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  1. you’re an icon yourself!! preparing for you to sweep at least 1 category next year
  2. Ernest Hemingway and Tammy Wynette have both discussed their ECT treatments as well! (Although, Hemingway’s references in Lana’s discography were mentions of his works than of Ernest himself.)
  3. PLEASE I laughed so ugly at this your mind is so powerful
  4. In my ambient-driven instrumentals era, I suppose. This song is so nice with headphones…the embodiment of yearning, methinks
  5. finally figured out why that expression looked so familiar edit: it’s probably just the blue tone that I’m seeing but lol
  6. I can’t tell whether she was actually being sassy in this but “Did you guys come to the show or no?” lives in my head rent-free lol
  7. @lanadelrey @Surf Noir truly two of my favorite Lipsters—you two earned your votes for the Lipster of the Year!
  8. I wish the Pine Tree Thread could have been runner-up but still very happy for UFB
  9. @Elle your selfies and posts are always iconic--you earned those awards!!! congrats to @Venice and @the ocean as well!!!!!!
  10. @Clampigirl @Niko Dealergo thank you for everything you do for LB! We appreciate you!
  11. a bizarre amount of talent on this site!!! Congrats to the best artists!!! My brain can't fathom how y'all do it lol @TrashMagiq @kallumlavigne @bigspender @plastiscguy
  12. Woohoo!!!! can you say...legendaric @Rorman Nockwell @Elle @TrashMagiq @the ocean @Surf Noir
  13. @stupidapartmentcomplex one of my favorite members here even if you aren't always active--always super nice and interactive you deserved the runner-up!!
  14. @Elle @honeybadger @Hydroponic Weeds AH so deserved!!!!! @Trash Magic @COCC @boom like that so glad to see you all made it as runner-ups!!!!
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