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  1. i quite like some of boygenius's music but fuuuuuck they are so so overrated imo. and im not just saying that bc of lana's undeserved loss i've always thought it even as someone who enjoys their stuff
  2. frustratingly they haven't really! i assume you've probs seen the most up to date poster (it's on the leeds fest site if not, annoyingly i can't link it because LB won't let me! just like it won't let me like posts anymore or insert pics ) and to me it kinda eludes to there no longer being two main stages? but i also am not sure how that would work given that there's six headliners.... i kiiiinda feel like it'll be raye, probably bleachers and the last dinner party on the same stage as lana, really hoping for fontaines too just so i'm not trekking around too much! it's usually 6 artists per main stage each day, so i'm guessing the full stage breakdown will be revealed with the next announcement! god knows when that will be
  3. WELL OUT OF THIS LIST WE GOT FONTAINES FUCKING DC YESSS YES YESY ESY EYSYESYYSSYSYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!! also bleachers on the same! possible margaret performance?
  4. time for a prayer circle we deserve this it's been a hard few years
  5. COUNTRY WESTERN COWBOY ALBUM SHE DID THIS FOR MEEEEEEEE SHE DID THIS FOR ME!!!!!! YES YES YES FUCKING YES IM SO HAPPY MY OFFICIAL LIST OF (some delusional) MANIFESTATIONS: hot n steamy music video starring pedro pascal as lana's sexy cowboy love interest lee hazlewood influences PLEASE dolly parton feature (don't say i didn't warn you about the delusion) a few acoustic tracks for the may jailer vibes album art in the style of the vintage malboro man adverts but with lana instead of a dude actual live tv performances or recorded festival sets lana saying "giddy up" a minimum of three times throughout the album one - just one - obnoxiously upbeat country song, like jackson by nancy sinatra and lee halzewood it must be rootin, it must be tootin, by god it must be shootin, but most of all.... it must slay
  6. my like button isn't working either so i'm gonna quote this post just to let everyone know i'm cosigning all the excitement happening in this thread too!!
  7. oh Wowwww WOWOWOW….. it’s giving such May Jailer vibes
  8. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Lust For Life Demo vs Valley Of The Dolls
  9. daphnedinkley

    Yung Lean

    yay love this! Unknown Death is def a bit of an outlier in his discography in terms of quality, it's definitely the most amateur of his full-length records (which i guess makes sense) and like you said, Unknown Memory is vastly superior. after UM there's Warlord which returns to the somewhat darker vibes of UD but with the upgraded production of UM, although some of the songs on there (especially the bonus tracks) do start to reach UD levels of messy obnoxiousness but if you liked Solarflare (the UD closer you mentioned) that might actually appeal to you (i love Solarflare btw, no shade intended!) - Hoover is darker than Solarflare but is an interesting take on the 'overcrowded but melodic' style of production, and God Only Knows takes on the same style of production but with a much more shameless balls-to-the-wall noisy sensibility. if you liked Unknown Memory i'd recommend checking out Stranger, i've always felt like it's a more mature, slow-burn version of Unknown Memory! really unexpected from Lean at the time and surprisingly his lyricism really starts to shine here. or if you'd like to listen to something a little shorter, the Poison Ivy EP is absolutely amazing imo, so atmospheric and enticing - particularly the latter half of the tracklist! (sorry if you've already listened to all this stuff before and i'm just being silly!)
  10. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Driving In Cars With Boys vs Motel 6
  11. this is SO crazy bc i think i know exactly who you're talking about bc i had a really similar experience?? i made a tweet once around that time too, i can't remember exactly what it was but it was something along the lines of "a banks and fka twigs collab would be heavenly" and he responded (mind you, he never followed me!) "fka twigs? really? kill yourself you won't be missed" HAHAHA
  12. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Fucked My Way Up To The Top vs White Mustang
  13. i booked my ticket holy shit im seeing lana twice next year shoutout to the life savings my grandma left me, they really did me a solid here
  14. i..... think im gonna book a ticket for this one....... just dont let universal credit see this plz
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