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  1. fishtails

    Allie X

    I just finished listening to the album and I like it a lot! Black Eye might still be my favorite, but the other standouts for me (of the new songs) were Galina, You Slept on Me, Saddest Smile, and Truly Dreams Still love Off With Her Tits too lol
  2. I'm liking it, I just wish she sang for more of it lol but I do love the jazzy Honeymoon vibes
  3. I saw someone make an explanation on reddit about how it supposedly works and it seems to all come down to constant campaigning and doing lots of things to get the voters' attention, which Lana doesn't normally do https://www.reddit.com/r/lanadelrey/s/IYboeLYj3b Ocean Blvd was a big era for her and she did do some campaigning, but nowhere near as big as someone like Taylor and I think that ultimately makes the biggest difference unfortunately
  4. I love those songs and I feel like they fit well with the Henry, come on snippet so I really hope they're on Lasso!
  5. Idk if anyone shared this yet but I just saw a picture of Lana's nails and they're so pretty! She was definitely going for a Black Swan/White Swan thing and it also makes me think of Swan Song from @nails_by_yoko on Instagram
  6. Wow she looks gorgeous She should wear Vivienne Westwood more often
  7. Well I got most of my order except one item was canceled and part of my order seems to be lost because its still stuck at "shipping label created, awaiting carrier pickup" after a week...customer service said to wait until Sunday before they'll give me a refund But for the stuff I did get, the black lace dress is so pretty and I'm happy it wasn't too long on me either. The long sleeve heart shirt is really cute too and I'm happy the sleeves weren't too long! I got the matching pants and I probably could have sized down but as pajamas they're fine I also got both of the bodysuits that Lana wore and the pink one is really pretty although kind of see through and the red one is technically shapewear so it was kind of a pain to get on but it fits really nicely! Now I'm just hoping my missing package will turn up somehow
  8. I feel the same way lol like its just an object... I guess its the most similar to Blue Banisters, but more like if she had just named it "Banister" lol
  9. I can't lie...I've never been a fan of country music, but there are many of Lana's country leaning songs I do like so I'm hoping it will be like IYLDWM, Tomorrow Never Came, Let the Light In, TJF, etc. and I do like the Henry, come on snippet (although I am biased, that being my bf's name lol) I'm not sure about "Lasso" as the title though...it feels way too simple to me, like her other one word titles Paradise, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon all have so much depth to them and Lasso just doesn't have that same feeling. Like as a song title it's fine, but it feels too simple for an album title But maybe thats exactly what she is going for lol I was also expecting something really big for her tenth album, but this makes me feel like Ocean Blvd really was the 10th album in her mind and this one will be more lowkey....I'm hoping we get a lot of music videos this time though
  10. For those worried about the sizing, my experience with Skims is that things are still pretty long unfortunately (even though Kim is short lol) I'm about 5'3" and all the pants and long sleeved shirt sleeves are too long on me for some things I don't mind, like if they're pajamas or sweatpants but it is kinda annoying on the fitted long sleeve tops because the sleeves bunch up, but my arms might just be on the shorter side lol I have this problem with most long sleeved fitted tops tbh A lot of the collection is in the fits everybody material, and its extremely stretchy and forgiving! I've also had decent luck with their bras/bralettes of all materials (I've got a larger bust with a smaller frame) but there are definitely some things at Skims that are hit or miss for me lol
  11. If something you want is sold out on the skims website you can check Nordstrom too, they also have some of the Valentine’s Collection there! https://www.nordstrom.com/brands/skims?breadcrumb=Home%2FWomen%2FTop Brands%2FSKIMS&origin=topnav
  12. Got all the stuff I wanted! I hope it looks as good on me as it does on Lana lol
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