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  1. i see! thank you love! (altho i hate that as an album title)
  2. i actually hear the LMLYLAW / Fine China similarities tbh also, did i miss that the name of the ALBUM is "Did You Know There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard", not just the single?
  3. this fills me with so much hope!! im expecting a big chorus a la Wild At Heart, or maybe a bombastic outro given what BOZ said about a big buildup
  4. weird! i find that in the UK our disposable vapes tend to be more long, like an elux or our version of an elfbar, as opposed to square also i hope the album gives cigarette vibes instead of vape vibes we need our ultraviolence serve again
  5. random and off topic (sorry) but its so weird to see this bc over here these vapes are called Lost Marys and elfbars look totally different! to stay on topic - if yall had to predict, which flavour vape do u think represents LDR9? im saying strawberry kiwi
  6. YESSSSS that gorgeous design by @lilac heaven is exactly the kind of thing i can imagine!!
  7. the logo gives me kinda 60s/70s vibes which personally i’m fine with
  8. ok i’m super excited but the description the insider gave actually makes me kind of nervous i’m sure it’s gonna be great but for some reason i’m getting arcadia flashbacks (i love that song but hoping for a big change personally)
  9. I didn't even consider her being on his album but OMG that would actually be such a possibility !! literally PRAYING
  10. okay WOW so im still catching up w/ all the news and processing everything (while, ironically, trying to calm myself down bc my new meds make me crazy what a time for lana hype to come along) and AAAAHHHH... ok so if we can take from eclipse's comment that lana will be influenced by her new boyfie's style/taste/personality - he makes witch house music right? although i doubt she's gonna make a full blown witch house record or anything like that.... it does kinda make me wonder....... if those types of dark electronic witch housey rap-sorta influences could possibly be present.......... this makes me feel SO HOPEFUL FOR A POTENTIAL YUNG LEAN COLLAB given that they were hanging out earlier this year and THAT IS LITERALLY MY DREAM I KNOW ITS UNLIKELY BUT THIS IS THE MOST POSSIBLE ITS EVER FELT
  11. I def agree that Yes To Heaven is the one unreleased song that reeeeeally deserves an official release - Lana seems to have unfinished business with that song and we know she considered it for multiple albums, so finally giving it an official release would be a really satisfying conclusion to that song's history (plus I just love it )
  12. i have one insanely unpopular music opinion but its SO bad and unpopular im genuinely scared to post it
  13. so glad its not just me who feels this way omg!!
  14. ooo i'll share some of mine! lee hazlewood gets nowhere remotely near enough credit as he deserves! he is one of the greats. this feels controversial to say as a gaga stan, but i think there's a lot of revisionist history surrounding ARTPOP. i love gaga and i genuinely fkn love ARTPOP but if we're being brutally honest.... with the exception of a few songs it wasn't particularly ahead of its time and im not sure where that narrative comes from. if anything, it was very *of* its time. EDM was the popular mainstream sound at that point, and i don't think it deviated too much from that blueprint aside from that it went a little harder on the sound (just my opinion!). the album deffo has kooky and weird moments (Aura is a straight up amazing acid trip, Venus was campy but not overly weird, G.U.Y. was also super camp with the spoken word parts) but i don't think it's anywhere near as experimental as people claim. that being said i still love the album! yung lean is ridiculously influential and his impact on the current music scene (so far as rappers and even hyperpop artists are concerned) will be recognised and maybe even studied one day. i also think he's an infinitely better artist than bladee - who i still love! the current y2k revival is getting a little boring for me! it borders on cosplay at some points i hate the anti-intellectualism stance that a lot of rap fans/hiphop fans are taking over the past few years, mocking artists like kendrick lamar or j cole for being conscious rappers and calling them "corny" or whatever... there's a place for silly non-serious lyricism but also a place for the opposite! also kendrick lamar will always be legendary but i'm not sure how unpopular that opinion is lmao
  15. one of my all time favourite lana songs I have the words "I had a dream that I was fine; I wasn't crazy, I was divine" in gold ink framed in my room! if she can give us that level of serve again I'd be so happy
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