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  2. ofc everyone and their mothers is aware of a chronically online internet based boycott…… girl its mcdonalds not the IDF…… plus is not like she has a Twitter account from where to see the boycott itself cause its pretty much only happening on Twitter
  3. The Grants

    Dua Lipa

    i didnt really connect with TS but same thing happened with Houdini and now it might be on my top 5 2023 song cause… I COME AND I GO
  4. not wanna be too insistent but, most of the snippets we had during OB era were also tagged af and also most of them ended up being real but yeah, I agree that rosemead exclusive culture needs to be OVER
  5. the fact is, she worked on the album for 4 years, and of course most if not all of the songs are already finished. also, i thought it was common lana stan knowledge that shit can leak with months of anticipation like those two OB and Fingertips snippets
  6. “Beautiful” (originally titled “I ❤️ Black Cunt”) is a song from the album “Blue Banisters”, produced by Metro Boomin and Drew Erickson. It is described as a psychedelic surf rock trip hop song.
  7. this is fake btw !! lana would never make a song called “I ❤️ My Mom”
  8. The Grants


    im so excited omg
  9. then she will go from far to further to that grammy
  10. not the tidal exclusive lmao where is the krakenfiles link mod note: user was warned for this post
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