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  1. Manifesting a very campy and avant-garde album cover even if that’s unrealistic
  2. In before Pitchfork is praising Lana because they’ve heard her record & are getting ready to post their review when she surprise drops on Wednesday (this is a joke but let a gay dream)
  3. Maybe she’s lifting a…coconut? I don’t know lmao Eclipse also referenced HBTB, so I’m trying to think of what beach-related she could be lifting/carrying? Maybe it’s her bodybuilder Muscle Beach era!
  4. This is exactly why I hope it’s on the record! I seriously think this album will have multitudes () and surprise us! I think we’ll definitely get the more wordy, conversational tracks alongside some fun, not-taken-too-seriously (bombastic) ones!
  5. I completely forgot about the first page for some reason!! Thank you!
  6. Is there a way we can pin the info regarding everything that’s happened?
  7. hear me out: Coconut’s vocals sound like where I timestamped the video to start
  8. When Coconut is a sultry, almost trippy rendition of the classic with alluring, half-spoken vocals
  9. Sonically, I’m not too picky as long as the quality is there. Many of her piano-centered tracks are some of my all-time favorites, but I’d also be interested in hearing something new as well! I like setting my expectations very low and then being pleasantly surprised when they’re exceeded, but that’s just me That being said, I realistically think this album is going to be very good regardless of the sound, but again, I’m lowering my expectations lol
  10. Ok, here are my predictions (in this order of likelihood): 1. LDR9 is a surfy, bombastic “masterpiece” that includes a cover of Harry Nilsson’s Coconut. This would not only fit the beach theme we saw in her last magazine photoshoot and her DNC jacket, but it also could fall in line with Eclipse’s HBTB mention and the color scheme we saw. Also, I think BoZ specifically would be way more inclined to call an original Lana record a “masterpiece” and “stunning” as opposed to an album of covers, but who knows! 2. The next release is the covers record, and this might explain the multitude of producers and why she chose to specify the importance of a cover! 3. We’re getting a double-release that was intended for BB per Ben’s reposting of a fan theory, but now I’m just reaching more than usual
  11. OMG WAIT -Coconut by Harry Nilsson (+Lana mentioning Nilsson would be important) -@111 mentioning High By The Beach -Bright, summery/spring color palette for Lana’s website -waist deep in icy(?) waves beachy record???? a cover of Coconut??? AH
  12. I just did a search to see if anyone else had mentioned/documented it, and so far I found this and the previous Reddit post, so it seems like other people have some memory of it! I remember being confused why the Nilsson detail never came back despite it being important, but it seems like it’s returned
  13. I didn’t record the livestream (maybe someone else here has it, hopefully!), but the first result I found just now was this Reddit post discussing it a year ago!
  14. WAIT OMG Do y’all remember Lana saying in a livestream (edit: like a year ago) that Harry Nilsson would be an important detail later????? and she mentioned his song COCONUT the same day she spilled about the announcement???? HER MIND
  15. Predicting this record will be in my Top 3 Lana albums of all time ever since the Speculation thread I’ve had such a good feeling about it, and now all the pieces are falling into place
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