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  1. my guess is tunnel vision mv, trilogy setlist (idk why she'd tease a setlist tho, plus it's kinda far off anyways), or an EP. i'm hoping for an EP.
  2. niko, topanga, tex and mex wondering when their mother will come home meanwhile lana is doing side quests. all jokes aside, she looks GEWD!!
  3. lana put the tour merch jacket on your website challenge
  4. i'm actually feeling a bit sad about this being the last show of the tour tonight. i went to the MD and PA shows and i'm dealing with some major post-concert depression right now. it's such a struggle, but i'm so so grateful i got to see lana again on this tour. i hope she and everyone there has the most amazing final show.
  5. yeah that parking lot was DREADFUL. i managed to get out around 12:30am, literally two hours after the show. this venue really just put a huge damper on the entire day. i'm embarrassed it's in my state.
  6. i'd like to report that THREE lanaboards girlies made it to barricade!!! @jaesana @mermaidmotelxo and i!!! happy we met up on a whim today and manifested barricade.
  7. yeah this venue is absolutely the worst i've ever been. the lack of organization and the utter chaos when the lot opened was insane. i could write an entire book about everything that's gone poorly today in regards to this venue. at least there's an hour left till gates open.
  8. this was ONE MINUTE from my hotel... i'm actually upset. why couldn't i have had a dunkin craving yesterday?!
  9. help i just got shouted at by a security guard. there's no way they're letting people line up early if i got yelled at. i wasn't even close to the parking lot gate. UPDATE: i talked to two employees. they told me no one is allowed in till 2pm. the only people that they're letting in right now is staff. anxiety cured (for now).
  10. thank you for the intel, elle! i'm such an anxious person, especially when it comes to concerts. maybe it won't be so bad then having the gates open in the early afternoon instead of letting everyone queue whenever. it at least weeds out the people that camp for days.
  11. so, for fun, since my hotel is 10 minutes away, i decided to go check out the venue since it's early in the morning and wanna try for barricade. there was a single car inside the gates to the parking lot. as soon as i started driving down to the gates, they turned on their headlights. it's giving security guard. they were clearly watching me. no one else seemed to be there, so i don't think anyone is lined up at this moment. i'm currently parked on the side of the road outside the venue. i genuinely don't understand venues that don't let people line up early. it's so much more stressful and chaotic.
  12. i'll also be trying to line up in the morning if we don't get kicked out
  13. oh that pit was the TRENCHES!!! hell on earth. being on barricade all day for 10+ hours was actually insane and idk how i did that but i did. the fights i witnessed and the pain i'm in tho.. anyways here's one of many pictures i took from front row!!! what a night!
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