸš€
  7. first thing i thought of omg shes so stunning
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