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  1. I literally just meant jokes aside security is a serious issue leave me aloneeeee.
  2. Right...because something can't be a joke and also come from a place of serious thought. Sorry you take it upon yourself to be offended. I was raised on George Carlin - he bestowed me with the gift of sensibility and the knowledge that dark humour can be the funniest shit ever if you loosen the fuck up. Love and light to all of you.
  3. do you feel better about yourself now?
  4. Im literally just saying... they need to be careful, Lana has creepy fans. You guys are so easy to get a reaction out of. Relax.
  5. honestly the fact she's released 4 records in less than 5 years may be good for fans but it's also the reason she's been declining so quickly in music and image. she's running herself down with all this shit. she's NOT in her peak anymore, sorry she just isn't, so masterpiece albums can't be put together in 1.5 years. this album is coming out a year too soon, at the least! and i think her team is beginning to realize this hence the pushbacks. ://
  6. I'm beginning to doubt July 21 is anything but a placeholder date
  7. How has the era not started? We have two music videos, an album trailer, the (tentative?) album cover and 4 songs. In what world are we still in the Honeymoon era?
  8. Yes so much so. She's a robot, I think. Do you agree floral patterns on clothes are the cutest thing ever?
  9. Delays are so unprecedented for her. If she delays again the album WILL be a mess.
  10. I wanna get LUST 4 LIFE tattooed on my forehead
  11. fun fact this was a thing on here for like a day when y&b was released
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