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  1. melanie and bella have been working together for a long time now cowriting and the such. Dont know why its a big deal if mel is on BAB2 and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if its one of the things she co-wrote also “tryin to sound like melanie” when mel is literally tryna give her songs .. like obvi its gna sound like her when shes literally involved
  2. so all of her albums … what are we supposed to gather from this
  3. Added the full lyrics.. it really wasn't a chore as you can see
  4. Also here u go: Speed V1: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/924484101367541790/speedtagged.mp3 Wish You Were Here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/928786821876416603/heretagged.mp3 Here's also two others which maybe you need: Love Connection: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/924484100809687040/lovetagged.mp3 Never Over!: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/928786822132281374/overtagged.mp3
  5. CODE RED RICH & PABLO ESCOBAR (ORIGINAL VERSION) HAVE JUST LEAKED IN FULLL PABLO ESCOBAR: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/976130870689804328/Kali_Uchis_-_Pablo_-_Prod_by_Bunx_Dadda.mp3 RICH: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/976130871272816680/Kali_Uchis_-_Rich_-_Prod_by_Bunx.mp3 And with Honey Baby's leak a bit ago, we FINALLLYYYYY have all of the songs from the og Por Vida trailer in FULL! Omfg this is a day I never thought would come. Honey Baby: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/675022997186412583/949386880464592917/Kali_Uchis_-_Honey_Baby_-_Prod_by_Bunx.mp3
  6. well she has given some interesting stuff, interesting has many meanings… I don’t think we’ll get exciting (by my own terms) stuff anymore. Last two albums have come and gone with nothing memorable to me besides the older leaked songs.
  7. mmm yes i can enjoy seeing her progress as an artist, but i cant change my own taste and the fact that I am not personally enjoying the piano/foll driven songs at all… Loved Arcadia buuuut… really can’t get hyped knowing it’s going to be the same thing again (Especially when Jack is involved) Not building my own fantasies when Lana has shown she can give us so much more than songs with only 3 boring instruments and bad vocal mixing. I’m just spewing my own opinions, if u don’t agree then u don’t agree there’s nothing wrong w that, but it won’t change how I feel abt it
  8. yall are giving this too much hope im not expecting exciting stuff from lana anymore, so for another album to be piano-based is literally the only thing I can think of for what she will be doing.
  9. Not sure where it is, but it’s called Leisure ! If you click the channel name of the link I sent it has all the songs featured. Some of the sonfs are really really good and still hold up today lol!!
  10. she also made a song specifically for a LanaBoards Community Album https://youtu.be/sgRNejK-UDM
  11. also i hope its not another year long wait after this one is out
  12. Excuse me, Whispering Glades had an entire year to stew and become its absolute best. It better be on the album, I adore that song so much. But the fact that we finally know another song is coming… THANK YOUUUUU
  13. LMAO literally... I can name some lyrics from BB but if I had to play (for example) Beautiful's instrumental in my mind, it would be blank... all I can remember is a piano (and tbh thats probably all that it has)...................
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