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  1. thinking about how no one has BBS but another insider already claimed they dislike BB as a whole…when we now know they haven’t even heard all of it (assuming it’s true) I think this is a lesson for me to not give much merit to insiders’ subjective opinions especially when I have no way of knowing whether they’ve even heard the album or not As a side-note, thank you @111 for the clarification!
  2. 1.) White Dress 2.) Chemtrails Over The Country Club 3.) Venice Bitch 4.) Video Games 5.) West Coast 6.) Love song 7.) Cinnamon Girl 8.) Money Power Glory 9.) California / Pawn Shop Blues 10.) Old Money 11.) Wildflower Wildfire 12.) Black Beauty 13.) Swan Song 14.) hope is a dangerous thing…BIHI 15.) Is This Happiness 16.) Get Free
  3. This is almost verbatim my thought process, and it’s relieving to hear someone share that opinion! A lot of the music Lana currently produces is—compared to piano-driven records throughout the last 50+ years—is far from “stripped.” Thinking of Lana’s inspirations, it would almost be silly to imagine someone criticizing Joni Mitchell or Stevie Nicks for tracks like Blue or Planets of the Universe on the basis of them being dominated by piano. Are Lana’s newer tracks relatively more organic from her earlier music? Sure, but that doesn’t make them sparse or objectively worse in any sense. I’m sympathetic to people missing her more grandiose soundscapes, but assuming that she’s gone downhill for limiting a song to 1-5 instruments is beyond me lol I think criticisms of how the piano is implemented are completely valid & worth considering, but assuming an album is boring because it’s largely centered around piano and her vocals is just hard to wrap my head around. That being said, I think the production on the triple singles suit the narrative perfectly. I think she’s achieving a really classic, organic sound, and I think approaching the record without the shadows of her more accessible/pop-y discography would really generate more praise among listeners
  4. I’m honestly really torn on what the critical reception for this record will be. I’m expecting for her to at least beat LFL’s score on Metacritic as signs are pointing to it being her most mature work to date, but I’m not sure past that! She’s definitely taking risks with this record, but it’s tough to say how her creative choices will be received. Dealer is definitely going to be a toss-up with critics, but the track’s more atypical elements make perfect since in the context of the song’s meaning. Text Book’s lyrics have—as far as I’ve seen from music reviewers—been noted positively, but the lines of the chorus have been criticized by less established listeners. I’m anticipating criticisms of cohesion because of the interlude’s production next to all of the tracks we’ve heard, but it’s worth noting there’s a portion of the album we haven’t heard yet. The triple singles (in my opinion) have some of her best songwriting to date, but how will critics feel about the lyrics from her earlier works? Will they even notice a difference, or will they have a bias towards them? I honestly have no idea what to expect, but I would be shocked if she hits below 75. I’m hoping for a 90, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my end—a mid-80s is probably more realistic
  5. I’m a little late to the party (been pretty sick), but I’m honestly glad Lana is taking a break from social media even if it means our Blue Banisters news is limited. Without going into details, the words following “Lana Del Rey” when typed into things like Twitter are downright awful, and it’s disappointing seeing how normalized things like bodyshaming are. I probably would have deactivated long before this if I were her I could be wrong, but insiders seem to have known when Lana will post Blue Banisters updates beforehand, and I think this may have something to do with accessing her data on apps like Instagram. Related to the new record coming out, I think it will only add to the element of surprise! I think it will make the Blue Banisters era (and consequent eras) all the more special, and it will definitely keep us on our toes as potential music videos roll out!
  6. I would like to formally apologize for not recognizing how nice Living Legend is. I listened to it again recently & yeah! It’s simple but a really solid song, and I think it’s perfect for the record! EDIT: wait, is me discussing this breaking any rules? I can 100% remove it if it is—just let me know lol
  7. Wait, I thought someone said we were getting a cover? Maybe that was a fake insider, though. I’ll try to find the post!
  8. I’m so confused at what’s true surrounding BB or not outside of what Boz has said…mostly regarding the tracklist & its placements. I guess it’ll be a fun surprise when I see it lol
  9. I am fully prepared for this to be my favorite Lana record…AND it’s getting released in the fall? The gays don’t deserve her
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