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  1. Następna stacja - Taco hemingway
  2. youre telling me that its heaven and not kevin?..
  3. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    My ranking 1. midnights 2. folklore 3. rep 4. evermore 5. liver 6. ttpd 7. 1989 8. speak nkw 9.fearless 10. red 11. taylor swift
  4. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    not this is me trying 😭 x labyrinth
  5. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    literally their bottom 3 is my top 3 lol but atleast they are right with reputation being high
  6. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    Some rep tv theories are just craz. Like most of them sound "Today taylor wore these shoes, the designer of them died in 1234 and where else is 1 2 3 mentioned? delicate, one two three lets go bitch!, so reputation is next. this designer was named *name name* wish is 15 letters in total, when you multiply 15 x 1234 its 18510. 18 may 2010, on this day she had a performane at *city* and wore this dress designed by your mom, which means rep tv comes out 13.12.2024 which is her birthday and shes getting her reputation back BOOM whos clowning with me?🤡" i could go more like them but this is how everything kinda sounds. personally i dont think any re-realese is coming until 2025
  7. https://youtu.be/QXKvjyoH5lM?si=s3a-CU7h9yOd6RlK
  8. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    OMG A NEW DRESS FOR SPEAK NOW! its like purple top fading into silver-ish skirt
  9. "shot"? wdym? with one of these? no but "shot"? really wdym
  10. venice biotch

    Taylor Swift

    oh my god shes playing the 1 on guitar, mashup with wonderland i almost do x the moment i knew
  11. This is Natalia Nykiel - Error
  12. isnt a full moon at the same day everywhere in the world? anyway its gonna be cool
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