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  1. Weren’t these taken in New Orleans (where Charlie and his wife Val live now) just before the Alabama show? That would have been the week after she and Quavo shot scenes for Tough in Atlanta at Wally’s house. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she just brought this photographer with her to New Orleans for some extra footage + pictures, which further suggests Tough is indeed her single.
  2. Don’t believe Tik Tok fans…and it’s not at all like her to give super specific info to one person like that. It’s better to assume nothing than to take something as unfounded as a fan’s claim.
  3. GORGEOUS! Set to the colour theme and I’m obsessed. Iconic photography for an iconic album on an iconic website. Thanks @Elle 🖤🩶🤍
  4. Happy birthday to the Bible that is Ultraviolence. There are too many things to say about this album - but it’s shaped me so much and the sheer number of things in my life that have been inspired purely from listening to it and experiencing the era in real time is insane. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. If Born to Die and Paradise were what introduced the world to Lana Del Rey, then Ultraviolence is what cemented her status as a living legend and prolific icon who would only continue to generously share her lyrical self-reflections in the years to come. In the broader LDR universe, Ultraviolence bears so much lore that we’ll only continue to unpack as we listen to this album over the next 10 (and more!) years.
  5. Cackling. Same energy as the Interscope artists’ reimaginings of BTD, Paradise, and NFR.
  6. I’m getting Lust for Life writing process vibes where she started out in a quieter place and was leaning more into stylistic ballads but then 14 months into the process she just naturally happened to be more outgoing and active and ~out on the scene~ so the sound shifted to be a bit more contemporary and upbeat. And maybe that explains some of her hesitance now because perhaps the songs are a bit more traditionally country and classic-sounding but she’s in a place where she wants to create something else.
  7. Everytime she’s back on the east coast, something shifts…
  8. Omg the new pics are giving everything. It feels very early LDR circa the original Blue Jeans video and Carmen video in 2011 meets her current sensibility. So excited
  9. Oh my God, congrats @colaandvideogames! You deserve it, you are the absolute sweetest and the universe clearly sees that, hence, this exciting news. Both you and Lana are lucky to get to have lunch with each other! Can’t wait for the updates, have funnnn
  10. Such a good show. And the quality of the livestream really took me back to 2012 - super nostalgic all around
  11. Omg she looked amazing and sang beautifully - Etienne + Anna killed the glam today
  12. I just joined the stream now during The Grants and the guitars and pianos being out of tune every now and then? Lol
  13. Cherry is always going to be a highlight for me live, it’s such a moment and brings a lot of life to the set so I’m glad that one has stayed.
  14. @American Whore This is not a “hive mind” or “group think” situation where people are blindly following an opinion that’s popular for the sake of social capital or maintaining a status quo…given the history of the state of Israel and its violent occupation of Gaza, there is a genocide going on and people are naturally going to be outspoken against that. It’s not uncritical to be critical of Israel, in fact, we’ve seen that the “hive mind” or “safer” stance in terms of maintaining the status quo is to support the oppressor - case in point, look at how many people have lost their careers simply for refusing to support a genocide. Normal people, at that. And nobody is endorsing anti-Semitism by supporting Palestine, the two are not mutually exclusive at all. To play contrarian in the face of people’s and children’s lives lost is beyond reductive, and these innocent civilians do not represent whatever “anti-LGBTQ” sentiments you’re talking about. People are not their governments - you could say the exact same thing about the US. There’s no point in anyone even engaging with some of the points you’ve made if your mind is made up but I hope people’s responses to you make you think twice about doubling down.
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