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  1. i got some decent pics and posted them on my instagram if anyone’s interested !! https://instagram.com/p/CujcDdMow1p/
  2. can anyone get these wristbands off because i cannot and i don’t wanna cut it edit: i cut off my hand and pulled it off no worries x
  3. hearing ocean blvd live was a moment i’ll never forget, core winter song for me
  4. i was always a ‘mind’ and ‘lennon’ truther and i heard it with my own ears yesterday thank u i don’t know why everyone’s gaslighting you but he did indeed say that
  5. can we meet her ? who HURT lana ? why was she so upset? i only just got service she was married ? what?
  6. ready!!! see you in gold circle! if you see me say hello! my leather jacket is shedding everywhere help
  7. apparently there’s a drop off station nearby , i saw it earlier go on their website but no cloakroom actually there
  8. wake up babe, new LB lore just dropped.. the time elle started summoning asmodeus while drunk x
  9. there is never a thread without chaos somehow we love you elle x
  10. are we allowed plastic perfume bottles ? i’m so fucking excited i’m gonna post my outfit in the morning, white lace dress, red converse and ofc red heart shades yhe mud is gonna ruin my shoes but it’s okay i have no idea when to get there, i have gold circle but like .. i need a good view any chance of meeting her after ? i’m so excited i’ve never seen lana live
  11. well, you guys can all be the judge too but based on all the BST posts and comments from this week people have said that there’s no real segregation and that it’s really cramped, i didn’t know that and i wouldn’t have bought gold circle lol.. i guess we’ll have to see
  12. loads of people have apparently been going all in the gold circle area and it’s been cramped , no real distinction from GA and gold circle according to BST insta comments from people who have been this week
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