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  1. cartoon eyes

    Charli XCX

    yesss the taste ! i think about it all the time is genuinely one of the most triumphant songs she's ever made imo, a true masterpiece (as is the whole album tbf)
  2. Don't think i ever listened to this before today but WOW "if I can't have you, then they can't have me" is such a killer lyric - this kinda deserved a spot on BTD
  3. the way this could literally be a 2010 pic ... lizzy grant you will always be famous
  4. cartoon eyes

    Miley Cyrus

    fucked up forever still kinda her best song ... she fumbled so bad not putting it on esv
  5. the curfew-break fee being up to $22,000 now kjbdfsbkjdsf this queen
  6. not them being sent by coachella to drag her off stage
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