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  1. daphnedinkley

    Yung Lean

    Poison Ivy is wayyyyy up there w my fav Lean projects, its soooo underrated by fans!! It's perfect for this time of year. Listening to Trashy in the cold while ur half drunk >>>> I rly hope there'll be a way to watch the film online - lockdown means its not premiering in cinemas over here
  2. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Off To The Races vs For K Part 2
  3. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Without You vs Wayamaya
  4. I looooooove how she sounds her vocals are incredible! a huge fan of the back up vocals too! <3 my only criticism is that realistically im not sure how often ill come back to this right now, simply bc this is such a summer song and here in the UK we're deep in the trenches of fall/winter haha. but once it warms up a little this'll be on my spring/summer playlist for sure! she sounds so good and it's SO refreshing to hear her push her vocals more, especially after NFR where her vocals were much more relaxed
  6. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Yayo (AKA version)
  7. daphnedinkley

    Yung Lean

    it was announced a while ago! but it kinda flew under the radar. it was supposed to be premiering at the Tribeca film festival earlier this year but for obvious rona-related reasons that didn't happen but now it's finally coming and im so fkn excited! omg his show at the back of the truck will always kill me and same - outta my head was incredible, my agenda was sooooo fucking sick too! i sorta feel like there's gonna be a starz movie, kinda like he did with stranger. i'm 99% sure he filmed something for butterfly paralysed so hopefully we'll see that at least?? also a tour soon pls leandoer pls
  8. daphnedinkley

    Yung Lean

    super pathetic but i straight up cried watching this trailer, i've wanted this for so long
  9. daphnedinkley

    Song vs. Song

    Fuck It I Love You (physical copy version) vs How To Disappear (acoustic)
  10. i love her but she do be telling pork pies occasionally also i know she's done it a few times before but.... why doesn't she just straight up denounce trump on her twitter? i know for sure she's not a trump supporter ofc we all do but twitter has been spreading that rumour like wildfire so surely twitter would be the best place for her to resolve it no? rather than this ambiguous talk of "i made it very clear who i voted for not that it's anyone's business" etc etc
  11. i think it might be the same vocal take! although im not sure the demo i listened to is legit - it's always hard to tell if its real or just fanmade
  12. would be quite interesting if Dealer is actually about an art dealer or maybe making connections between art dealers and drug dealers.... it gives me MDM vibes (or was it OTTR?), where she explained the story behind the song being inspired by a man who was some rich tech mogul but was actually running some shady illegal operation? would be interesting to hear a song about the dualities of that, like the art dealer aspect being his front and his way of keeping up appearances while the drug dealer aspect hints at a darker, more seedy life and a different side to this man nobody knew about
  13. im not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but im listening to BTD (the album) currently and... i really think Million Dollar Man might be in the top, like, 5 worst songs in lana's whole discography which is a shame bc the live version is soooooo incredible! but on the album version... her vocals sound absolutely terrible and the weird autotune type effect makes her voice sound so weirdly metallic and robotic? and the strange sound effect that sounds like wind throughout the whole thing is so loud that it's almost distorted, not to mention how distracting it is from the rest of the song. the strings sound really cheap and the drums don't feel very balanced in terms of volume???
  14. NFR is such good studying vibes and idk why that is? im not sure what exactly about the album makes me feel that way hahaha. but it really is a shame the instrumentals haven't leaked yet - they would be SO DAMN GOOD to study to
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