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  1. this is an excellent point. the difference between that tension and her recent records with jack…I never thought of it like that
  2. fully expected this to be one of those weird threads about Lana gaining weight
  3. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Smarty vs Million Dollar Man
  4. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Wild One vs Doin Time
  5. My Momma Kill Kill Us Against The World Life is Beautiful Trash Magic Radio Axl Rose Husband Violets for Roses If I Die Young On Our Way Living Legend Every Man Gets His Wish Nectar of the Gods Cola Elvis
  6. future nostalgia
  7. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    black bathing suit vs black beauty
  8. imagining sketching lana del rey right on the spot!
  9. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Off to the Races vs Venice Bitch
  10. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    if I die young vs drive by
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