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  1. yeah i understand that. you can be upset about it obviously. and yeah, i’m a little disappointed too. but i don’t think it requires hate or anger from others. that’s all she’s been getting lately. also it feels kinda wrong judging this either way cuz someone leaked her receipt basically. exactly. i worked in a restaurant as a waitress and made $2.83 an hour. i heavily relied on tips to make ends meet. so i understand where everyone is coming from. trust me.
  2. i don’t tip my barista every single time, does that make me a bad person? no. she could have also gave a cash tip. or maybe she just forgot. let’s not continuously bring down lana. she’s had enough criticism this year.
  3. AHHH PISCES BABIES!!! mine is on the 1st of march. i wouldn’t mind waiting for this birthday surprise. lana pls.
  4. yeah at this point i’m not very hopeful that it will be coming before march. last time i was hopeful, the NFR release situation happened sooo i’ve learned my lesson when it comes to release dates.
  5. this would be GREAT but ben said they don’t even have a release date soooo we ain’t getting chemtrails till summer
  6. ok i was super busy yesterday and today so i missed a lot, but i’m finally caught up. i have some thots thoughts. 1) not a country fan. but i do like Breaking Up Slowly from what i heard. i think lana can pull of “country” but in her own style. reminds me of AKA/sirens and i’m actually not mad! 2) i laughed out loud at ben fighting w the insta stans until i realized he was literally robbed. i didn’t see those comments at first. and he deff doesn’t deserve all the hate either way. 3) from what ben has told us, i highly doubt we’re getting this album any time soon. chemtrails might just be a spring/summer girlie after all. which is upsetting but we’ll just have to manage again. NFR pre-release era is cumming back to haunt us. i’m excited for this album, but the release date seems to be far away. we’re in for a long and wild ride. time for hibernation.
  7. i’m not too big of a fan of collabs on lana’s album and i hate country music BUT lana pulls it off in a way that’s not bad at all. just like hey blue baby and stupid for being happy. i love this song already. i will learn how to shake my ass to country.
  8. so i forced my dad listen to LMLYLAW, as predicted he said “i wish she’d go back to her roots” aka BTD era. he loves her upbeat songs. he also made the comment that it sounds like she’s just kind of “talking” rather then singing and i kinda agree with that. i can’t wait to force him to listen to COTCC when it finally releases.
  9. so i think up next is the title track single + high-budget mv. hopefully that’s released in either november/december. then, comes the album cover + tracklist reveal along with maybe a pre-order. maybe december/january. and finally the album. who knows when that will come out. probably never. hopefully by end of january.
  10. who even are those girls in the vid?? i noticed one of them slip up a few times on the lyrics. locals. also why did i think the dude was ASAP for two seconds?
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