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  1. The inclusion of the BTS footage *is* the whole point. This adds so many interesting layers to an already deeply strange, complex and elusive song. What an astonishing achievement.
  2. A&W hopefully. Both A&W and Paris, Texas will explode charts/streams-wise if they receive the MV treatment.
  3. Didn’t Nikki Lane mention that Lana is making music videos - plural! - for the album? I wonder if this is another Fuck it I love you/The greatest case with two thematically connected music videos. Candy Necklace and A&W would be a very cool combo.
  4. Is that John Waters?! OMG. And the Marilyn wig
  5. Fingertips is giving Björk circa Vespertine. It’s also become my currently favourite song off of the new album. A career highlight (well, Ocean Blvd has plenty of them anyway!).
  6. Exactly. And didn’t Antonoff pretty much confirm that in a recent interview? I think it was the Rolling Stone UK one. Taco Truck could be a hint. A looser, sultrier style (first half of Taco Truck), mixed with surprising structure (the transition and change of style) and dark brooding atmosphere (the closing seconds of the track with the unsettling piano could be a nod to the heavier foreboding piano on Candy Necklace and the JB interlude which were the last songs to be recorded for the album apart from Margaret). I also find it quite bizarre that during the album photoshoot she told Neil that she wanted to include « Pearl watch me on ring a bell psycho lifeguard » on the album title, yet none of these words have appeared on the lyrics of any of the album tracks at all. And these were supposed to be the titles of five brand new songs!
  7. That’s because Antonoff could never play the piano as well as Batiste, so I understand their frustration.
  8. 120k first week sales (second best in her career so far behind UV) for her longest, least accessible and most challenging album to date.
  9. I’m obsessed with Candy Necklace, Jon Batiste Interlude, Kintsugi and Fingertips.
  10. He only counts for AOTY. I think he’ll give it a 7, but an 8 isn’t out of the question as long as he digs Side D (probably not, lol).
  11. I hope that they will upload LA Times’ score, because they still haven’t added the review of Miley’s album, lol. In fact, the last review on MC is the one for SZA’s album last December. Perhaps we should spam LA Times’ music critic. Poor thing needs to understand that such delays are unacceptable.
  12. Yes, they just added the Exclaim, BPM, The Observer and musicOMH reviews. They haven’t added the LA Times and Record Collector reviews yet. EDIT: Strangely enough, MC hasn’t uploaded LA Times’ review of Miles Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation either, and that one was released two weeks ago.
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