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  1. I finished the whole season and you were right, a lot of things were cleared up and I'm actually very happy with the writers' choices. The storyline was great, the finale was very strong! I like Stella a lot more now, too. Super excited to see what they'll do in season 2.
  2. Right!? I agree 100%! Actions truly speak louder than words sometimes. Of course, it's great to be vocal about your beliefs! But it felt so weird and performative. Again, I agree. However, I did like their friendship much more in the second half of the season! That's so true! I remember Mizi and yes, Bloom dealt so much better with it. I really miss her positivity and how easy going she actually is.
  3. I'm done with episode 3 now. There's a lot of things that I like, even though the series is so very different from the original Winx Club. But there are also many things that I dislike. Some first thoughts: The writing is really off sometimes. There's so many weird scenes! And I can't even tell you how hard I cringed when they said the word "mansplain" twice in the first episode for no reason... what was that about? Whitewashing!!! But we knew that already. I still have hope that they'll bring Flora back for season 2. When Terra shares her insecurities, the others ignore it and don't try to lift her up. Why is Stella such a bitch? I mean, yes, she's self-centered but she also always cares about her friends? Also, her outfits are sooo boring. Stella and Sky?? Ugh. Where is Brandon? I love Beatrix, would've loved to see a trio of witches tho. I like Bloom, but she also seems a little off, angry for no reason other than "I'm a fire fairy, that's why!" And... WHERE ARE THE F*CKING WINGS? You "evolved"? Ok, then why did you call the series Winx?
  4. Hi hi hi! I'm so excited! I grew up with the TV show and comic books. I love the Winx Club so much! I'm watching the pilot right now and I'm gonna binge watch the rest this weekend, however I'm a little sceptical. I agree with most of what is said in this video below and I would hate for this to turn out to be a dark, Riverdale-esque kind of reboot. I hope they prove me wrong but the trailer wasn't cute. I really miss Flora and Tecna already.
  5. Hi, don't know if it's cool to post this because it's unconfirmed but I saw this on deuxmoi's Instagram story!
  6. Thank you so much @PARADIXO for this analysis, I just listened to the whole record while reading
  7. Me neither, I don't think we know yet! But super excited to see it. Neil won't disappoint!
  8. This picture lives rent free in my head:
  9. I've now listened to "Chemtrails" over 50 times and I just wanna say the mood this song puts me in is so special. I feel a little sad and uneasy but at the same time comforted and protected. My ranking of title tracks: "Born to Die" > "NFR!" > "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" > "Honeymoon" > "Ultraviolence" > "Lust for Life"
  10. Maybe she mixed things up? She gave off so much chaotic energy during that interview, she could've meant ice skating and accidentally said roller skating. The term "figure skating" that she used in her IG post only refers to ice skating, right?
  11. Responsible queen with a Gucci face mask, we love to see it!
  12. Aw thanks babe for thinking of me!! I actually ordered the red vinyl there yesterday as soon as I saw it was available and forgot to mention it. Are you from Germany, too?
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