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  1. It wasn't at either show unfortunately I hope they'll eventually sell it online though
  2. Just got back home and wow Lana was amazing I love that black dress too, it looks so beautiful in person and cameras really don't pick up her sparkly makeup but I could see it on the big screens and its so pretty! And she was wearing a sparkly headband that had a moon and sun on it - so witchy! I'm so happy we got some surprise songs (including the return of Venice bitch) and the only thing I miss was Blue Jeans, but otherwise it was perfect! I'm so happy I got to see her again, I can't believe its been 5 years since I saw for La to the Moon The festival was pretty messy though and I wish the vip sections were more in the middle instead of off to one side. Like I was close to the stage but because of the angle, I couldn't see too much and I'm also not really sure what the point of having a designated section for vips was if they were just gonna let anyone in So many of the food stands ran out of food too like how lol
  3. We just had our Lanaboards admin/mod meet up! So happy I got to meet you @Elle!
  4. I'm like a few rows behind you on the opposite end! If you turn and look behind to your left I think you'll see me lol
  5. Ikr like its not fair that these people who paid for general get to take the vip seats they didn't pay for Hopefully they won't allow it during Lana's performance
  6. Everyone is crowding around the front and in the aisles to try to get into the pit even though the staff is holding up signs saying the pit is closed
  7. Ikr like every time me and my bf leave and come back we have to tell people to get out of our seats lol
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