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  1. I don’t know what it is, but something about the new photoshoot, the references to Honeymoon, and knowing that Rob plays piano on the record makes me think viscerally about a record that’s classic in feeling, with sweeping string sections and impressionistic piano chords and dancing melodies through which conversational lyrics are carried. Almost in the vein of Million Dollar Man live, mixed with Buddy’s Rendezvous and Debussy’s sensibility —
  2. This is so poignant and brilliant of you to highlight. I feel like this black-and-white motif is really significant for the next record, particularly how it sheds light on the dimensions of colour in her previous writing.
  3. Her comments about fashion being fun again make me happy. I remember 10 years ago she was always asked about her entrance into the fashion world and her answer would always be about the beautiful people she met in it, and how everyone was dedicated to making their lives into works of art. And that translated into how glamorous she was, and how the looks were always a real extension of the music! We got a bit of that again in 2018, but other than that, her relationship with the fashion world seemed to be not as much of a focal point, in timely coincidence with her scaling back on PR as a reaction to hypercriticism. I’m glad she’s stepping back into it now though, and having fun with the glamour and midcentury references in terms of imaging, which we saw earlier! It’s like a return to form and her uninfluenced, authentic inspirations in a way (even though everything she does is exactly that).
  4. Not to rehash people’s qualms with leaked songs being on records, but the W Mag shoot is, like, a perfect visual embodiment of what a finalized, polished version of Fine China would sound like 🖤🤍
  5. This shot is just my favourite - her beauty is stunning and I love how classic her styling is in this shoot.
  6. This shoot and interview is just amazing. I love the glamour of the photos, and I always love a luxurious black-and-white moment. There is so much insight and depth in her answers, her self-awareness is really inspiring. I'm excited for the record, and if her mentions of Honeymoon's existentialism lately is anything to go by in terms of what's inspiring her, I can tell she's creating something amazing in the studio <3
  7. I’m so glad Pammy and Anna are back! I have absolutely loved Sheridan and Etienne’s looks on Lana, but the classic Lana glam team being back is just <3 I’d love to see Johnny Blueeyes return too!
  8. This look + the alleged Dior glamour of the W Mag shoot has me excited for the visual direction of this new record, let alone the actual music!
  9. This look is so Paradise Tour with those jewel green tones and her hair + makeup…I’m obsessed
  10. Ugh Lana in Italia just feels so right. I wonder if a summer home over there is calling her name
  11. Excited! Also - the mention of messing with 808s intrigues me. Last time we heard 808s from Lana was in DBJAG’s verses…
  12. I always thought this song was addressed to the boyfriend of hers that passed away, and he was the one that told her “every man gets his wish” — but she feels a bit misled by that sentiment following his passing. The lines “now you’re gone”, “where is mine?” and “were you lying?” seem to suggest he was part of that wish, but because he’s not with her anymore, she didn’t get her wish in the end. She’s almost in denial about his fate with that last line, in particular. A fun track on the surface but really earnest and heartbreaking when you peel back the layers <3
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