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  1. And for k Pt 2.. Been thinking abt that soundcheck recently
  2. Getting backstage just isnt a thing but I think sometimes she comes out when shes leaving after the show and thats where all the fans meet her and take pics with her
  3. White oleander is one of my favorite movies and ive been meaning to rewatch it since lana posted that video of her listening to the audiobook..
  4. I just started watching this show again yesterday but im starting from s1 because i forgot everything
  5. The past few pages of this thread were very sad to look at thank god its finally coming
  6. Weekly asking for main thread to come back Yall im so ready for her mixtape like omgggshs
  7. 4 and a half hours i think on the website it says it starts at 7:30 central time but im not sure whats accurate
  8. Obsessed with her recently idk why I never got into her sooner
  9. southbeachswing

    Charli XCX

    did this all start because of that one photoshoot? im so confused
  10. I feel like she doesnt have any issues with lana, she used to be a fan, but shes been compared to lana since she debuted now and everytime she mentions her it starts fan wars.. so i get it
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