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  1. Actually the entire stadium needs to scream Lasso on Friday, maybe she will say something then When this leads to Oh jeez, oh god part 3 Nah seriously remember the times when she sang a bit of Honeymoon title track live before it was out or when she premiered Cherry live, we need this happen for Lasso era
  2. 1. A&W 2. Young and Beautiful 3. Without You 4. Fishtail 5. Cinnamon Girl 6. Art Deco 7. Flipside (Beats Version) 8. West Coast 9. Cherry 10. Born to Die 11. Ride 12. Mariners Apartment Complex 13. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 14. Brooklyn Baby 15. Music To Watch Boys To 16. Taco Truck x VB 17. Summertime Sadness 18. Let The Light In (Solo) 19. Yosemite 20. Video Games 21. Arcadia 22. Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
  3. Since the only lyrics Guns and Roses and The Other Side share are in the bridge I would assume that she reused the bridge partly for Guns and Roses. Or maybe they just happen to share the same lyrics since she sometimes likes to use the same lyrics more often
  4. I have faith in Lasso as strange as that seems in times like these
  5. Omg the themes ate Thank you so much for that, they are stunning
  6. If this is all true, the way she worked on Lasso for 4 years and thought it was finished enough to announce it just to change her mind again and could possibly be working on it for even longer
  7. Just saw the TikTok as well and someone asked if it (I guess Lasso) is still coming and they replied with not Idk how reliable they are but if it's true well
  8. The guitar solo in Shades Of Cool is still unmatched Also Old Money is still such a classic in her discography imo, still one of my favorite ballads of hers The nostalgia, her voice is so so beautiful in it , the strings
  9. I really hope some people screamed Let The Light In, Fishtail, Taco Truck x VB, for a Honeymoon song, Thunder, Flipside, Mariners Apartment Complex, Say Yes To Heaven etc. But it seems like she is open to change the setlist a bit for this show which makes me really excited
  10. Loved her speech and I found this part of her speech was really inspiring, definetly gonna look up these books
  11. Happy Birthday Ultraviolence Truly one of the best, boldest and most iconic albums of all time Gosh the quality of the album is truly insane, so many memories connected to the UV songsI became a fan in spring 2015 and while it was Summertime Sadness that brought me into Lanas music I remember how mind blown I was hearing songs like Sad Girl, Money Power Glory, Shades Of Cool, West Coast, Cruel World, Old Money & Black Beauty and those were like my favorite songs ever at that time along with a couple of BTD - P songs (some of them still are) but damn I think no other music hit me and shooked me like that back then. Truly life changing. Ultraviolence you will always have a special place in my heart and be always one of my favorites, no matter what because that album truly is an one of a kind masterpiece I'm so happy for everyone who got to experience the entire UV era, I can't imagine how mind-blowing and life changing that must have been Happy Ultraviolence anniversary to everyone, we gonna celebrate and stream today and hopefully get some anniversary gift
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