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  1. I’ve seen parts of the performance and I feel a bit disappointed. The mic wasn’t good so all I heard was the crowd and instrumental. When she was dancing around and singing she didn’t sound great. When she sat still and sang like for Candy Necklace she sounded better. I was hoping there wouldn’t be the two backup dancers and now there are six… I don’t see how they fit with the songs.
  2. Right after I posted this, Apple sent me a notification about buying the song on iTunes
  3. This may have been discussed but why can’t I find this on iTunes to buy it?
  4. Pink Champagne without a doubt
  5. Thank you! I really wanted a VIP ticket and of course the prices from resellers are insane, some are over $1000 each. I wish resellers could be banned so actual fans could go.
  6. Why didn’t I check LB yesterday I could have used the code to get a ticket 😭 now I have to try today in the general sale
  7. I don’t think I’d call it shrill but it’s what I would describe as “thin” where in the songs up until around 2017 (for the most part) showed more depth in her voice.
  8. I put the album on and listen to it as I go to sleep. I’m always curious to see what song I remember hearing before falling asleep. I haven’t made it past the Judah Smith Interlude yet. Let’s see how I do tonight.
  9. When I was fifteen, naked, next-door neighbors did a drive-by Pulled me up by my waist, long hair to the beach side Fingertips is starting to click for me
  10. it’s like a Honeymoon-style beat that’s what I’ve been saying this track needs
  11. The way I’ve ordered every vinyl and CD variant this woman has me in a chokehold
  12. I am so dumb. I saw the email this morning but I saw the word "censored" and in my mind this meant a vinyl with the songs' curse words censored so I didn't even open it
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