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  1. Fishtail, Peppers, and Taco Truck x VB at the end of of the album like
  2. omg I just finished listening to the album with my boyfriend and it really is everything I wanted it to be Its definitely my new favorite album even though it's so hard to choose favorites lol they're all so good in different ways and I'm just so happy that she continues to make records like nothing she's ever done before I love all the songs so much (even Judah Smith Interlude fits well with the tone of the record lol) but my favorites right now are: Candy Necklace, Paris, Texas, Let the Light in, Margaret, Fishtail, Peppers, and Taco Truck x VB So hard not listing every single song lol My boyfriend said his favorite is Fingertips...I did not expect that
  3. Probably my last post in this thread...its been good, its been bad, but overall lots of fun with all of you TWO MINUTES
  4. Its her most recent post on honeymoon, of stills from the music video and she has "Candy Necklace" in the caption
  5. Post-release will go up once the album is released everywhere, so 12 am EST
  6. The flower in her hair kinda looks like a dahlia...might be a reach but it would be interesting if in this music video Lana was referencing the Black Dahlia Certainly fits with the unsettling feel of Candy Necklace
  7. Seems like Lana won't be at the Fingerprints Long Beach listening party today due to the weather https://www.instagram.com/p/CqHEArsvJR7/?igshid=MjljNjAzYmU= Hopefully the pop up shop this weekend can still go on and Lana will be able to attend
  8. omg so Candy Necklace is the next single
  9. I would say its pretty likely...if not at 12 am EST, possibly at 12 am PST but it would probably be a part of LDR Village, maybe that one item on Lana's store that @hotshot2am found too
  10. This pre-release has been...difficult lol but maybe the worse the pre-release thread is, the better the album ends up being
  11. Maybe I should try to do that too lol I thought about getting a green copy at the listening party I went to but they said they didn't recieve any at all...like not even the standard yet But good luck, I hope you are able to get one tomorrow! I ordered a backup on Urban outfitters last month so I'm hoping they'll pull through
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