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  1. I've been raised from the dead – this cover story is everything to me. So much insight and pure gold in her answers and she looks beautiful as ever. And I'm really excited for more Americana vibes. She has yet to lean into it fully and I hope this tour (country covers + the cowboy boots) is an indication that she will.
  2. It’s so great to see her onstage again, really - there’s so much excitement to be felt even if she’s not playing anywhere near you lol. But even with that said, hoping for a more extensive next leg!
  3. Wow, I love this so much. I didn’t really have any expectations or idea as to what it would sound like, but this is gorgeous. The lyrics are so good. And the line about auburn hair really made me smile
  4. I’m so excited for everyone who gets to see this live! It’s such a huge stadium that it feels extra special. The energy last night looked incredible - these two shows are definitely going down as some of her most iconic.
  5. Don’t kill me - but do we think there’s going to be a strong country influence on this next album? Some signs point to it - 1. Covering Stand By Your Man at the recent shows. She covered For Free on the NFR tour and it was on the following album. Perhaps a studio version exists and will be on the next album? 2. An Instagram story from September 2022 captioned “I hope you guys like country music”. At that point, most of DYKTTATUOB was finished, with Margaret (the last song recorded) written and recorded that month. Perhaps she started work on the following record already? 3. Her recent studio session in Alabama, which, as a southern state, has a lot of overlap with a more “Americana” country sound.
  6. I think so, it seems to be the same one from Lollapalooza and Outside Lands - but we’ll be able to know for sure once HQ pictures are posted.
  7. Forever in a white dress <3 I’m here for it being worn for the third time - sustainable fashion queen. The veil is pretty too
  8. Girl just @ me next time, it’s ok 😭. I’m surprised that people didn’t like the short hair though, I loved this -
  9. I’ve said it a million times before but I’m obsessed with the fake bob/lob she’s been doing lately. And with the newly cut bangs, it looks so chic. It’s very early 2018 LDR, which was one of her best hair eras — Lana, if you’re reading this, seriously consider making the big chop!
  10. Better be seeing some royalty cheques in my name soon if that’s the case, then
  11. I feel for Ricardo and Byron, who are probably going to be receiving some messages from fans tonight. If you turn off your phones, no one can yell at u in the DMs ☠️
  12. I’m obsessed with the DIY bob, the shorter teased hair looks so fucking good on her everytime.
  13. Oh the surprise is Joan Baez, isn’t it?! Her granddaughter Jasmine was with Lana backstage!
  14. I feel like the surprise is probably just to do with the setlist but I’ll get excited over anything lol!
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