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  1. heroin and change california and how to dissappear bartender and the greatest
  2. Did you know that theres a tunnel under ocean blvd(song) - Dark Blue Nectar of the gods - warm brown, beige Music to watch boys to - hot pink
  3. yeah i didnt watch it and i only remembered a little. kinda a blind guess. sorry
  4. i think she said smth in this live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_uPbknbxcc
  5. you can just copy it from the internet and paste it
  6. this hurts me so much cuz its my fave albumbut i recpect your opinion
  7. Venice Biotch

    Taylor Swift

    my top 5 songs 1. i hate it here 2. whos afriad... 3. chloe or sam or sophia or marcus 4. loml 5. the albatross
  8. Venice Biotch

    Song vs. Song

    did you know that theres a tunnel under ocean blvd vs the grants
  9. Venice Biotch

    Taylor Swift

    im so obsessed with loml and i hate it here
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