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  1. Ride vs The Greatest
  2. So I got put on the waiting list in June and I actually got a ticket now and I am so excited and grateful to finally see her live for the first time ever Also the way I was in Paris last year in August with friends and we streamed Young and Beautiful like non stop and now I will hear it live in Paris in August almost exactly a year later Now I have to figure out what the rules are and I am bit scared bc I am going alone but overall I am so so happy and shook right now that one of my biggest dreams is coming true Also if anyone wants to meet up the day before or after or so I would be totally here for that
  3. The greatest is lowkey underrated imo. It should be considered a classic in her discography Also the FIILY/The Greatest music video , the aesthetic and the vibes are gorgeous and so beautiful. I really wish it had a monologue, that would have been the Cherry on top Also this song has such a closer energy, I really love Hope as the album closer but I think The Greatest - Hope Is Dangerous A Thing would have been so powerful as the last two songs on the album The Greatest introduces us to the last part of the album and I like the closing trio so I am not mad though Also it's such a bummer that she never played The Greatest live except one time acapella. I just know a live performance would have been so stunning And imo she really should have added The Greatest, Fuck it I love you, California and Cinnamon Girl to the NFR! Tour setlist but anyways
  4. The way this is the last album trailer we got It really was a moment, I love it so much and it became so nostalgic Lemme rewatch this trailer and stream NFR!
  5. Fishtail vs Cinnamon Girl
  6. Maybe it will appear on Lasso/LDR10 in some form since Clay and Lana worked together in January
  7. I am just so thankful and happy we got a stunning bridge again Bridges became rare with Lana since NFR! and if I am being honest this is also probably one of my favorite bridge she did in years. The production and her vocals are stunning, heavenly, beautiful
  8. I think Lana probably wrote the bridge but no matter how much she wrote of it or did not the song is a bop and I will be streaming But props to Clay for giving the birth idea for the song of the summer, I actually underestimated him
  9. THE SONG IS A BOP The bridge is the most amazing part, heavenly, life changing I even heard bells But it's so catchy, the beat goes hard, the guitar, Song of the summer I fear
  10. Apparently a new song that got registered with the same writers as Tough
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