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  1. ahhhh thank you SO much for recording it!! i was away and couldn't watch. i'm so upset.
  2. can someone record this??? i'm out and can't watch rn
  3. no cuz it really goes- 1. Honeymoon 2. Ultraviolence 3. Blue Banisters -for me. i would put BB first, but i've only listened twice so i don't want to jump the gun since it's new. but she's definitely in my top 3 lana albums.
  4. i wish i had time to catch up on the last 37 pages anyways, this album is such a stunner. literally there's not one bad song. if i'd have to pick my "least" fave, it'd be cherry blossom, but only because i've heard her so many times. it's the weakest song on the tracklist imo. but, even then, it's still a beautiful track. ughh. this is such a perfect record.
  5. alright i'm signing off, my 3rd pre-release era on lanaboards is about to be completed
  6. thinking of the arcadialovesong2018 and lustforlife drama in honor of this thread closing in less than 3 minutes. what a moment in time.
  7. this pre-release era has been my favorite b/c everything happened so fast. there really was minimal time for lana to lie.
  8. 1 1/2 hours till i get to listen for the second time ahhh!! it's been a long week.
  9. the way i lowkey love most of the new designs, and everyone else hates it. bank acct is currently crying at the $132 i just spent.
  10. this is so funny. elle is gonna shut this down when she wakes up.
  11. new zealand disappeared when we needed them the most... the album is THAT good
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