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  1. Question for the insiders: Are there any Emile Haynie UV demos? I thought I read that she worked with him in very early sessions before those plans fell through. He does have production credits on FMWUT
  2. Bluelake

    Lake Placid

    This beautiful overlooked masterpiece…
  3. Yes!! The intro is so enchanting. For me, it actually embodies the sound of Lana Del Rey. The synths, guitar, reverb, it all just adds up to pure beauty and nostalgia.
  4. The refresh lmao I thought we lost it
  5. Love this album so much. I was listening all the way through yesterday and was mesmerized again by Lana’s beautiful vocal layering, and also range. My 10th anniversary wish is that it gets updated with a Dolby Atmos mix
  6. Bluelake

    Taylor Swift

    The UFO noises in the bridge of Down Bad remind me a lot of the loon calls in Born To Die & Paradise. Which I love.
  7. I like Born To Die (the song) live better when it’s stripped down and more intimate
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