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  1. Well... I wonder if that means there will be some kind of release (hopefully for Tough lol) during July or if she'll just be taking the time as a break before the final shows in August Edit: I guess she could have planned other shows outside the US instead for July
  2. The next shows aren't until the end of August, I wonder if she'll announce more shows for July or maybe release something during that time
  3. aw her reaction is so cute! Happy Birthday Lana!
  4. I knew she had to have a red one! Hoping she has a pink version of the dress too
  5. I still want this song on the album because Henry is my boyfriend's name lol but I definitely want Tough first as a single
  6. omg I hope thats a real new song and not her just ad libbing stuff
  7. The merch saying "World Tour" makes me want to think that means more shows will be announced worldwide, but at the same time all the merch is Boston themed so....
  8. I think the font is definitely a baseball reference so if it is merch I think it'll be in a similar style But I don't think they would release a merch collection based off of one show...so I'm taking this to mean either a Lasso/music announcement or a tour announcement maybe in more baseball stadiums (even though she said she didn't want to do a stadium tour lol)
  9. Love her jewelry, especially that heart ring its so cute
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