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  1. I was thinking about it, and now that we know that Lana sings “white hot forever” during the chorus of Tulsa Jesus Freak, I wonder if the song actually was titled the words she teased in her IG post and Tik Tok from July 2020, “Tulsa Jesus Freak: White Hot Forever” - much like how she changed “White Dress/Waitress” to White Dress? Makes sense to me, and hopefully solves the mystery of what she meant by grouping what we thought were two tracks at the time!
  2. I love this so much! <3 this gets me all the more excited (as if that was even possible). March 19th cannot come sooner enough. This album is going to floor us!
  3. It definitely is a sadder song for sure, I agree! I was thinking more instrumentally - I too think Yosemite will be a bit brighter in tone but will share some mellow elements with Fade Into You! I'm so excited <3 I love this song so much, I would die! I love Mazzy Star's sound so much. When I first heard Hope Sandoval's voice, I was reminded of Lana, so I could totally see her going in a direction sonically similar to Give You My Lovin and Fade Into You I cannot wait!
  4. Right now, I'm imagining Yosemite to sound like Fade Into You by Mazzy Star! There's a prominent acoustic guitar, keyboard, and tambourine in that song and we know Yosemite has those 3 instruments! The mood of Fade Into You is also nostalgic and at times, very saccharine while still being bittersweet, so I could see Yosemite sounding similar!
  5. 35 days! feels so surreal now that we have the Mojo magazine cover and White Dress hopefully coming in 14 days!
  6. I posted my one acronym and then left, because same "Downtown, all the men in music buy coffee" was IT for me. Guess we'll find out soon, legend!
  7. I'm here! Thanks so much for thinking of me - that's really sweet I've missed everyone too! <3 Can't believe we're 38 days away from the album (and possibly 17 until White Dress! )
  8. This is what I've been imagining Wild at Heart to sound like, instrumentally-speaking! And it would sound so good next to Let Me Love You Like a Woman and could really serve as a 'speed-bump' in the album!
  9. I feel the same way! I also think the fact that I never really thought about what the cultural landscape looked like in relation to Lana as her records were released helped with that. I know a lot of people associate Born to Die with Tumblr, for example, but I just never happened to be on Tumblr, so the presumed-outdatedness of that didn't affect how I listened to the album. And to be honest, I'm really grateful that I didn't participate too much in whatever was 'hot' in the culture because I'm not sure if I would be able to develop the discerning ear that allows me to pull back and really just appreciate the music for what it is without the 'white noise' that can make music feel dated. I love how Lana is able to dip her toe into various trends and genres while still making the music characteristically her own - and timeless, of course! <3
  10. Aw thank you! <3 I wonder if the cityscape, Sun Ra, white dress, White Stripes, and lawn photos are part of the chorus or a different part of the song though! I can’t imagine her being able to fit all of that imagery in just “DATMIMBC”..I’m so excited!
  11. Downtown all the men in music buy coffee.. (Since it’s about her waitressing days when she was an aspiring singer, likely serving the men whose labels she wanted to be signed to?)
  12. Knowing that all of Lana's records generally contain evocations of 1 or 2 particular places (AKA being Nevada and New York; BTD being New York with a touch of Los Angeles, and then Paradise through NFR being various regions of California with Ultraviolence briefly going back to New York) it's interesting to note that Lana has said numerous times over the last year that spiritually, karmically, etc. she was wanting to "leave LA" (as written in LMLYLAW). You can definitely hear the Midwestern influence in LMLYLAW - some of the guitar-work on that song reminds me a bit of the traditional melodic-patterns that are indigenous to America's original inhabitants; I was particularly reminded of when Lana invited Andrew Thomas (a Navajo flutist from Albuquerque) to perform on tour in November 2019, and I recall in her original video announcing VBBOTG's spoken-word album (from December 2019), she said something about how connecting to the lineage of America and donating the proceeds of Violet to various Indigenous communities "informed this next album that [she's] working on". I am imagining that the album will incorporate the earliest sounds of Midwestern-American history and will pay homage to the Navajo community that Lana has talked about being touched by in her youth and has discussed making reparations to recently. I'm excited!
  13. I'm really loving LMLYLAW and COTCC - it's old news but the fact that we're only 44 days away and the sun is shining again where I live really has me feeling all the magic she's captured in these two tracks even more so than usual love this woman and her artistic spirit so much.
  14. It could! I could be wrong, but I totally heard piano riffs as well as synthesizers beneath her vocals during the chorus and a lone piano during the “you should come back to our place” part of the snippet. The piano sounded really muted, as though someone had pressed down the Celeste pedal (or “practice pedal” - the middle pedal on the piano)!
  15. LOL “pull a HTD” I would love it having piano but I definitely agree that it’s nice to have some more instrumental variety on the record - I’m excited to hear how a more guitar and organ-heavy soundscape (evident from the credits) will sound, especially in the context of the two songs we’ve heard!
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