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  1. Guys help 😭 I used to listen to this Lana song all the time idk maybe 4 years ago. It's just one of those songs where she just does backing vocals. She just sings "I guess" I can't remember the name it's driving me kinda crazy
  2. why is this thread hot are we moving ?? I'm about to pull the tarot cards that's how desperate I am for any info
  3. I love how she switched from picsart to powerpoint WORDART QUEEN
  4. She's busy recording her Southern Gothic, swamp witch, folk hip hop americana slay
  5. Oh ok then! If that was her doing I support her bring witchy aesthetics back girl idk! Probably some "insider"
  6. Her best album aesthetic by far, the retro-futuristic, 60s doo-wop, hippie witchy thing?? PLS Imagine if she had released it the way she actually wanted to. Idk what happened but yeah screw the label but still she ate
  7. yes 😭 forever one of my favorites I love Land Rovers
  8. Lasso

    Book vs Book

    Violet bent backwards... vs Crime and Punishment
  9. I love when she sings "even when you chocolate chocolate" in God bless america and all the beautiful women in it. I never wanna know the actual lyric I just think chocolate chocolate
  10. I started doing this but I can't lol
  11. Through the canyons of the plains that I ride AlooOoOooOoOOOoOooone Lasso exists in my heart
  12. Bel Air is such a beautiful song, Lana sounds like an angel of death luring me out of this dimension
  13. Lasso

    Katy Perry

    Well I guess my hopes of Katy having a huge comeback after years of flopping like Madonna’s Ray of Light isn’t coming true (I’m just comparing because M was about the same age when that happened and she also had a daughter). I was never really a stan, but her music was part of my tween years, and it would’ve been good for pop music to have, you know, more good music But yeah. She could hire kickass producers and songwriters, and give us something more substantial about motherhood, feminine sexuality and even female mental health. But she chose performative feminism and not even good performative feminism at that
  14. Lasso

    Katy Perry

    When she put the gas pump in her ass cheek… girl 😭 but the mv is very well produced I’ll give her that
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