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  1. i see ethel tmrw omg.. will be sobbing and throwing up to strangers
  2. does anyone have a pic of the merch stand for the tour? i cant find anything on social media, and i wanna know prices since i see her next weekend.
  3. does anyone have HQ album covers of the Inbred EP & the Golden Age EP?
  4. i cant believe i missed this! it's giving por vida, but with a newer and fuller sound. these need to be on her next album.
  5. this was so random, but funny, i love it! cleavage forever.
  6. very true!! that's why i hope i'm proven wrong. but i'm scared to be hopeful knowing her pre-release history. i hope this is a BB situation where the rollout is quick!
  7. from reading the mag, i fear this could be the longest pre-release thread in lanaboards existence but i hope i'm proven wrong anyways, happy pre-release era, besties!
  8. tried isolating the end vocals/dialogue and all i can gather is something along the lines of "i'm like leaving you anyways" and "if you don't pray, you'll never learn, you know i'm a saint", which we kind of already knew. i cant figure out the other ones still.
  9. one thing that i know for sure, lentilus is the king of TASTE. our collective serve stanning marina.
  10. maybe because everyone in this thread in recycling the same argument like "sHe nEvEr gIvEs Us AnYtHiNg." so yeah, if everyone else is taking it seriously, so will i. this is why i'm not on lanaboards every day anymore. oh look! a patch of grass!
  11. and??? not every fan listens to her unreleased music. i've heard the songs a couple of times, but never went out of my way to stream them on YT or whatever. my point is, so what? you really think this will matter in 10 more years? it's literally just music. some of y'all take this shit too seriously.
  12. y'all are so dramatic, like for ONCE can you stop complaining and stop criticizing marina. this is literally why artists stop making music cuz y'all are never happy. you can nicely criticize an artist without consistently dragging them. i, for one, am satisfied with this re-release. like idk what more y'all want? she's giving us unreleased electra songs finally. what more does she need to do? not a lot of artists do this shit for album anniversaries. rant over.
  13. xxmissdaytonaxx


    idk if anyone's heard but lorde has laryngitis and she postponed the CT show tonight and the DC show tomorrow, which means it might not be good for us future show girls either.
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