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  1. Are they referencing unreleased track Bad Boy in the headline? 😭 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10849497/amp/Lana-del-Reys-new-man-Courtney-Loves-ex-Jack-Donoghue.html
  2. Very lame and corny and make zero sense
  3. This is tooo good she seems in such a good place recently. And the fact the shoot is at the National Anthem music video location… she’s been so immersed in her past lately. Returning to NY, shooting at national anthem location, singing God Knows I Tried at the Ultraviolence church, multiple mentions of honeymoon, singing young & beautiful and dancing to summertime sadness. Reuniting with Anna and Pam. She says she can only write when she’s happy so I’m sure she’s blackening those pages rn! Can’t wait to pick this up, such a great cover and shoot
  4. No other artist does random shit like this 😩 she IS music. she sounds evangelical
  5. Whew this really got me thinking Childhood: Britney Spears – The Britney album cover and Everytime single art probably started my album art obsession Nelly Furtado – I think my earliest memory is I’m Like A Bird playing in a shopping mall. I still request that song every time there’s a live singer at a bar 😝 Vanessa Carlton – I remember always calling her “Piano woman” cause of the thousand miles music video Kelly Clarkson – The Breakaway album is probably the first album I loved front to back Avril Lavigne – Complicated music video on constant rotation on MTV is another one of my earliest memories Eminem – Vividly remember getting the Business CD single Good Charlotte Simple Plan Early teens Lady Gaga – My real first all-in stan moment. The single art, the music videos, the performances. So all encapsulating. The Fame: Part One video was my favourite thing ever Lana Del Rey – Something shifted. Shit’s about to get real weird. Lana was the catalyst into being a real music fan and discovering older stuff. Teens Lissie – Probably the only artist I discovered through old school music channels. When I’m Alone music video on VH1 Kings of Leon Kanye West – Yeezus release prompted me to listen to his entire discography. Had me in a chokehold thought he was the coolest. Haven’t listened to anything since TLOP and think he’s a loser now Azealia Banks – Fantasea still sounds ahead of its time. Will always ride for her Jay Z Beyonce Adele Twenties Dua Lipa – Soundtrack to my real formative years Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks Leon Bridges John Mayer Jeff Buckley – Has become like my idol Bruce Springsteen Father John Misty Lucinda Williams Miley Cyrus – Would probably class as my favourite artist rn. That voice come on and her style and energy is just so electric My current obsession is Robyn for some reason. Never listened to her before but the Honey album is hitting
  6. Trash Magic

    Miley Cyrus

    Learned my lesson with plastic hearts (which I’ve listened to so many times I have forgotten that I was unknowingly listening to the majority of it 6 months before release) so I’m not seeking out any new leaks
  7. LDR in NYC>>>>>>>>> It's just so right. Move already
  8. Great to revisit this. So comprehensive and it’s so cool she played them Video Games and This Is What Makes Us Girls (wtf?!)
  9. Trash Magic

    Dua Lipa

    I love hearing everyone’s memories with these songs. 😌 It was a particularly wild era of my life just doing the stupidest shit partying 24/7 when No Lie dropped hahaha
  10. Saw him at 2 different gigs the past 4 days and I just met him after the show today! He said there are plans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Fear Fun when I asked him
  11. This is really great so pretty and a bit melancholic I saw father John Misty live at the Barbican in London last night and the orchestra was just insane. So impressive and the instrumentation on the new album is magical. It was like being in a brothel in 1920s New Orleans.
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