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  1. casually anticipating this country album i have low expectations but i'm thinking we might end up pleasantly surprised by Lana's interpretation of country
  2. @IanadeIrey girl get those album cover maker tools ready i'm sensing you'll do sumn with a title like Rock Candy Sweet
  3. So Lana, chemtrails has been out for a day or two now what are you plans for the futu- Rock Candy Sweet:
  4. she said: 'awwwww gays thought last pre-release was chaos, ITS TIME I GIVE THEM ACTUAL CHAOS '
  5. i FINALLY said my goodbyes to the pre-release thread, made it to the post-release arriving fashionably late just went through all these pages frantically liking all your beautiful album thoughts WITH NO SPOILER CLICKING INVOLVED i went on an amazing bike ride today, sun finally shining after days of miserable weather, had just finished some deadlines so i felt extra free and breezy, wind in my back, listening to the ALBUM, little flowers finally starting to bloom along the road it felt like i was floating ever so slightly off the ground & just wanted to cry at all the beauty i was experiencing in that moment
  6. got my black dress on tonight / pre-release funeral on the lana del rey forum site but along with a funeral of an old thread, a new thread is born and im all rejuvenated & freshened up & full of energy for a new pre-release era i'm not tired at all im not tired at all not tired at all at all
  7. el capitan half dome walking in nature creeks sunrise a mountain lion looked me in the eye and then quickly walked away sublime nature yosemite feelings
  8. i just read so many pages clicking millions of spoiler thingies djdjdjjfjh but i can't stop thinking about how i love all your posts about the album! it gives me such a special feeling listening to it and reading all your beautiful posts simultaneously. especially @Lustformoney and @electra
  9. appreciation post for @Clampigirl i can imagine this must be kind of stressful as a mod, but you're doing great
  10. YEA i totally gave in and listened to everything i hate myself im so weak i had this whole thing planned
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