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  1. Naw, you guys, DON'T U GET IT, DUDE? Eve is Lana -- the beautiful, flawless, classy Lana in white that we all know and love!!! And stripping = THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE, HELLO? Because stripping is BAD. It is a desecration of our earthly vessels. FUCK STRIPPERS AND FUCK LOWER INCOME LATINOS. I am totally ready to swallow transparent morality from Lana Del Rey. This is her soft resurrection. Elvis is her daddy. TROPICO, MAN!!!
  2. If that were the case they'd be chongas, not cholas Anyone notice there's a boom mic seen here? So, there's dialogue in this thing Also, i didn't realize until now that Anthony Mandler is the cinematographer? Did he do the cinematography on Ride and NA too?
  3. Oooh, let us know how the bonus features are! I really want to see them, but i'm gonna wait until my library gets the DVD. If this "remix" reconstructing of the film entirely from unused footage is really going to happen, i wonder if and how that is going to affect what deleted scenes/outtakes are included in the bonus features. I really, really want to see outtakes from this movie. I know that during filming they attached Harinezumi cameras on top of the cinema cameras but that seems pointless since it's virtually the same shot/angle that was being shot on film, and i am not a fan of the Harinezumi aesthetic. There's a video for James Franco's new band Daddy (with vocals from Smokey Robinson, haa) that is comprised entirely of this footage. I wasn't really into it. I want to see actual unused 35mm footage. And lots of behind the scenes. I live for that shit.
  4. A job well done. Extra points for your use of legit. You should have also included the non-literal use of literally (“I’m literally dying right now watching this flawless video.”) What about the fragment “I can’t even”? And the puzzling, nonsensical use of though, shortened to tho, which doesn’t actually qualify anything. We will know just how flawless this video and Lana are when we come upon “I can’t even tho.” omg but NO wait like she was so beautiful and glamorous and classy and old hollywood in young & beautiful and now she’s a fat stripper omg i just dgi
  5. You want this D, don't you? That's what this is about? For you, provided you adhere to the guidelines, i’m just gonna send you a whole case of assorted nail polish. A value well over $100.
  6. The internet is not destroying the element of surprise enough, we need more. Where’s the video treatment and the storyboards? Fuck it, can we get some of the dailies? This guessing game is not going to cut it. I need to put my Google glasses on and activate the internet chip underneath my skin. Also, just a heads up here. If you want to make some extra cash, listen up, i’m feeling philanthropic. I will be giving out $100 to each and every forum member who, upon this video being released in its final form, refrains from making a post about how: -The video is flawless. -The video is epic. -The video is the most (anything) you’ve ever seen in your entire life. -You are dying. -You are are crying. -You can’t breathe. -You have been slayed. -You need someone to hold you. -Lana looks flawless. -Lana looks perfect. -Lana looks fat. -Lana needs to lose weight. -Lana needs to tone her abs. -Stripping represents the loss of innocence.
  7. Everything becomes a thing, Lemon, everything.
  8. But picking option D would help me in picking out the newcomers with good taste I remember to register for ldr.fm you had to fill in: "You fit me better than my __________." But that was to thwart spam, not to weed out crazies.
  9. Does this mean there'll be an influx of overzealous neophytes breaking down the doors to LanaBoards and starting a handful of useless threads within an hour of joining? Please God. That would be the very worst.
  10. The thing about feminism/anti-feminism coming up in her interviews is that, from all indications in past interviews, she seems to really grossly oversimplify the issue and think of it only as an active, participatory thing, like: you’re only feminist if you say you are and actively talk about politicized women’s issues, or you’re only anti-feminist because you have come out in opposition to the movement. It reminds me of some of the comments some people were making about the Ride headdress issue, saying that there was nothing problematic about it because she wasn’t actually *saying* anything negative about native Americans...This line of thinking is absurdly reductive. I mean, you’d think, based on some of these arguments, that, say, racism only comes in the form of something as flagrant as a hooded klan member standing underneath a burning cross, or neo-nazi lyrics from a skinhead band. When one merely speaks or tells a story or presents an image, there are ideas imbedded within that content that can be extracted and examined from a myriad of different sociopolitical lenses. Any specialized analysis, if relevant, can be applied to lyrics, a novel, a film, etc. regardless of the speaker’s/writer’s/creator’s intent, and regardless of whether or not there is a transparent ideology being represented. You don’t have to explicitly say “I hate women” to be expressing anti-feminist views, or explicitly state feminist principles to be regarded as expressing feminist views (“Hey, i’m NOT a feminist, but...” Thanks Katy Perry!) To draw such simplistic connections is misinformed and dismissive. Would suddenly love to take a little trip to a parallel universe to see THAT version of Lana Del Rey and her non-existent fans.
  11. The charisma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4TgNNDhWnU I'm pretty sure there was a second interview he did with her but i can't find it. Do not ask me how i got into this because i absolutely do not remember. Sometimes i really confound myself.
  12. What a fabulous question. I think this is my favorite question ever asked on this forum. Do you... have... Snoop Dogg/Lion... in your library... of heads... ? I want to go up to people on the street and pull them aside and ask them that. Or ask the bagger at the grocery store while s/he is bagging my groceries. "Is plastic okay?" "Actually, here, i brought my own bag. But i wanted to ask you...Do you have Snoop Dogg slash Lion in your library of heads?" "I'm sorry?" "I'll take a paper bag if it all doesn't fit in my bag, thanks." It would also be great to to write it on those flags that planes drag across the sky: DO YOU HAVE SNOOP DOGG/LION IN YOUR LIBRARY OF HEADS? Imagine people sunbathing at a park, lying on their picnic blankets, looking up at the clouds and then seeing a plane fly by with that message.
  13. Wait, i'll be damned, i just found this. Totally unintentional.
  14. I love 50 Cent. He is so funny and sweet and charismatic. His interviews with Chelsea Handler are the best. And, you know, i hate his music! See what i was saying earlier!
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