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  1. Praying for an album that sounds like wild one and ride with a very “Proud American” aesthetic
  2. wtf happened to henry come on 😭 it really became rbfy part 2
  3. Coconut and keylime pie. I’m not sure if anyone has this song but the leaked lyrics sound so cool i simply need this song in my bloodstream
  4. My Lust For Life tracklist change. Open for changes or criticism 1. Intro - Roses Bloom For You 2. Love 3.Lust For Life (with The Weeknd) 4.Cherry 5.Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) 6.Summer Bummer 7.In My Feelings 8.Hollyweird (Interlude) * 9.13 beaches 10. White Mustang 11. The Best American Record (nfr version) 12. Wtwwawwkd 13. GBA 14. Valley Of The Dolls (Interlude) 15. Heroin 16. Lust For Life (Reprise) ** 17. Tomorrow Never Came (Alt) 18. Yosemite 19. Get Free *Album Trailer **i found a mix of Lust For Life demos 1 & 2’s instrumental so id put that here. Link ->
  5. To be fair lana also said she’d be releasing an album called Rock Candy Sweet in 2020 and well
  6. All I want for Christmas is Paradise 2015 and some Lust For Life and Blue Banisters/Rock Candy Sweet outtakes
  7. Rip paradise 2015, Everything I Do, Gucci, Lotgc, and LA who am I
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