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  1. 911 by Lady Gaga Cardigan by Taylor Swift Midnight Sky by Miley I mean yes they probably have higher budgets but if that TikTok video is what the video is going to look like then that's dumb... but hopefully that's just the BTS of the actual video. The song still sounds boring and basic
  2. it sounds exactly like what is: a bad K-12 outtake . Totally not excited for this EP anymore
  3. omfg it sounds horrible I am so disappointed and the visuals look so bad too this is so ugh
  4. actually Trixie's cover of video games is better than anything that will be on COTCC and I mean it
  5. I completely agree, I still dream of a collab from them two. We'll never know what would've come from a session with their two styles, but I know it would've been gold
  6. The instrumental reminds me sooo much of this song from the Sims that I've been obsessed with for years! I literally listen to it so much, it has like a spell on me. Same with this cover
  7. I'd have loved a collab album prior to his passing, now would be way too weird and not right. I do not support using vocals from someone who passed in weird ways... Like the new Kygo and Whitney Houston song. So totally weird. If it wasn't their own vision then it shouldn't be released.
  8. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this cover. I don't usually listen to drag music, but Trixie's music is just her. This cover is great. The instrumental is astonishing
  9. @Hundred Dollar Bill He's still advertising / teasing lmao
  10. I don't know how "original' it is since the vocals still sound awful. Most of it sounds awful, quality wise
  11. The full original file was posted https://dbree.org/v/835f62
  12. so basically Psycho Lovers still hasn't leaked yet
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