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  1. You couldn’t have said it any better. Honeymoon is undoubtedly a new artistic and spiritual plane for Lana on so many levels that she has yet to parallel - not in a way that pits her songs against each other, but it’s just in its own space. It exists in a universe that we cannot metabolize. I absolutely love it and that BBC Radio 1 performance is such a blessing to have. I listen to that at least once a month because it’s so haunting and the very essence of Lana <3
  2. What can I say? Me and Lana are just all that much glamorous!
  3. Gorgeous! Her nails appear to be back to red with a terra cotta-ish shade! Maybe she switched them back because she was shooting more scenes for the COTCC video and wanted to have her nails red for the sake continuity?
  4. Sheridan, Shanice, Byron, Elyanna All of my kind friends of Lana who posted for us no news about songs I check this thread for you I turned my back on hearing from she who went blonde I swear I won’t stop until I’m dead and here I am at page 1588, how long can I wait? Jokes aside, I’m happy to wait for this record, because it’s a beautiful thing to wait for something that will be amazing! Let’s romanticize the journey to getting there!
  5. ‘The Seaman on My Linen’ I love this nautical, sailor-inspired NFR imagery! 😍 Diana was rumoured to be a song meant for LFL in early 2016 but I think it wasn’t ever confirmed. Since she referenced Diana in Patent Leather Do-Over I think people were just reminded of that song, myself included!
  6. Here’s mine: 1. Bird World 2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 3. Let Me Love You Like a Woman 4. Tulsa Jesus Freak 5. White Hot Forever 6. Woodworker’s Hands 7. Grenadine Quarantine (Interlude) 8. Diana 9. Last Call - To Be Clean and Serene 10. If This is the End...I Want a Boyfriend 11. White Dress/Waitress 12. Dealer 13. Garden Party (Ricky Nelson cover)
  7. The Diana title - our minds! I had this on my vinyl concepts from August! Manifesting this, I would LOVE to hear Lana pay homage to Lady Diana! <3 amazing work.
  8. This - and it’s really adding salt to the wound when people bash her work just because it’s hers. Chuck is actually quite talented and it’s a shame that a handful of Lana’s fans can’t appreciate that!
  9. I mean, at least we get to see Elyanna’s new video shot by Chuck! The set looks really cool and I’m always happy to find new artists with amazing visuals like this set!
  10. I’m still looking for my own version of America but it’s ok, guys! There are so many more beautiful mysteries to unravel in our lifetime and that’s what makes the record worth the wait! We’ve found light on here as a result of being kept in the dark and that’s all part of the bigger plan
  11. Sheridan is signed to an agency, of which Lana is a client, so I think if both her and Sheridan are there, then we can assume it’s for Lana, as they are contractually related. Elyanna and Sheridan don’t follow each other, and Sheridan always follows his clients, so I think Elyanna is just an actress or extra in the video or is part of the creative team. But I could be wrong, Lana could just be there to help! she did say in 2017 that she still helped out as an assistant to Chuck‘s projects if the artist wasn’t big like her, and this Elyanna singer seems to be underground still! EDIT: oh @littleredpartydress
  12. Some of these people tagged were on set for the Love video and are just friends of Lana in general. I do think it’s related to Lana tbh, because Chuck is an artist in her own right and has worked with other big artists without Lana being there, so it seems like her, and maybe Charlie, and Wild Mud Barker are going to collaborate on this. Thank you so much! <3
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