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  1. This song could potentially have more history to it than we know. Beautiful People was the title of a Jay Sebring (hairstylist and friend/former partner of Sharon Tate) biopic to be directed by James Franco. News of this broke in January 2013, and it’s funny that Lana was in talks to play Sharon in a project by an unknown director (though we can infer it was James Franco). Perhaps when Lana and James first connected in the summer of 2014, he brought this up and she wrote the first demo of “Beautiful People” (which we know was recorded in late July 2014). I wonder if she got inspiration for the title of this song from this movie that never materialized… Charting its evolution between 2014 and 2017 is really one of the most beautiful things to have witnessed in the larger LDR lyrical arc.
  2. Dolly Parton's original version of "I Will Always Love You" feels like something Lana would create, sonically and melodically speaking – so I feel like a rustic, Americana, guitar-driven (acoustic and steel pedal) sound is imminent. Maybe something like a stripped-down Ultraviolence or a labouring on the sounds explored on Chemtrails. "Henry, Come On" reminded me so much of some 2013 material (particularly Chelsea Hotel No. 2, Nectar of the Gods, Unidentified Flying Bill)
  3. ☠️☠️☠️ This is SENDING me but it’s so true. I hate how reductive that is but I’m hoping that with the public acclaim of Lana this past year and the general gravitation towards country in music circles right now, this won’t be the case.
  4. This seems to be from December 23, 2023 when she saw The Nutcracker ballet at the Dolby Theatre in LA https://www.instagram.com/p/C1Ou1d8OC3y/?igsh=MW5lZ3c2bHNkaWhmbQ==
  5. I agree that there’s no way of knowing for sure, and I lean on the side of it being a semi-imagined experience——perhaps she’s had brushes with that industry or the people involved in it. What I do think is fully true, however, is that she resonates with the psychological experiences of women who do that kind of work and incorporated it into the music for evocative purposes and to reify her kinship with all women generally. It’s really an alluring artistic vehicle to explore complicated emotional subject matter, and the important thing is that even if it’s not her exact experience, Lana has embodied it very respectfully and tastefully.
  6. Thinking about the NFR rollout makes me laugh…it picked up as a traditional cycle in the summer of 2019 but she really didn’t give a fuck in the 9 months before that and STILL reached a career peak She is so casually cool. Goals.
  7. IanadeIrey

    Taylor Swift

    Sorry - I know I made a comment like this so I hope it didn’t strike too strong a chord. And again - it’s only my gauge of what she’s been doing as of late. Going back to the discourse on capitalism - that’s where the claims of inauthenticity stem from too, for me. The direction appears to be shaped by what’s profitable - which isn’t bad, necessarily. But it feels like a bit of a contradiction when something as organic as poetry is being used as a device to garner capital - rather than for the sake of the art. My two cents though and I totally get what you mean <3
  8. IanadeIrey

    Taylor Swift

    I feel like her shtick lately is trying to be a “poet” of Lana’s calibre but missing the mark completely. I can’t put my finger on it but it just feels so inauthentic. Shout out to Red, though.
  9. Omg Lana! Beautiful as ever and forever style inspo
  10. She sounds incredible and her voice is so crisp and clear. That makes me excited for how she’ll sound on the songs recorded in 2023/2024 for Lasso since it’s been almost a year and a half since the very last vocals for Ocean Blvd were recorded (September 2022 with Margaret). My only gripe is how Lana sings for like, half of the song - and the other half is that fade in/fade out. BUT I get that this likely fits into the scenes of the show so it’s just a cute little musical interlude. So I can’t complain - but I’m always going to want more Lana on any song
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