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  1. What if it’s the cover of “Cactus” by the Pixies that was registered in 2017? What with all the Cactus emojis! They could’ve shot a video for it today (and maybe it will confirm whether or not Lana really dyed her hair brown LOL). The cover could’ve been produced with Zach Dawes in 2017 around the time they had TLSP band, so sonically, it would fit with the other covers on this record since they’re also produced by him!
  2. IanadeIrey

    Song vs. Song

    13 Beaches vs. Terrence Loves You
  3. IanadeIrey

    Song vs. Song

    Off to the Races vs. Gods & Monsters
  4. I wonder what prompted her to go back to brunette! I love all her hair colours but it was so nice to see her blonde again! May she reunite with it again lol!
  5. The chemtrail! The brown hair! What’s happening! she looks gorgeous though <3
  6. !!! This is gorgeous, I absolutely love it the sepia tones, titles, and font are perfect and I love the rustics it evokes - really fits well with her posts from May when she posted all her b&w selfies and Patent Leather Do-Over! <3
  7. YES! I’d love a cover of Roxanne by The Police as well!
  8. THIS IS GORGEOUSSSSSS you had no business popping off like this I’m so hoping for a 60s, retro-bombshell-esque feel with the cover art and I’m convinced you’ve sowed the seeds that we will reap. Legend behaviour
  9. I agree with you 100%, I just don’t think that user was ever meaning to purposely deceive anyone, and I think that people have varying levels of discernibility when it comes to sources, so they could have just not known and wanted to let people know information they’ve come across pertaining to the record. We post rumours we come across all the time and I think what makes this community so special is our inclusivity and understanding - but I agree, it’s just music, not political propaganda, so no need to overreact about any spreading of any misinformation! Sending everyone love <3
  10. Ok, that’s what I thought lol! I thought I missed Chuck posting about it! I wonder what the video will look like now, because I feel like in our heads we all kind of came up with a concept that involved the animal masks
  11. I think all of us have definitely posted things we’ve read online about the album that have obviously turned out untrue/were proven false and I’m just happy that we’re able to keep the discussion alive! Debunking things is part of the pre-release fun and we can look back later and say “oh remember when we all thought this about the album?” <3 so grateful for all of us who help to keep LB’s spirits alive in this waiting period!
  12. Do you mean Charlie? I was going through Chuck’s posts to see it but I didn’t find anything, but I did notice that Charlie posted about directing Perfume Genius’s new video and in it we can see some scary animal masks! was that what you were referring to?
  13. New BTS pic posted by Zach Dawes! https://www.instagram.com/p/CH0rOtfnWF_/?igshid=1e3knlda5fl87
  14. I think so - not only do they sound the same, but Zach Dawes, Loren Humphrey, and Benji Lysaght played on this track (and they were also a part of TLSP band that Lana was part of) so it’s possible these singers were exclusive to their group!
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