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  1. This release totally flew under my radar. This will look so sick framed I forgot about this photo and how it was the single art for Chemtrails.
  2. I ripped the audio from her IGTV soundcheck of it and as far as I'm concerned that's the definitive version of the song. Zella's strained off key "the WIIIIINNNDDD" gives me PTSD I have to skip before it reaches that point
  3. It said something like I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I’m coming off socials so send me your details so I can send you some good stuff. Lots of love
  4. Thinking of that interview from the past few years where she said she plans to eventually get her tattoos removed so she won’t be recognised (which is also kind of funny because come on people aren’t going to see someone who’s face looks like Lana Del Rey but then think oh it’s not her if by chance they get a glimpse at her hands and see there aren’t any tattoos on them 💀)
  5. Omg your mind. Remember the phase where she was obsessed with the random mom influencer who lives in Hawaii…. 💀
  6. It’s funny how something so trivial has actually left me feeling pretty downbeat. She has been a constant in all of our lives and even if half of her posts were happy birthday messages to friends… just her presence is a uniting force and with her opting out of sharing herself with us outside of the music—which is totally her choice and respectable— come the realisation that your own perceptions of people are just that… you never really know them and everything is ephemeral it just kind of forces you to reflect on your own place in the world. or maybe I’m just projecting
  7. Time for Instagram Post-Release Thread
  8. Aw I'm upset at her choice, she's the only person I have post notifications on for and always get excited when she posts and then running here to see how everyone is reacting if it's an announcement. I feel like what she said in the video means she'll start declining photos with fans now too. Off the grid fr. She's probably going into some community outreach she's always talked about. Being of service to people. I can understand her, lately I've been so over seeing peoples lives every day that I don't even know. Just deactivating seems overstepping the mark.
  9. UGH YES I said before how if she ended Lust For Life with a cover to summarise the record like she'd done before this would have been the perfect one.
  10. Joining the manifestation train Red River Valley Carpenters – Superstar Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi Elvis – Love Me Dolly Parton – False Eyelashes Connie Francis – Where The Boys Are Crosby, Stills & Nash – Helplessly Hoping Jim Croce – Walkin' Back to Georgia Roxy Music – Avalon Bruce Springsteen – Racing In The Street Mamas & Papa – Twelve Thirty Melanie – Look What They've Done To My Song -------- This aligns so much with her current state of mind
  11. All of the following are actually reasons I lover her.... but she's not exactly easily manageable or concerned with being liked by the masses or easily palatable or all that cooperative or open when it comes to marketing her releases. She uses selfies as single art and she likes antagonising and fucking with people and picks fights with reviewers on twitter. She isn't forced to go on the promotional circuit like other artists and that's her choice and somewhat of a privilege. It's not like moving to another label would mean she would start appearing on late night shows. In fact I think the only reason Lana would move to another label is because they would relinquish even more control to her.
  12. Lana has access to anything she wants. She is extremely lucky to be supported by Interscope considering the way she behaves
  13. Reeeeeally excited for this and to see her picks. she can seldom be trusted with what she says so I'm really hoping they aren't just dusty theatrical standards but instead her favourite songs from her favourite artists that she considers classics.
  14. I'm obsessed with the studio where Thunder and California were recorded. The songs literally sound the way the studio looks—that warm, rich, burnt, textural 70s vibe. A music video for Thunder there would be so perfect
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