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  1. unfortunately i think my catchphrase is any show would be "has anyone got a lighter"
  3. Body Electric live version mixed with Stargirl Interlude level sexiness
  4. ok im bored at work so using old lana tracks (either officially released or not) i'm gonna build my ideal LDR9 tracklist to pass the time lol. by this i mean i'm using the sound and vibe of these songs to represent the sort of sounds i'd like to hear on the new record, imagining a kind of "2.0" of each track to make up the album (not that we need a "2.0" of anything necessarily, but yknow, it's always fun to pass the time and we have no news so ). i'd like to hear everyone else's versions too if yall feel like it LDR9 / DNC so for me, a mixture of low-key, sleazy, warm songs (like Trash Magic and PMIAM), intense and slightly more high energy songs (like West Coast and BBS), transcendent ethereal songs (LFL Demo and YTH) and more trippy songs (VB and FKP2) would be perfect and so fun! and of course the odd ballad / piano track just for some vocals and lyricism and cool down time. i think there's a way to mesh all these sounds together on one record and still make it sound coherent!
  5. torn between wanting heavy guitars, psychedelic soundscapes, screaming vocals, tempo changes and nirvana-meets-tame-impala vibes OR hiphop inspired sounds, heavy beats, synths, slick glossy vocals and sex anthems
  6. this is a great thread idea! i honestly have so many memories, wholesome moments and notable listening experiences involving lana's music! i'll do bulletpoints for a few i guess - i'll try not to do too many or else this will go on forever one of my favourites was many years ago back not long after BTD dropped i'd downloaded all of the available unreleased LDR onto my ipod. i was walking home from school; it'd closed early bc it snowed suuuuper hard. i was walking thru the big park that was near my childhood home (where i lived at the time of course) with lana's unreleased on shuffle - what i remember most vividly is listening to Driving In Cars With Boys while walking thru the beautiful snow, super happy that i'd managed to get out of school early (because that's the best feeling in the world when you're like 14 ) and thinking "god, i love this song!" hahaha. it felt perfect too because DICWB always had a wintery feel for me, i guess bc of the bells in the song? so the joy of being in that setting with a song so fitting combined with the happiness of getting out of school and heading home makes it such a special memory for me. funnily enough i then went home and downloaded dozens of albums of lana photos onto my laptop, specifically from the lizzy grant era - i just loved looking at her, i found her mesmerising and i was so inspired just by looking at her i was in the car on the way to my bestie's house [it was the day before her birthday!] when West Coast premiered on the radio; i remember being SO fucking amazed, i recall describing it to my friends as "like lana, red hot chilli peppers and alt-j all combined!" i was soooo pumped! needless to say we spent the day with it on repeat. i remember the weather being so lovely and sunshiney, i was 15 years old and totally obsessed, i honestly think that song informed so much of my life and its crazy to think it all stemmed from that moment. more recently, the day Blue Banisters dropped i'd been working. i usually finish at 11pm but i managed to finish at 9pm that night, so that i could go home and have a full listen through with my bestie then go out and get drunk. we did exactly that, we loved the album (bestie cried soooo hard at Cherry Blossom, she doesn't really listened to unreleased lana) and then after we'd had a few drinks we headed out to the club at the bottom of my street. we spent a lot of that night in the smoking area talking to people aaaaand.... that night i happened to meet someone who very soon after became my boyfriend we're still together and whenever i listen to BB i'm always thinking about how glad i am that he just so happened to be in the same club as me that night. crazy to think that in october we will have been together a whole year! (minus one little 2-day break up we had ) i will forever associate this album with our relationship! (so when we do break up properly i'm screwed, i'll never be able to listen to it again LOL)
  7. daphnedinkley

    Yung Lean

    yes!! Lips is probs my fav on there. always so nice to have more yung lean fans on lanaboards no word of a lie when i saw that picture of lana and lean together semi-recently i literally had to take a few days break from the internet bc my heart physically could not take it i was so fkn shook. i honestly think they'd work so well together, i can imagine them on a Stargirl Interlude type song also cant wait to see him in November!! this'll be my 4th time i saw a drain gang show earlier this year and if im being honest as much as i love those boys the crowd was fkn insufferable for the first time ever, so im hoping that atmosphere doesnt carry over to the lean show!
  8. hi guys i used to love playing the sims on pc and i recently got the urge to play it again, was just wondering if the sims 4 on ps4 is any good? like is it comparable to the pc experience and is it worth picking up?
  9. you're RIGHT!!! omg...... im so stupid
  10. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Video Games vs Lucky Ones
  11. love the album but im so confused by something so i thought i'd drop by the bey thread to ask about it / confirm whether or not i'm going mad - in church girl (which i totally stan btw) i swear when i first heard it she said "she gon shake them thighs and them pretty tig ol bitties", but now when i listen she says "she gon shake that ass and them pretty tig ol bitties". googled the lyrics and it is indeed ass, not thighs at any point, but i searched it up on twitter and some people were tweeting the "thighs" lyrics so it can't just be me! am i going crazy or did she change it?
  12. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Video Games vs Cherry Blossom
  13. on a similar note, More Mountains and There Is Nothing To Be Sorry About are two songs that literally break my heart every time, they're so underrated
  14. I look at Art Deco as one of the best examples of what an artist like Lana is capable of. I'm a lil biased bc I love that song in general, but I feel like it really just encapsulate the spirit of Lana's music, or at least the kind of music that put her on the map - that mix of modern and vintage, you know? The way the spacey synths give it this ethereal and otherworldly vibe combined with the jazzy saxophone that comes in, it's just beautiful, one of the most unique sounding songs I've ever heard.
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