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  1. Are there any comments Byron didn't like? 'Cause to me it seems he liked all of them without reading any of them lmao Y'all getting played again
  2. At some point team Delulu and Team Cocctober will become one and the same 'cause this album ain't coming in a month
  3. I feel like nothing album-related is gonna come out until Violet is released. After the book, she's gonna drop the lead single LMLYLAW in mid-October with the pre-order and the album will come out end of October or very early November with the title track music video
  4. Happy 1200 Album trailer coming with the release of the magazine interview and with the album cover and tracklist, a day later LMLYLAW comes out with the preorder and Chemtrails is gonna be released on the 25!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Remember when she talked about going *really* high in when the world was at war... And then we all were dissapointed.... Yeah, let's hope this time we really meet our delusions expectations
  6. She basically said she felt stressed out making this album because with Norman she instantly knew what she was going for but with this album she asked herself: ''Is this newfolk? Oh God, are we going country?'' But now she's happy with it Edit: Oh well I wasn't quick enough
  7. Omg she looks sooo good Let's hope for some album news in the interview
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