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  1. Still reeling from what happened on Thursday and don't worry, this will be my last post in this thread. But thanks for giving a warning point to a decade+ long user for defending themselves against someone that has chosen to target and harass them for literally NO reason.
  2. Literally fuck you. Who are you to tell me to grow up and call me a drama queen? I do not care if you were there or not. I said you don't know what I went through and you still don't. I wrote a mostly positive post about my experience and you're attacking me on the few personal details I included. I tried to be nice the first time but you are a fucking weirdo. Leave me alone, creep.
  3. You have no idea who I am in general or what I went through on that night so please leave me alone 🫶
  4. ANYWAYS I feel like everyone that was at this show is kin to me now bc that was an EXPERIENCE. I went thru every stage of grief, every emotion. My poor boyfriend was trying to lighten the mood and make jokes and at one point I remember yelling at him to shut up and stop talking when we were all inside bc of rain. But I have immense respect for Lana for still coming out and giving us a show. It wasn’t the show she planned, obviously, but once she was on stage the energy in the stadium was crazy. Everything that happened just amped me up for her performance and I went into it with a new level of gratefulness and a carefree-ness that I’ve never had before at any of the other times I’ve seen her. I’m ngl.. a thought I kept having was “all the merch! For nothing. Didn’t even get to see Lana at Fenway” (when I had lost hope) and the fact that she still came out and fucking brought it…. Yeah. I don’t play about that woman. Slightly unrelated, but before the show I was joking that it’s always some bullshit with me and Lana shows (last night was my 9th I believe). Almost every time I’ve seen her there’s a horror story or cancellation or insane weather attached. So at the of the day this was so par for the course for me. THANK YOU LANA. Thank you. After the trauma I’m so grateful I can say I got to see Lana at FENWAY. I've gotten like 3 hrs of sleep and I’m delirious af but I woke up feeling so grateful and I hope she’s able to reschedule the full show but I can honestly say that might be my favorite Lana concert I’ve been to…. Lmao.
  5. After everything I went thru last night I just woke up to my $500 merch order cancelled and refunded …….
  6. There was lightning too. This is literally a nightmare!
  7. I started listening to her when I was 13 and I'm about to be 26. I've found that I consciously or unconsciously shaped my entire life around her music and so many of the same themes have played out in my adulthood. So really her music only gets more relatable as I get older. As a teenager, her music was more like fantasy and escapism but now it's literally just the story of my life.
  8. The way I don't fly into Boston until tomorrow... pray for me omg
  9. There was a thread of "rare" Lana pics on Twitter and there were several with Jamie in them and I thought the same thing. I wonder what happened.
  10. Sameee my original outfit had cowboy boots but ig it's back to the drawing board since I don't want sweaty legs
  11. I feel like Lasso is dead and whatever she's releasing next is the closest thing we'll ever get to a Lizzy Grant resurgence
  12. I really hope there is something actually special about this show
  13. Her best album 🤷‍♀️. First listen, Chihiro and Birds of a Feather are the standouts for me
  14. Praying this comes out tonight. The timing is intriguing and I feel like most major artists aren't as flaky as Lana when it comes to announcing music
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