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  1. GUYS, BIG NEWS!!!! Bridgit just posted a new demo-track on twitter and it's all happening I guess and it sounds really good and here you go:
  2. LFL is April cause it's the fool of her discography
  3. Omg she looks sooo good Let's hope for some album news in the interview
  4. These kings just released their new album and it is perfection
  5. This album is a fucking experience
  6. Who the fuck posts a THIRD video of the SAME poem?? From a book that's only coming March next year (IF it even comes out then), while she just released another poetry book and she has an album to promote?? A clown...a clown for sure
  7. The update looks so good, I'm navigating everything to get used to it but it's really nice and new. I can't wait for the theme to arrive so we fully get LB 2.0. The mobile version is miles better than the last one lol, thanks Elle for all your efforts
  8. Me too, the whole team that's there with her seems a bit excessive just for an album cover, she has shot most of her covers alone with only one person (except NFR of course but even those were with friends and Chuck)
  9. I was thinking It sounded familiar, haven't listened to that one in a long time, thanks guys
  10. Yup she's hot x2 Also, what is she listening to though, I would like to know
  11. I absolutely love the delivery on this poem and the topic is just amazing as well, another of the witchier poems, one of my favourites for sure. The music for this one is very haunting and ethereal as well, Lana really did it with this project
  12. What a beautiful project, just finished it and I'm in love. LA, Sportcruiser, the land of 1000 fires, bare feet on linoleum, paradise is very fragile, past the bushes cypress thriving and salamander are my absolute favourites, but really all of these poems are beautiful. Lana's speaking voice is already a win and her delivery is top notch, jack's instrumentals fit each poem SO WELL, the atmosphere created for each one is just amazing. Creepy and hipnotic, mysterious and glamourous, sunny and mellow, natural and true, sad and even ethereal in some parts, really; an amazing body of work.
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