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  1. I really hope no one uncovers the LDR9 album art the way they did with COCC…I will never forget the meltdowns when the official cover was released
  2. Last night I dreamt Lana released a single randomly & the small portion I remember was SO GOOD I’ll butcher this description but it sounded like the “white hot forever” chanting portion of TJF + the muffled chaos of “everything, whatever” in Venice Bitch + the chorus of In My Feelings. It was pop-heavy but also very trippy. It felt like you were swimming in this dreamy song, and the production (mostly synths and drums) was just as loud as her vocals. I know it’s unrealistic for LDR9 but still
  3. This is obviously based on very limited info, but here’s the vibe I’m getting: Lyricism: Wildflower Wildfire & Text book Vocals: Dark But Just A Game & HIADT…BIHI Production: Arcadia & Old Money
  4. I’ll add that—in states like mine (Louisiana)—some governors signed legislation that would not only prohibit abortions even in cases of incest or rape if the Roe v Wade were overturned, but it also results in even more severe legal punishment if an abortion is performed. Outright abortion bans are a violation of medical care. Even if the legislators cared only for the fetus, banning abortion can allow for more cases of fetal distress that would result in inevitable non-viability among other things. I just really hope US citizens start waking up and realize our rights are constantly at risk of infringement. Something has to change. So many individuals in my life capable of pregnancy are going to suffer from this, and it’s now segueing into reducing contraception access. Dystopian.
  5. Genre Influences: Shoegaze, chamber pop, dream pop 1. Tracing The Cosmos - Interlude 2. Death Never Came 3. Skintight 4. The Sins Of Her Father • 5. Rock Candy Sweet 6. Stars Align 7. One Last Dance (feat. Father John Misty) 8. Left With Laugh Lines
  6. I’m really curious if we’ll ever find out what track was the “magic” moment between Lana and Jack (per the recent interview). I can’t currently recall her describing any of their previous work in this way, but I feel like it’s probably near the tier of White Dress or Venice Bitch or something similar…hopefully lol
  7. If this era has space and Jungian themes, I hope she goes full metaphysical & gives us an existential crisis track
  8. me telling myself that insiders aren’t saying anything because they don’t want to spoil the surprise digital drop
  9. If this is true, we could either be in for a big era or a surprise release…..or both Then again, we do know Eclipse was “baffled” at the idea of people thinking a surprise release is possible…..unless of course he was bluffing and is also being silenced If nothing happens by 5PM today I’ll assume the wait for news will be indefinite lol
  10. I just called it to see if anything changed & it’s still that random fan cover of HBTB I guess her team doesn’t know/doesn’t care that someone hacked it
  11. It’s my dream for this to happen. It would be her most critically acclaimed, I fear….
  12. I either want LDR9 to be a fun, breezy summer record or a frozen-over, too-cold-to-move winter album
  13. Idk if anyone’s mentioned this, but I used Shazam on that last video she posted, and there were no results could just be some random spliced audio of a non-Lana song but who knows
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