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  1. i pretty much hate Bleachers but I die everyday just to hear a single second of Lana singing or reading her songwriting so this is obv a win !
  2. The Grants

    Doja Cat

    album is fine y’all
  3. i’m kinda scared… what if they gatekeep
  4. never thought this was going this far omfg
  5. HUHHHHHHH I’ve been lurking through his songs for some time and the only thing I could thing about was that I’d love if Lana could make some of this with her own writing and recording process this is a full circle moment in my life as a lana stan
  6. this would be her most relatable song yet
  7. when we get country album part I, II and III then what
  8. where is it that she films that type of videos? is it some filter or some special camera?
  9. YEAH CAUSE WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT JAZZY BLUESY PIANO??? we were begging for the third sister for Dayglo Reflection/Candy Necklace trinity
  10. candy fuckin necklace remain undefeated another day !!!
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