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  1. What do we think the Uber/Lyft situation is going to be like? Genuinely scared
  2. Is anyone looking for a ticket to the PA show? If not I will list on StubHub. It’s section 1 row Y
  3. Would anyone be interested in purchasing my ticket? It is Section 1 Row Y.
  4. Pink Champagne

    Flo Milli

    Anyone going to see her for the recent tour? Spotify presale went up today.
  5. I love the cover! While it isn’t my favorite cover she’s done I still love it. Blue Banisters, Ultraviolence, and the most recent album are my faves.
  6. I’ll order it because I don’t have any NFR vinyls
  7. you had some good luck! Where are the seats? If the ticket I stupidly bought from a reseller ends up being legitimate I’ll be selling it at cost since I got one in the sale this morning.
  8. It seemed to me that there was a serious lag in showing available tickets. Many tickets that showed as “available” were already purchased but the list had not been updated to reflect that Does she realize half the sold out tickets are to bots and scalpers though
  9. People are reselling the fast Lane pass for PA for a markup
  10. Fuck Ticketmaster this is absolutely INSANE
  11. This could easily be solved by allowing resale only for the exact price you paid and not a cent more.
  12. I tried to get more tickets for you guys but I was unsuccessful
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