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  1. maybe her worst song ive ever heard, and shes given some real competition in recent years for such a statement
  2. didnt do tht, spoke my opinion. but ya obvi i know how it will be taken w how lana fans are nowadays lol
  3. The group in my profile picture is not K-Pop, weird assumption.. And why am I getting hate when I only spoke my opinion. Didn’t say its bad didnt say its good.
  4. i can agree w that , but bb and cotcc arent really hard to beat . im sure ppl even on this forum have crafted better sounding tracks than whatever bb and cotcc are meant to be
  5. nothing more true than this. and its nowhere near close to her best album. maybe if half of the songs were axed
  6. thats not true, maybe it wasnt directly said but it was absolutely known to be the album title
  7. this is pure reason why ive stopped following her. shes become so.. tiktok. i guess thats the nicest way to put it, but its like shes revolved her life around these “oh my aura my energy needs to be clean im pure im untouchable” makes me so sad when i watch her old vids or interviews
  8. did you all just collectively forget she literally already teased the new version of Sirens and that it is seeing a release
  9. “Your focus is empty, tunnel vision and damning” Bc the song is literally about how the other person thinks they’re slick but their actions reveals their actual desires
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