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  1. On the German store website both interludes are included. Just ordered YAY!!!!! I’m so glad I waited for this version
  2. hi everyone, i added some songs to the playlist, thanks for all the love so far! <3 and please, i'd love to hear if you have any more additions that i've missed. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6jOFzuqj64QVPDlVLE7AIE?si=38428f7c96e144c4
  3. i'm so mad that they didn't even send out an email saying "hey sorry you didn't win" for the berlin listening party, feels so weird and like no one even got an email that they won?
  4. the German listening party was supposed to announce the winners yesterday, right? I didn’t get an email, the location is still not announced. so weird
  5. @syrup amour I just wanted to post these Spotify lyrics! It seems to be a previous version of the song that they didn't end up releasing, right!??!
  6. fuck, this is amazing
  7. I NEED to buy that titty cover vinyl immediately WHERE IS IT
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