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  1. I feel like shes playing into it a little bit based on her replies 😭😭 but anyway when the twitter jokes die down at least she got a lot more listeners and actual recognition out of it
  2. UhaulJoe was her main channel for posting MV's -- she also had a few other youtube accounts called ShadesRule, MsSaintTropez and DiamondsAreForever11
  3. southbeachswing

    Charli XCX

    right im not getting the backlash at all
  4. southbeachswing

    Charli XCX

    I dont think thats the cover but i like it anyway sorry
  5. I mean I don’t see what would have to be rushed besides the 2 (?) songs shes finishing when all the other ones have been done for years
  6. Our prayers have been answered… original tracklist happening with no re-works (except for the songs that were never produced in the first place) March 5th is still confirmed release date - only songs shes waiting on are iconic and anal queen Cds and vinyl and merch hopefully coming march 5 as well as a signed set which i am prepared to spend obscene amounts of money on And she just added star to the tracklist!! Yall
  7. Not gonna get my hopes up too high until march 5 is here wondering why it has to be released so fast though; she was posting about how she only has four days to complete visuals on twitter but she said the distribution is finally fixed (again?) so we'll see in a week i guess & I feel like discourse around her past career/life/retirement are useless atp because it's the same discussion going in circles... just gonna wait patiently and see if she sticks to releasing h4u
  8. This thread resonates with me deeply the lego star wars series and indiana jones ones were my favorite forever ago when wii consoles existed HAHA
  9. also she covered this at the jezebel music 2006 show https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Love_in_Cars_(song)
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