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  1. xanny (by billie eilish not the actual drug)
  2. well hello everyone! i usually read all the pages when i'm behind but i've been so busy lately and i'm feeling lazy so has there been any news i missed the past few days?
  3. idk if this has been talked about yet, but apple music has the lyrics up for chemtrails and the iconic line is "its beautiful how this deep normality settles down over me" sorry LSD stans
  4. one things for sure, all of lana's albums that were given "bad reviews" are actually masterpieces so chemtrails will definitely be a top tier album given the reviews.
  5. hiii everyone, i haven't been active in this thread the past few days (and for the next couple days) cuz i'm working like crazy, but i just wanted to say that white dress WILL be a top tier song. i saw everything eclipse said about it and i knew we were gonna win. i cant wait to hear "lizzy grant: the re-up" in almost two months! okay that is all.
  6. the way 'dark but just a game' shoulda been a 7-minute masterpiece, but it's a little under 4 minutes.
  7. yeah it'll be a minute before we get new music i fear. at least 2 years minimum. and as much as i actually like jack, i really hope she returns with a new producer.
  8. she really just did that. i had a feeling she was gonna slaughter us (in a good way) with the title track. i don't think i've seen THIS many lana stans love a new song of hers in awhile. but i'm gonna try to not listen to it so i don't entirely ruin the intro song of the entire album for me, i want the intro to be a surprise on album release day. so here's to waiting over two more months..
  9. damn after hearing the title track now i'm extremely hyped for the album. why do we have to wait over 2 months for it... this is gonna be the longest months of my life.
  10. i think i'm most curious about yosemite for the fact that everyone wants it. the lil snippet she sung years ago didn't really catch my eye, BUT i hope it's amazing for those who have been wanting the song since she teased it. so i'm super curious about it. dark but just a game and white dress are the two songs i'm super excited about the most!
  11. oh trust me, i have NO self control when it comes to lana's music. but imma try my best to not listen to white dress, i couldn't even hold myself back when the cocc mv le*ked. so it'll be very difficult for me to not listen to white dress, but i'm gonna try my best.
  12. yeah i don't think i'll listen to white dress if it does come out feb 26.. it's the album opener so i don't want the opening song to be ruined for me. i'd much rather it be a surprise on album release day.
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