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  1. nauur i just broke up w my bf of 3 1/2 years recently.. but i also need angry, dark lyrics. manifesting hot girl revenge tracks for all of us.
  2. y'all are making mr niko do double time today
  3. i forgot that she posts the cover before ahhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. true.. and one of them has to be this mysterious ian guy...
  5. we need to do some major investigations on the Rockefeller snippet video. besides mr batiste, who are all those other men?!!? they could be the key to finding out what LDR9 will sound like.
  6. i forgot about him but that's very true. i think drew is guaranteed bc she was charting with him in april. j*ck is also unfortunately guaranteed cuz we've seen pics of them in the studio and he talked about that one song. i'm curious to see john batiste's role in all of this is.
  7. if we're robbed again out of an album trailer istg... but i still have hope because she posted the LFL trailer back in june.
  8. no cuz like i don't remember her being this quiet before an era officially begins. no real visuals (besides W mag), only one snippet, no fake release dates, etc.. motha is learning & it honestly makes the era more exciting since we don't really know what's in store.
  9. guaranteed: drew erickson & j*ck maybe: rick & jon batiste my wish: mike deen & zach dawes
  10. y'all are so gullible w these fake album covers
  11. they almost look like artificial flowers to me? but i could be wrong. botanists/florists correct me!!
  12. i SO love the idea of multi-colored flowers on the album cover. it's so different from her usual aesthetic. the visuals this era are already serving so hard, and we've barely seen anything, yet. she's coming for our throats i fear.
  13. the way she said no color in W mag is so funny cuz clearly, it's looking like we're getting a whole rainbow
  14. that's true! we finally have an official date and not just pure speculation. while i hate the waiting, this is always the most exciting part of pre-release. i'm impatient but don't want the era to be over too fast.
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