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  2. [SNIPPET 1] La la la la la La la la la la Love me or hate me I’m going to leave ’cause you told me my dark (city/secrets?) Hold me by demand (?) [SNIPPET 2] …Gets hot But none of that matters to you New York was hard and now it’s not
  3. It was really such different vibes, everything NFR and before was its own unique fun... UV was weird since it was really diff to BTD and Paradise and then HM we didnt know how it would sound based on the previous stuff but it was also pretty fun in its own right... plus w all the leaks back then it was constantly something new to talk abt... LFL probably my 2nd fave from NFR just remembering all the craziness (wheres my GLITTERGATE Girls at..) But yeah, everyone here is so different to me it doesn't feel like the same site anymore but i understand why. I mean like I said, there was always something new or interesting to talk about, and now you get 100+ pages for the same small, tagged snippet of a random ass song that won't leak anytime soon anyway... but thats at least more interesting than what Lana is giving us now in terms of music and aesthetic. Anywaaaaaaaay I have hope for a return to form someday for Lana, I'll choose to believe this stuff she's doing now is just some sorta "i wanna be raw" phase.
  4. Of every era I've been apart of, 2018/2019 NFR era had to have been the best. I miss it so much... yeah it was a lot of waiting, but the wait was worth it and it was just surrounded by so much fun throughout in my personal life and online one too... I hope to someday get an ounce of that kind of Era again. but maybe its just bc im growing up it doesnt feel the same idk
  5. And I feel bad about it But I can't stop I've gone crazy for you, crazy for you, crazy for you
  6. I'm so sorry Elle !! Whenever ur less busy, I'd probably go through with the number change... it's at least one way to deter them from doing it again. Sending love and strength for this upcoming week
  7. Someone in her Discord was saying it wasnt coming in June and was delayed by A LOT like way back in January or so.. I didn't believe them, but I guess they were right.
  8. approaching it VERY differently would've been the move ..... you lead into it with "gross" and then had no good things to say abt it in that comment,,, so OBVIOUSLY it was very mean and rude in nature lol. If thats just ur way of speaking then its a pretty negative one at that, but im pretty sure it was meant to be hurtful and then u backtracked when ppl called u out for it.
  9. Gross the hate on a gorg fan concept is so tacky & unnecessary
  10. Mine isn't complete bc it hasn't been update in a while, which I've been meaning to do. Besides that, it is very comprehensive
  11. both are annoying cuz theyre both the reason why her music is awful now. pure ruined LMAO
  12. yeah cuz we definitely need only jack antonoff just to make sure its extremely boring and horrible sounding 🙄
  13. i cant believe she was 12 in those pics.. she looks a lot older 😭 1985-1998=13 but it was taken January 14th, so only 12, yet to be 13
  14. oh ok, i guess i hadnt seen that
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