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  1. I was so confused there is a bundle of like 5 magazines inside the newspaper and it’s one of them. Of course I bought it then threw out everything else
  2. It’s hard out here for the Abercrombie girls
  3. 1000000% going to be a lyric about being in the jungle room on next album
  4. That PHOTO is incredible. It’s like 90s Herb Ritts. Seriously stunning.
  5. Wow this crowd will go wild for her 18-26yr old girls
  6. One small thing I absolutely love in this interview is the cadence she delivers the “I can mimic almost anybody sooo…” it’s so automatic and delivered with no airs about it. Like that is somebody who is so confident in their skill and their craft 👏 also the mention of synchronicity. She knows what’s up. 🤩
  7. So good. This one in particular I feel perfectly captures who she is right now
  8. When you have a fan on the production team Video interview was fucking GOLD. The knit photos omgggggggggggg Such a fantastic surprise
  9. Omg amazing news There are soooooo many layers to this. She must be so happy. I fear they are all going to be Christmas songs. If not I second Always on My Mind. Or a Nic Cage / David Lynch moment with Love Me
  10. I think she sometimes just sees these things and has flashes of being like… waitttt I’m a legend actually
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