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  1. "It's a beautiful life, remember that too for me," followed by "When's it gonna be my turn? Don't forget me" in the next track really illustrates this concept of longing for your own contribution to a familial line and legacy. That really moves me, as I'm sure it does so many others – I'm really glad she's exploring the family theme in more detail because it truly is an enriching and rewarding aspect of your life to labour upon.
  2. Aw. I'm here and I appreciate you so much! Hopefully any crises have been averted in the meantime!
  3. The Grants...what an incredibly moving song. I love what she said about making the introduction to the entire record the gospel singers' "beautifully flawed" first take, completely for its symbolism of naturalness. What a wonderful thing to honour in your life's work and art. As for the song itself, there could not be a more fitting sentiment than "I'm gonna take mine of you with me" in regards to the memories we have of our loved ones and what we really should take away from life once we're gone. A beautiful reminder that will perfectly open this record. Stunning vocals, heavenly harmonies, and touching lyrics. <3
  4. Remember in late 2021 she said she was focusing on other interests? Citing those interests as a reason for deactivating her IG and even alluding to these interests in her speech at the Variety Awards. Could it be that this mystery interest is related to the announcement?
  5. What could be a “surprise” that’s unrelated to new music or a standard performance at the BBC? I’m thinking maybe some sort of major personal life update OR the launch of an entire new creative endeavour…
  6. I can kind of make out “Here’s my body, I’m available, I’m a ghost now, look how they (you) found (hold) me” - with the words in parentheses being layered?
  7. I was thinking this too, it is suspicious. Always be skeptical of people who make claims, but *conveniently* can’t offer evidence to support their claims! Probably just someone who wants to troll - but nonetheless, it would be cool to get a first look at that vinyl variant.
  8. I needed answers, Pinky!! But I answered it myself (much to my own dismay)
  9. So, a girl named Ella works at Target and she told her friend that they received the vinyl at Target. But there are no photos of this vinyl, right? It’s just hearsay for now?
  10. The album was too fire 🔥 The poor Jergins Tunnel couldn’t handle being the titular reference of the 9th studio album by Lana Del Rey!
  11. All this talk about “Ella” and I’m just thinking about how that’s Spanish for “she”. Her true Lanita moment -
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