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  1. i was devastated to know who produced this omfg this CANNOT be happening
  2. i think its time for us to stop treating insiders as deities and treat them for what they should be… our servants
  3. sorta believable but we already went through this in past eras and most of the times turned out to be fake
  4. fishtail?? beautiful things??? PEPPERS???????????? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN ALABAMA
  5. The Grants

    Billie Eilish

    open up the door can you open up the door
  6. this is so unfair for drake lmao i say it cause kendrick gotta be top 10 rappers oat and he has an album with preg emojis as the cover
  7. The Grants

    Dua Lipa

    i have this theory they saw Houdini (the yet most experimental song on the record) flopping and chose 10 of the 90 songs she says she wrote for this record and release them on along houdini (ts also sounds kinda like her early descriptions of the album but that’s more of a reach). this songs she chose for the album have to be the most mainstream appealing ones
  8. The Grants

    Dua Lipa

    i really want to know the insider tea about all of this cause there is something FISHY about this whole album AND rollout
  9. a SERVEEEEEE !!!! anyways who do we think she is talking about I bet Doja since she was very new on the mainstream around those times
  10. oh neil the clout chaser that you are !! even if they were lana related im not even a little excited cause they will likely have NOTHING to do with the actual aesthetic of the album
  11. The Grants

    Taylor Swift

    it is just fine
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