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  1. that's super cute actually! sometimes, i yell the same way when that song is on haha. THE PASSION
  2. Just saw we're getting a video for LMLYLAW T O D A Y ! ? ! ? ? ! I mean, I'm triggered but I don't wanna talk shit about something that's not even out yet. Definitely excited that this era has started for real now.
  3. literally me right now! I'm getting so upset reading these comments. honestly, f*ck em! but don't f*ck us cause we truly love you and support you
  4. What is she doing She doesn’t seem excited at all. That’s why I’m not excited at all. She’s killing the album before it’s even out. I’m so sad
  5. Me while listening: Me seeing the cover art: EDIT: Seeing all these negative comments on her Instagram post + Paradise Live leaking (putting me in the best mood ever), I want to take a step back from what I said. I love you, Lana. The cover art isn't my cup of tea but you're the artist and I respect your artistic decisions. The song is beautiful and I don't mind the cover art at all. <3
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