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  1. tbh i wouldnt be surprised if it was the same as our one just without all of the random additional garageband presets (the sparkles, random piano etc)
  2. super interesting - the file for "Dance for Money" we have was recorded August 1, 2008; I guess the one on MySpace was an earlier ver or a diff song altogether ?
  3. cartoon eyes

    Maty Noyes

    apparently 40+ songs leaked ? not sure where tho
  4. that being Angel Eyes
  5. does anyone have the og file for Wait In the Benz? apparently it leaked but I can't find it anywhere
  6. act iii better be rock-adjacent with 12 Don't Hurt Yourself's
  7. wait i really like 16 Carriages ! Texas Hold 'Em is kinda giving airline commercial stock music but maybe it'll grow on me
  8. the hardway keep them coming omg
  9. the verse melody of G&R is one of her best
  10. nah there's only the one Never Let Me Go (+ it's garageband demo) - the one that Joseph W Scott wrote is completely unrelated to Lana and just shares the same title (i think it got mixed up on a registration or something)
  11. A different NLMG - for some reason the Joseph W Scott name got attached to Lana's when the Never Let Me Go that he wrote is completely unrelated https://www.jiosaavn.com/lyrics/never-let-me-go-lyrics/Kj8tVgF-Y3c
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