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  1. hacker Lipsters finding the location of phone robber before the c*ps do so yosemite can leak:
  2. ok but the acronym is BUS queen of busses and bus stops and bus drivers and the wheels of the bus go round and round
  3. I actually just deleted the song of my playlist because i got immense NFR singles war flashbacks from this post NOW is the time to avoid overplaying it a million times before the album comes out so im with you gorl, the song only lives in my head now
  4. so i finally got to catch up and listen to the song and see the visual and omg everything is so goddamn cute the song is so cute the visual with her dancing with the sunglasses in the car is so cute she is so cute my heart is all warm and fuzzy I think because of the sudden ending, it might be a two-part situation where lmlylaw represents the upside of a relationship, and the next song represents the downside or breakup. I'm actually so curious to see the song in the context of the album!
  5. this slow, drawn out teasing is the absolute opposite of a surprise album so i guess lana is really winning by not doing it like the other girlies
  6. guys i'm a really good friend of the other personality in my head, he is a user on lanaboards and i heard someone over there SWORE something was coming friday!!! can you believe it
  7. im sad to announce that let me love you like a woctober is cancelled see yall next delusion
  8. This bitch saw we all found out about the surprise she wanted to give us and she was like wait a minute hold awn lemme just REVOKE she likes the pain she puts us through
  9. Can't believe we're getting a slice of this album so quick!! We'll get an entire song and a single cover and we have NO IDEA what it will look like. so amazing Maybe we can finally see what the aesthetic of the album will be, which feels like we're getting EVERYTHING after months of absolutely nothing and guesswork
  10. seasons are irrevelant Let's talk about times of day and what time cocc will be BTD is afternoon, 5 pm paradise is midnight ultraviolence is evening 10 pm honeymoon is morning 9:30 am lfl, 7 pm nfr is afternoon 3 pm with cocc im feeling 3 am, which means we'll definitely get our cozy, witchy, late-night i'm-going-in-the-kitchen-in-the-dark-and-there-better-not-be-a-ghoul screamer album
  11. hmmm yea i think i misunderstood she talks about the mv and after that she says: 'before you even see this, you will hear..." her use of 'this', makes me think she is talking about the instagram video itself, if she had said 'that', it would be referring to the music video in my opinion, but what you said would make more sense in my language it would probably work the way i said it. My braincells can't even handle my own language, let alone English, i'm also way too gay to understand anything so
  12. it just doth not make sense... she said in the video on the mv set that we would hear lmlylaw before we saw that instagram video... it's just the stacking up of all the lies for me all of this buffoonery, tomfoolery and monkey business, i simply have to laugh contractually
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