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  1. Still cannot get over how amazing she looked and sounded. Something is in the air..
  2. And specifically mentions 5 months, which is the last time we saw Donahue (on tour in June) How are you sure that you'll get the December issue?
  3. I had no idea she had beef with HB. Well my hope is restored 🥰
  4. They film Hot Ones in my office like 10 feet away from me so pls manifest this actually. Unfortunately Hot Ones is under Complex and Lana has beef with Complex sooo....
  5. I don't think she's pushing it so much as people are projecting it onto her
  6. Omg we get it, her yard sucks. What's with the emphasis of these details? I guess they're trying to contrast her glamorous persona?? Parts of this are so strange.
  7. I didn't expect to be in the minority lol. I can't stand this song, Lana or no Lana. It's like nails on a chalkboard and I've been a Bleachers fan since before Jack started producing for the girlies. Literally painful to get thru but I'm glad other people like it
  8. It’s interesting how Israel bombs anything and everything and then claims it was because someone from Hamas was supposedly there (lies. All lies), but then we’re not supposed to believe anything Hamas says. We’re not supposed to believe death toll counts, hospital bombings, nothing. Where are they getting the information that there’s these Hamas people everywhere and why is there no evidence? Why is no one questioning it? If I sound ignorant and there’s some evidence that I’m missing, genuinely let me know. But I’m just shocked no one is really asking questions.
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