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  1. dust bowl is the greatest song ever created.
  2. mine never came either! i reached out to Rolling Stone the other day, still waiting to hear about getting a refund. it sucks cuz i really wanted that mag.
  3. i'm really hoping lana and ethel perform on the same stage tbh. i don't wanna have to run back and forth between the two stages.
  4. VIP secured!!!! this will be my second time seeing both Lana and Ethel. very excited it'll be the same day!!!
  5. if anyone finds an artist presale code for today, could you pls drop it here? i'd love you forever.
  6. maybe one day my 3 alt CDs, standard CD "box set", lighter, pill case, and tiddy air freshener will arrive. waiting for that very day....
  7. still waiting for my lenticular CD to arrive
  8. god this album is tew good!! and the deluxe tracks are really hitting the spot for me.
  9. mel dropping the deluxe and tour presale on the same day?!! we really ate on this random Wednesday.
  10. allegedly VIP packages will range from $130-$300. that's insane if true. $300 for no m&g??!!!
  11. i lowkey wanted dragons blood on the deluxe. it's one of the few mm3 leaks i listened to. rip.
  12. i'm excited for her to tour and i'm obviously gonna try to get tickets no matter what, but i'm truly praying that she doesn't wear the mask/costume on tour. one, she has some outdoor shows (including mine) in the middle of summer so that's just not safe for her physically. two, i've been waiting to see her since 2015 and i'd be lowkey upset if my first melanie concert would be her in a costume where i cant even see her actual face. i appreciate the dedication to the character, but i just hope she reconsiders getting into 4 hours worth of makeup and prosthetics each night.
  13. y'all are weird.. i love this album already just on my first listen alone.
  14. it's almost midnight here!!! 3 minutes. too bad i'm stuck at work and won't be able to listen till i get off at 7am. pure torture... anyways, ANOTHER PRE RELEASE IN THE BOOKS!!!! SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!
  15. it's more likely she'll drop the new merch around 10am-12pm EST i think?
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