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  1. Every time I try to assign some logical coherency to her releases, I remember that this is Lana and she excels and unpredictability—keeps us on our toes lol
  2. At the risk of making myself sound like a headass, how do we know William Simmons is a reliable source of info for COCC? Is he involved with Lana’s team in any way or...?
  3. This seems to fall in the vein of the White Dress insider descriptions we’ve heard so far, so I have a feeling you’re probably right
  4. Hopefully they’ll notice the clip of her actually living in the trailer park before passing judgement, but at this point, people will criticize virtually anything she does (regardless of whether there’s any merit to it). That being said, the track is claimed to be very confessional and specific to a certain point in her life, so I would hope people wouldn’t make any huge assumptions without digging a little first. We’ll see lol
  5. We already have access to the production credits, so I’d be very surprised if there were any feature (much less Taylor) on the track. I saw a lot of Lana stans telling Swift stans to pre-order for this very reason & I’m pretty sure it’s because they want Lana to chart well lol
  6. I guess it sort of depends on your definition of a ballad, but I’m mostly basing it off of what I remember from Lana’s live performance of it!
  7. My main issue with the cover is that there’s almost no variation in the vocals or production. Objectively, Lana’s rendition is not remotely bad at all; in fact, I like it. She sounds nice, the production fits the track, etc.—it’s just not incredibly interesting, and there’s very little buildup (if that makes any sense)
  8. This is such a good description!! While I only listened to a brief bit of the performance months ago, it really gives me the vibe of being tipsy at a country bar & watching the happy couples dance while you face the reality of your own relationship. I have faith it’s going to hit in a good way
  9. Random but I honestly feel like Breaking Up Slowly could surprise us. The “I don’t want to end up like Tammy Wynette” line revealed by Mojo wasn’t included in the brief performance (as far as I know), and I think it has the potential to be a really pretty—even if simple—ballad. I don’t anticipate it being in my Top 5 from COCC, but I have a feeling the studio version will be a bit more poignant and put-together
  10. I honestly hadn’t considered Matty Healy for a Lana collab, but I’m not necessarily opposed to it. I could see his work with her mirroring some of the more experimental & electronic elements of Lana’s music (such as the Venice Bitch outro or the drone sounds in COCC). The horns in Jesus Christ 2005 give me major NFR/COCC vibes, and I could totally see Lana creating a song akin to Be My Mistake. I think my only hesitation would be that Matty’s risk-taking in his production sometimes comes off as a bit erratic. Then again, Lana is known for being stubborn in the production process, so maybe they’d balance well!
  11. As of today, what is the general consensus (if any) on the release of the White Dress music video+single since it wasn’t released today? I feel like a March 12th release would make the most sense, but what do you all think? Any other potential date candidates?
  12. why would White Dress suddenly be getting removed from playlists..? Something’s off probably going to eat an edible & go to bed early—maybe I’ll be surprised tomorrow lol
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