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  1. It's giving fig tree "starting the album with very experimental and chaotic electronic jewels and ending it with 20-minute long automatic singing masterpieces".
  2. According to Metacritic, I'll be able to listen to the album in 2 days, 23 hours and 35 minutes (GMT+2), so I assume that it's going to be released at midnight local time.
  3. I won't be surprised if we get a second album in late fall, to be honest. Peal watch me on ring a bell psycho lifeguard could be DYKTTATUOB's twin sister.
  4. Isn't it weird that Let The Light In is an AllMusic Track Pick along with the three singles? https://www.allmusic.com/album/did-you-know-that-theres-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd-mw0003879288
  5. Just for comparison: DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE'S A TUNNEL UNDER OCEAN BLVD Best New Track: "A&W" Pre-release singles added to Pitchfork Selects: "A&W", "Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd", "The Grants" (3/3) There's a...very interesting pattern here, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Anyway, the fact that A&W was named BNT while all three (!) singles made the Pitchfork Selects playlist is an encouraging and promising sign. I think that the album will get a 8.0+ score. Hopefully it'll be named BNM as well.
  6. If I remember correctly, BB debuted with a 72 and NFR with a 76. They haven't added the MOJO review yet. Btw, the Rolling Stone UK review won't count. Both Albumoftheyear and Metacritic only count the Rolling Stone US reviews. Hopefully the score won't be lower.
  7. @hotshot2am For some bizarre reason the lengths of the album tracks haven't appeared on my Apple Music app yet. Are they different to the ones that were posted on this site? https://www.25music.de/11593369,4,lp,-,lana-del-rey,did-you-know-that-there-s-a-tunnel-under-oceanblvd,-,pop,602448591913,060244859191.html
  8. Pitchfork just added The Grants to their Pitchfork Selects playlist. https://pitchfork.com/news/yves-tumor-taylor-swift-amaarae-this-week-pitchfork-selects/ 3/3 so far. All three singles have been added to their playlist (with A&W getting the Best New Track seal of approval as well). This is the first time that this has happened to a Lana record since the playlist's inception in 2020 (none of the COCC singles or album tracks made the playlist; Text Book was the only pre-release single to make the playlist, while both Black Bathing Suit and Sweet Carolina were added after the album's release). EDIT: @LifeOnMars Oops! I didn't see your post!
  9. Glitch pop is experimental electronica, and Albumoftheyear lists FKA Twigs' MAGDALENE and M3LL155X, as well as Björk's VESPERTINE, VULNICURA and UTOPIA as glitch pop. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/genre/191-glitch-pop/all/ Perhaps they've added creepy glitch pop sounds to Candy Necklace? I wouldn't pay much attention to that reviewer, to be honest. I mean, their description of the Jon Batiste interlude is completely ridiculous lol.
  10. Does Metacritic count Gigwise's reviews? I couldn't find anything. Albumoftheyear definitely counts them, though!
  11. Far Out Review: "Suddenly we’re being sucker-punched by ‘Candy Necklace’, an infectious slice of road-ready glitch-pop, which in turn gives way to the refreshingly experimental ‘Jon Batiste Interlude’, a solo piano track built on found sound from a broadway theatre performance, over which audience members’ comments and critiques are only just audible." lol what
  12. The critical reception feels a little underwhelming given how acclaimed the three singles are. The record isn't nearly as agreeable as NFR, so I didn't expect it to top the latter's reviews. Anyway, this *is* getting very good reviews in general - at least by the trades and magazines that actually matter (MOJO, Rolling Stone UK, The Guardian, NME) -, but it'll be absolutely ridiculous if the album ends up with a Metascore similar to COCC or BB's. At least The Guardian gave Lana a good score for the first time in years.
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