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  1. You got your money now, you got your legacy Let's leave the world for the ones who change everything vs What do you need to get high for When your baby's so to die for?
  2. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Ride vs Cherry Blossom
  3. WOW!!! im so happy for you, and how gorgeous are you omg!! congrats!! <3 enjoy yourself!!!
  4. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd vs Ride
  5. Charli XCX vs Doja Cat
  6. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Cruel World
  7. a lana concert is always fun and of course the majority of attendees won't be going in knowing which songs to expect, but i honestly feel like part of what makes this setlist feel less impactful is how its ordered, it feels a bit random and doesn't flow quite as well and the peaks and valleys are just not where they should be, y'know? like if the setlist was the same but in this order, i feel like it would be a little better: that being said.... man, this setlist is just not good. the 2023 setlist wasn't perfect but it was better than this, right? is it just me who thinks that? not an actual complaint because i'm so so excited to be witnessing this setlist live later this year bc i love lana so it's gonna be amazing regardless! and i get to hear without you and doin time likeeeee that's a slay!! but idk... some minor quibbles / explanations as to why i have an issue w the current setlist: i can't help but feel like lana should be performing at least 20 songs. is that unreasonable? even if she shortened some songs so that she didn't get completely exhausted or whatever idk i just feel like 18 songs is not enough (and they're not even all full-length songs either) we need more ocean blvd songs im sorry i know we should stop expecting newer material bc we know how lana works but playing only THREE ocean blvd songs (and two of them are shortened!!) is WILD, especially when she gave us a full live-band version of peppers before and it sounded amazing and was a breath of fresh air on the setlist - it should have a permanent spot! and not singing let the light in is craaaaazy given its success! candy necklace was a highlight for me when i saw it performed at hyde park last year, but i could've forgiven its removal from the setlist if there was another OB song added to replace it, but there's not! so why remove the song when it sounded soooo good and came from the most recent record!? just crazy. i'll take judah smith interlude live at this point if that's what it takes to get more OB content on the setlist idc as much as i complain about the same old songs on the setlist, no blue jeans feels criminal - yes it's been around for a while but it's a classic and a good sing-along moment summertime sadness def isn't my favourite or most anticipated song, but it's such a huge moment - it needs to come later in the setlist setlist doesn't flow well - jimmy jimmy cocoa puff is so out of place after the intense weight of HIADT, it's like sonic and emotional whiplash young & beautiful's jazz outro is cute but the song itself is not enough of a climax to be a strong closer i'm more than happy for lana to have plenty of ballads on the setlist because they sound beautiful and they're such a significant part of her discography, but... i'm so sorry call me basic and a fake fan but i can't help feeling like the show needs a shot of energy and a tempo change every now and then. these fun songs literally exist in lana's discography too, including on her most recent albums, that's the baffling thing - i wouldn't expect her to give us a setlist full of pussy poppers, but lana has plenty of these more upbeat (or even mid-to-up-tempo) songs, so why not play a couple more!? diet mountain dew was soooo fun last year, or there's always brooklyn baby / OTTR / burning desire / PEPPERS !!! / summer bummer / get free / taco truck x vb / black bathing suit / lolita / fuck it i love you / high by the beach / florida kilos.... ironically, i also feel like she could switch up her ballads a little bit too. it would be cool for the slot after ride to be kinda like a surprise each time, maybe rotating between arcadia / LMLYLAW / old money / HIAB / american / cherry blossom / sweet / is this happiness or something a new medley would be cool just to give us the chance to hear some more songs, even if it was just a little of each song this is probs an unpopular opinion, but you know how everyone is bored of bartender? well... that's how i feel about pretty when you cry anyway, just having a little rant - realistically i'll be screaming and crying regardless of the setlist
  8. Charli XCX vs Yung Lean
  9. Azealia Banks vs Lil Nas X
  10. Eminem vs Justin Timberlake
  11. We keep changing all the time The best ones lost their minds So I'm not gonna change I'll stay the same No rose left on the vines Don't even want what's mine Much less the fame It's dark but just a game vs Everything I want I have: money, notoriety and rivieras I even think I found God in the flashbulbs of your pretty cameras
  12. Eminem vs Casey Frey's "5 bars 5 seconds" rap just kidding Eminem vs 50 Cent
  13. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Money Power Glory vs The Grants
  14. hope everybody had the best time, she looked HEAVENLY!! and thank you everyone that sent some love on my previous post, i'm having trouble quoting and liking posts on desktop but just wanted to say i appreciate it!! <3 my friends said primavera is such a beautiful festival and a far cry from the debauchery, mess, mud and overall stench of UK festivals so uh... leeds fest here i come i guess
  15. what a cute question!! i used to work 15 hour shifts as a hotel receptionist and i'd get the 23:30 train home and obviously i'd be super tired at that point, but listening to If You Lie Down With Me on my journey home looking at all the amber street lights and anticipating being able to take off my high heels after those long tiring days always soothed me
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