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  1. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    cruel world vs love song
  2. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Dragonslayer vs Big Bad Wolf
  3. Some of the lyrics remind me of her poem, Bare Feet on Linoleum. A&W: Bare Feet on Linoleum My thoughts from the first time I read Bare Feet on Linoleum years ago and how I think it relates to A&W: In BFOL it seemed to me like her mother told everyone she was crazy at the expense of Lana's feelings and dignity. Like her mom chose to protect her family's reputation by lying and throwing her daughter under the bus. Lana seems to corroborate this in A&W with the line "do you really think that anybody would think I didn't ask for it?". With all the references to being a whore, I think Lana's mom could have told the townspeople (as she calls them in BFOL) that her daughter is a slut, a drunk and/or crazy. Maybe her mom did that to protect the reputation of the person who might have raped her. Also, when Lana uses the word "treason" in the stanza 6 line, "it's been a real fight just to stop my mind from committing treason", I thought that the act of treason could be to go against her family. She would "betray" them and be a traitor to her family. I imagine her mom could have used words like that when she was younger to make her keep quiet. Something along the lines of: If you tell you will ruin our family. You are being selfish, only thinking of yourself and not the lives of your parents, grandparents and siblings that you will end up destroying. This may be affirmed by the A&W lyric: "I'm a a princess. I'm divisive". Patty might have told Lana that she's spoiled and dividing the family apart. Lana has used the word "home" in some of her recent songs and poems. Stanza 9 of BFOL: "Would standing in front of Mount Rushmore feel like the Great American homecoming I never had?". I've always interpreted that as a metaphor for her coming home from boarding school back to Lake Placid. With the rest of the context of the poem, I assumed her mom continued making up lies while Lana was away when she had no way to defend her own truth and dignity. Returning home would have felt like a slap in the face as she learns that the people in her very small town have been whispering rumors about her. Furthermore, at the start of the BFOL audio you can hear android-like voices chatting as if at a dinner party. Some of the conversation I can make out is, "You are a good/fantastic/interesting conversationalist. Your stories are mesmerizing. People love your stories. People love my stories. You have plenty of interesting stories". I think this could be about the stories and rumors her mother told. Or maybe this is Lana's story. "Didn't testify, already fucked up my story," she sings. Patty might have dismissed Lana's allegations by telling her and the whispering townsfolk that she's just making up stories. "Oh, she just makes things up. She is a great storyteller, isn't she!". Now, going back to BFOL. The chattering voices are heard in the background throughout the full audio recording. Towards the end they start getting louder and remain that way even after Lana finishes her poem. At the very end, while the voices continue talking, Lana whispers along with them, "People love my stories. People love my jokes". I also connect the chatter heard in the poem to this line in A&W: "Do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking?". Additionally, when she sings, "I'm invisible", this could be thought of as her voice being drowned out by all the rumors. Her voice becomes lost in a sea of lies and people no longer hear her or they choose to not listen. "It's not about having someone to love me anymorе," Lana sings. She follows this with, "This is the experiеnce of being an American whore". Here Lana might be saying that she is no longer looking for the "warm embrace [she's] never known" as she wrote in BFOL. She is no longer looking for the love she was denied. Now she is going to be a whore. Maybe she uses sex to cope. It might also mean something like: "You called me a whore when I was just a girl. You said to everyone in our town that I'm a whore. Fine, you want to call me a whore? I'll show you what it looks like when I'm actually a whore."
  4. Some of the lyrics remind me of her poem, Bare Feet on Linoleum. A&W: Bare Feet on Linoleum
  5. This is her Bohemian Rhapsody
  6. this is an excellent point. the difference between that tension and her recent records with jack…I never thought of it like that
  7. fully expected this to be one of those weird threads about Lana gaining weight
  8. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Smarty vs Million Dollar Man
  9. mkultraviolence

    Song vs. Song

    Wild One vs Doin Time
  10. My Momma Kill Kill Us Against The World Life is Beautiful Trash Magic Radio Axl Rose Husband Violets for Roses If I Die Young On Our Way Living Legend Every Man Gets His Wish Nectar of the Gods Cola Elvis
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