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  1. When the teasers dropped I thought that hair strand thing was a piece of my hair
  2. Ariana Grande & Her “Yes, And” single merch drop are calling…
  3. The only thing I could think of with this shirt being in a outfit is just blue jeans and a black baseball cap really
  4. Seems like the previous Fenway LDR website is getting updated as a new logo now appears
  5. Can’t wait for the Dolby Atmos version is out for Tough on Apple Music
  6. Oh Apple Music thank you for having the Music Video early for us
  7. I lowkey forgot that song exists and it’s registered
  8. Lana’s Teaser: https://sparklejumpropequeen.os.fan/toughtrailer?step=finish Quavo’s Teaser: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C87ZufARdnk/?igsh=MXU1eWR1dnE1dTc3Zg==
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