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  1. Trash Magic

    Dua Lipa

    Yesterday was 5 years since I saw her live in a tiny room with ~60 other disinterested people Haven't heard the new leaks but That Kind of Woman remix has firmly become my favourite song from this album behind Don't Start Now
  2. Trash Magic

    Miley Cyrus

    The implications having both "I'm a cheetah not a zebra" + "I'm a nile crocodile - a piranha" on the same album would have had
  3. Trash Magic

    Miley Cyrus

    Wait this is just what I was thinking Too bad the what's good? intro was cut but obviously because Miley What's Good? was on the album too
  4. huge huge cringe industry plant
  5. Trash Magic

    Miley Cyrus

    Sagittarius would be legitimately good with a final vocal take. Would be so fun as a set opener with those trumpets I can totally see her walking out to it
  6. She’s actually smart because any review is going to inevitably be marred by the authors own opinions on her behaviour rather than the music - making all negative reviews void! Cult classic status coming
  7. She needs to drop Tired of Singing The Blues on IGTV!
  8. She literally is hrhcollection. All her videos are her defending herself against peoples comments which haven't been made yet
  9. She's not booking another magazine cover ever again is she It's clear she thrives off of drama and wants there to be some kind of opposition against her. It's self sabotage. It's like she wants to feel like she's fighting an enemy.
  10. Pretty unaffected I think it's entertaining at this point lmao. as long as she doesn't very into actually saying more stupid shit, which is probably going to happen. I honestly like the fact she always speaks up to defend herself whether wrong or right lmao
  11. The lyrics are great. I'm not expecting a banger with huge replay value from a Lana Del Rey title track of an album called Chemtrails Over The Country Club, so this excelled at what it needed to do - set the scene and be the centrepiece to the album. I love the delivery of the line You won't play, you're no fun. Brentwood Market reference instantly made me think of hrhcollection. Her and Lana are actually pretty similar ctfu
  12. The video was so good I need to watch it again. The sexy shower scenes fuck It's a side we haven't seen of her before. So many great beauty shots
  13. For the next album. As in by the time she finishes an album she'll already have 4 ready for the next one but not this time.
  14. That was absolutely exhausting to sit through
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