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  1. im not usually much of a ~synesthesia~ type gal but with Thunder i get such intense pale yellow vibes?? kinda like this. and Living Legend, what i remember of it, is suuuuuper deep blue like this. not that anyone asked but what kind of colours do you guys get from the songs we've already heard??
  2. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    White Dress vs On Our Way
  3. RIGHT BOO i love her but its pretty obvious that she absolutely gives a fuck! and that's okay - i would be FUCKED UP if i was in her shoes my unpopular opinion, on a connected note: sometimes my problem with lana is that she seems unable to distinguish valid criticism from unnecessary hate. sometimes she receives really warranted backlash or criticism for stuff, but because she had so much cruelty and hate throughout the first few years of her career i think she can't tell the difference and she just lumps it all in together. i wish she'd see the nuance in things a little more
  4. most excited to hear Dealer, Arcadia and honestly Living Legend bc I haven't listened to it since the day it leaked so I dont remember it at all! its basically brand new to me!
  5. When Lana Del Rey opened her smash hit song Born To Die with the lyrics "Feet don't fail me now" it was actually a display of solidarity with the fibromyalgia community, in this essay I will-
  6. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    13 Beaches vs There's Nothing To Be Sorry About
  7. the blue cover (the one that's the shot of her side profile) is just so so so evocative to me for some reason and might even be my favourite lana cover ever it really looks like the storm before the calm (with the original dogs cover and the smiling cover representing the calm of course), she looks like she's out in the cold and probably in the middle of nowhere, lost, afraid. it really resonates with how i feel right now in my personal life: in the midst of upheaval, confused, a little scared. of course she looks regal and glamorous but there's this really emotional quality to the image, idk how to describe it. it gives a real cold vibe, its like i can physically feel the frosty air it looks like she's standing in. idk why this cover speaks to me so much im so happy i snagged it on vinyl !!!
  8. beautiful new pics its still hard to resist the urge to listen to Arcadia (and also staying away from the leaked tracks!) but its getting a little easier as time goes on and there's less discourse regarding the single and more speculative discourse about the album as a whole - i just really need some surprises on the record when i first check it out otherwise im gonna feel meh about it, and i feel like such an important body of work doesn't deserve that kinda response from me
  9. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Old Money vs Born To Die
  10. this is such a cute thread idea!! ~*~ The Whole World's Girl ~*~ 1. The Whole World's Girl 2. Don't Cry Hunny 3. Pretty Party Nation 4. I Don't Want To Think I'm Wrong 5. Somewhere Out There 6. Trouble 7. I'm In Love 8. Flags Are Waving 9. Make You Glad 10. Leave The Lights On For Me
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