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  1. the way my brain just took 10 mins to figure out what you guys are talking about lol
  2. can u tell i love ultraviolence, born to die and nfr! 01. White Dress (+ Born to Die / Ride / Cruel World / Norman Fucking Rockwell) 02. Off to the Races 03. Venice Bitch (+ Cola / Tulsa Jesus Freak) 04. Fuck It I Love You (+ Video Games / Brooklyn Baby) 05. West Coast (+ Doin' Time) 06. National Anthem 07. Yayo 08. In My Feelings 09. California (+ Burning Desire) 10. Million Dollar Man 11. Summertime Sadness (+ The Greatest) 12. Bartender (+ Nectar of the Gods) 13. Guns and Roses (+ Happiness is a Butterfly) 14. Florida Kilos 15. Is This Happiness 16. Flipside
  3. what kind of reply is this? i’m not a man and my gender doesn’t matter in this. i think it’s totally fair to be pissed about the chorus sounding shitty, it’s not subtle
  4. It’s unacceptable that this is even an issue tbh. Lana is such a big artist and the chorus on her latest single sounds like shit. What a mess
  5. I’ve been saying this since day one but didn’t know how to describe it perfectly! It’s so annoying and makes me enjoy the song less even tho I love it. They need to fix this wtf
  6. wild on you / nectar of the gods and i'm ashamed to admit i heard it for the first time a few weeks ago when i found out it might be included on blue banisters. for some reason i totally missed it when it leaked it's such a great song
  7. right, it'd actually make sense. and now i'm gonna be reaching even more but maybe she wants to get rid of the people who would only follow lana del rey by deactivating all her @ lanadelrey accounts. and set up new ones as elizabeth grant to keep her circle closer because the fans who truly love her and are in it for the music will find her. wild thought and probably not true but hey, we'll see what happens. i'm hyped either way
  8. idk if anyone else said this too but if not, it was me! i just kinda have this feeling that she's done with the lana del rey persona and she could be thinking about rebranding herself as elizabeth grant to be even more true to herself. anyway, it's just a guess and i might be completely wrong. btw is it really confirmed that her time at interscope is over, and this was her last album for them? that could also fit perfectly into this theory. maybe interscope didn't want her to get rid of lana del rey, so now she's gonna be elizabeth grant for capitol records.
  9. does anyone know what the song and band at 2:50 is?
  10. i had another thought, maybe she'll come back as elizabeth grant for her next project?
  11. i wish she would keep the honeymoon account! the energy in the comments is so positive and sweet over there, makes me all emotional
  12. SAME, i find it so disgusting the way people talk to LITERAL STRANGERS on social media. fucking disrespectful. it drives me mad that this is what communication has become. it's not healthy, it's not fun, it's not cute, it's not cool. criticize people constructively, compliment them, share an opinion respectfully. but wtf are you doing, talking down to someone, for likes? there should be a pop up every time before a comment is posted, asking you "are you sure you want to comment this?" because it seems like people don't think about it long enough.
  13. i just rewatched her "talk about it" igtv and she said
  14. it's so weird because when i type instagram and twitter in my browser, it literally auto-fills with her handle because i check her profile the most ... gonna take a while to get used to this
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