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  1. i truly will never understand the hate for the album cover. it's a serve and a HALF. it really is her best cover to date. you can actually see the effort put in. idc idc idc y'all are just NEVER happy.
  2. the album cover is a SERVE!!! omfg. it could be her best cover yet!!! 10 songs tho? and no pink convertible???
  3. yay!!!! i cannot wait!! i'm guessing the announcement will come with the music vid!!
  4. i'm so excited for this album! all the snippets we've heard so far sound promising!
  5. miss girl is starting to make me believe the june 1st date after that post... maybe i'll rejoin team delulu after all...
  6. i got mine a few weeks ago and yeah, they're tiny. like who has that small of a face?? the only reason it's tolerable is because of the adjustable straps.
  7. i deff think there's gonna be some sort of perfume in the beauty salon. maybe some nail polish too?
  8. BUS is a cute song but i do not want an entire collab album, let alone a fucking entire country album. lana what are you doing!????
  9. i said it before and i'll say it again, white dress is one of her best songs to date.
  10. so where's the new drop?
  11. White Dress: 13 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 10 Tulsa Jesus Freak: 12 Let Me Love You Like A Woman: 10 Wild At Heart: 10 Dark But Just A Game: 11 Not All Who Wander Are Lost: 11 Yosemite: 10 Breaking Up Slowly: 8 Dance Till We Die: 12 For Free: 3
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