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  1. i just found it (fuck you whoever spammed the site let a girl live) but thank you!!
  2. it’s lq right? im trying to catch up but it’s like i’m in a sick game where no matter how hard i try i’m always like 100+ pages behind ty ty that sites been spammed to fuck anyway, guess it’s a sign to wait for hq anyone wanna describe it for me since i can’t listen because it’s literally not there anymore lol
  3. can anyone else hear the in fingertips? it’s really bothering me lol, i hope it’s not in the final version
  4. is it just me or is the mixing and final like sound really low on all the songs other than the interludes? the amount of jump scares last night - i had to turn my volume down on the interludes and now i’m relistening i’ve had to turn it down so much, it literally almost jump scared me
  5. i’d love to go .. but i’m not in the country rip i wouldn’t have it be my first listen though lol would make some london lana stan friends ):
  6. oh shit not while i was catching my Z’s as a zip or individually and candy necklace or no?
  7. how bad is it compared to rosemead exclusive tags? i’m not listening but just for the lore
  8. what’s lana gonna do when all her fans get the whistle and decide to blow it repeatedly at her performances like the vevuzulas (no idea how it’s spelled) of the world cup. how long before she bans them from every show? #whistlegate2023
  9. i can literally tell with like one blink attention seeking behavior
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