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  1. But the fact it doesnt even matter w her bc she'll give us a date and we already know not to even depend on that either, its tiring
  2. Literally life as a Lana fan and I fucking hate it I can wait months as long as you TELL us we're going to wait months. This never knowing what is going on exactly thing has gotten so old since 2012 literally!!!!!
  3. lol i have doubts its coming tonight, idk it feels like such a lana thing to debut a whole song and make it a big huge hyped moment only for it to not come til 3 months later But maybe since Quavo is attached he'll rush her into it ahaha
  4. That lyric immediately took my mind back to this 2016 post, one of my favorite years of being a fan - if she included that in the final song i'd be in shambles
  5. And grown men calling him a twink too is so creepy and weird but what can u dooooo
  6. Stan Twitter rotted ppls brains Talking about "They're not relevant, they're a flop, we wanted someone known" As if giving a voice to smaller artists is a bad thing lol. Like Jesussssss
  7. What is cringe about this??????????????????????????????????? She's spotlighting a young artist whose music she loves, and he is a great singer with a great song. I swear to God Lana fans are so bitter.
  8. @LanaDelRey if u come out now & do 2 hrs, ill pay the fee for u xx
  9. OK im getting hyped again , show must be important if she really tried hard to get it tonight lmao or else she'd let it be rescheduled
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