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  1. me walking out of the house of that polish socks person with the vinyl picture disc up my hoo-ha
  2. this is exhausting i have obtained permanent mental scars from this pre-release and it isnt even over
  3. this info is really messing with the deluded fantasies and preconceptions i have about this album right now
  4. some of y'all really getting my hopes up and for what anyways beautiful OCEANBLVD_DCOOPEREXCLUSIVE.rar files coming soon 😍😍😍🚀🚀
  5. first thing i thought of omg shes so stunning
  6. the way there's still 65 minutes of music we haven't heard on this album - just as long as Honeymoon and UV deluxe we are really winning
  7. omg i cant believe she went back to that tiktok page the snapchat updates thread must be screaming and crying right now
  8. this whole lyrics thing is extremely campy
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