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  1. ethelcain

    Taylor Swift

    the album sounds cute! though i will say she definitely proved her millennial status with this one
  2. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    salem just tweeted yesterday about how shes annoyed that "an artist that built most of her career on sampling" wants to cease and desist one of her songs for sampling her, and one of salems songs heavily samples knuckle velvet.. so i'd say that sounds pretty non-friendly
  3. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    it's her ex friend, they came up with the name anhedonia together, started a depop together about a year ago but its obvious that only salem runs it now and sells stuff related to ethel to piss her off i guess? https://www.depop.com/products/e__death-atlas-colossus-cd/ like $500? baby nobody buying that
  4. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    I cant stand her.. they obviously had a falling out and now salem is selling hayden’s old clothes and THAT on depop, the depop used to be for both of them she also talks shit about hayden on twt and even though she doesnt name her its quite obvious
  5. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    It’s just a demo and its not out there sorry :/
  6. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    If she’s still releasing waco texas the b-sides are obviously not scrapped.. its just probably not an ep anymore and a full album and if it is who cares lol
  7. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    Girl if you don’t announce the damn music..
  8. ethelcain

    Billie Eilish

    Ive heard way better 10 track albums in my lifetime than 15-16 ones
  9. ethelcain

    Billie Eilish

    target leaking the album cover and title must have been so maddening poor girl
  10. ethelcain

    Charli XCX

    Oh ur tasteless wbk
  11. ethelcain

    Ethel Cain

    Oh i need this SO BAD
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