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  1. Crying because she's so beautiful and I'm so excited for new music
  2. I love Gucci for getting her to attend public events like this also Dakota Johnson is there too, let me just dream about them meeting and becoming besties
  3. I’m crying this song has always been so special to me, so happy to see it officially released
  4. Has she removed people or did some unfollow her? I could swear it said 211k followed her before
  5. why is "if you lie down with me" THAT song i thought it was overhyped at first but damn it's so good
  6. 1. Text Book 16 2. Blue Banisters 14 3. Arcadia 14 5. Black Bathing Suit 21 6. If You Lie Down With Me 21 7. Beautiful 11 8. Violets for Roses 18 9. Dealer 18 10. Thunder 17 11. Wildflower Wildfire 17 12. Nectar of the Gods 16 13. Living Legend 16 14. Cherry Blossom 10 15. Sweet Carolina 14
  7. just moved into my new apartment, introducing myself to the neighbours by blasting BB over and over again, windows open
  8. Five what, Lana?!?!??!? Apples???? Oranges? HOURS?????
  9. Did she just follow Jack to go live with him? 6969696969 👀
  10. crying she's so cute! i love that she shared these thoughts with us
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