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  1. She literally looks like a 1960s country legend that is about to release a masterpiece of an album that will define the music industry. She seems so relaxed; so ethereal; so fucking iconic. I love her. This is a fantastic performance. And Cauthen is sensational, too.
  2. Margaret in / Hope is a dangerous thing out. (Jack stays) Let the Light In in / Candy Necklace out. (FJM takes Batiste's guest spot) Snow on the Beach in / Ocean Eyes out (Taylor instead of Billie) These are my predictions. Everything else on the setlist will probably remain untouched, although I''d love to be proven wrong. The mixing issues need to be fixed. Hopefully she'll mention Lasso...
  3. The 16-minute lead single of her transgressive genre-bending album, "Lasso: Behind the Iron Gates - Insights from an Institution, or Pearl Watch Me on Ring a Bell Psycho Lifeguard".
  4. This is such a huge deal. Like, if she pulls this off, this is going to be monumental.
  5. I cannot believe that we're about to experience this.
  6. The twitter insider said "no covers", not "no collaborations". I doubt that the Quavo song will be on the album though. But I *do* think that Lasso won't be a typical "country" album at all. I mean, she used the term "Americana" back in September, which is much broader than "country", and Lana isn't particularly reliable when it comes to describing her own music, lol.
  7. Remember what Lana said last September? Jack also said that both of them are heading into a very strange place artistically, and that Lana does not intend to conform, but will keep on pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Given that they've been working on Lasso for 4 years, this tidbit from Antonoff's Vulture interview is quite interesting: So perhaps Lasso will be structurally similar to Ocean Blvd? A more country/folk/Americana-oriented first half that slowly merges into something experimental and playful and genre-bending?
  8. It's a very interesting track. It's jazzy, retro, and yet refreshingly modern, spacey, and experimental. Hopefully this is a sign of what Lana and Jack have been cooking regarding Lasso: a playful reconstruction and a unique (and unquestionably Lana-esque) spin on a music genre.
  9. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/beyonce-texas-hold-em/
  10. These are slightly underwhelming. Texas Hold ‘Em is cute, but it should have been way shorter. 16 Carriages is stronger, but still far from top-tier, especially compared to Daddy Lessons which is a truly great song. I’m kinda worried, but hopefully Beyoncé will prove me wrong. Break My Soul was similarly underwhelming (still better though ngl) when I first listened to it, but Renaissance was terrific.
  11. According to an allegedly reliable insider, there are no covers on the album. But the album isn't finished, so anything is possible!
  12. mother is mothering etc.
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