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  1. i can’t believe WCE was a year ago lol. i can’t believe i even associated it to UV i am so here for a more in depth (lyrically) similar song to WFWF in The Grants, especially since her lyricism has completely improved over the years and the lyricism in WFWF was beautiful, i’m so curious to what she’s going to say and honestly.. i’m ready for the tea
  2. honestly, i just woke up and i read this as ‘the first single bomb threat i sent, sent them scrambling i fear’ i thought you were working overtime then i remembered you hate lana
  3. i’m ngl.. i really don’t think it’s coming just yet and i also really don’t want to get my hopes up about it and then it’s like 3 weeks away lol but at the same time all i want is another single to tide me over but if it’s A&W.. i’m so hyped for that song like omg but i did wanna hear it in the context of the album and i do NOT have the self control to just not listen i kinda really hope it is and that it comes out soon-ish
  4. to be fair, they were here before this post.. but this website was supposed to be a safe space
  5. i’m just glad that that was resolved as quickly as it came about imagine we were waiting for this for weeks, to just get .. a summary of what we already knew.. it was like a fan made school project fr it would’ve been cute if it just came out as a small little post or whatever but to click bait fans also KNOWING how they would react if it’s been phrased as though they’re reviewing the album.. literal cocktease
  6. well.. it’s not mine.. but as a collective in the forum if you say anything negative about HM you’ll get scalped
  7. guys it’s okay, they just accidentally cropped out the bit about sweet coming out V-Day.. i have been informed by the delulu community it’s coming in the repost
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