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  1. I hope everyone has an awesome, safe night tonight!! So ready to see the queen!!!!
  2. $250 later but at least I don’t have to stop at the show tonight
  3. I got tickets! Not the best seats or view, but it’s the only tickets that would work for me at checkout and I’m just happy to be going
  4. Fuck she looked incredible. Glad to see her out and thriving.
  5. Thanks @hotshot2am appreciate you
  6. This has to be her year long overdue.
  7. Damn I feel like she posts about every show except Tampa.
  8. Cats and chemtrails over the country club song
  9. I love this book, but I haven’t seen the movie. Will check it out. I’ve seen bridget Jones diary probably 50+ times lol and I just started a grey’s anatomy rewatch not that long ago
  10. Some of my favorites are Lady Bird, a star is born (1954 version), call me by your name, almost famous, mermaids, silver linings playbook. And my comfort movie is Bridesmaids- that one didn’t change my life, but it always makes me laugh and it’s one of my favorites.
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