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  1. Omg. NEED. Only like my 10000000th copy of COCC but whatever. It’s gorgeous.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped Lana Del Rey. She’s changed her names around a lot in the beginning and now it just seems like she wants to keep creating music, but not for a large fandom. She knows her true stans will find her and support the music if she changes. The possible ending of interscope and starting over at Capitol or elsewhere, maybe she feels now is the time to do it. Idk.
  3. This. I think this deactivation of social media is less about a mental health break, and more about becoming private in a way. We know she doesn’t like fame and I don’t think she ever wanted to be a alt/pop artist with 20.7 million followers. That’s a lot. I feel like she’s always wanted to be low key and just do her thing. She doesn’t want “fans” harassing her future boyfriends, family, friends. I am curious to see when she is spotted out if she will continue to take pics with fans, etc. or if she’s really done with the whole thing. Also sending messages to those select few fans and asking for their info makes it seem like she’s going to be gone and out of touch for awhile.
  4. I literally feel the exact same way.
  5. I miss orbiting in Lana’s Instagram world already.
  6. I know I’m dramatic and pathetic, but I can’t be here when the Instagram goes. It’s just too sad. I know we’ll get through this with love and support from each other and I think she will be back eventually (manifesting). I wish all of you the very best day possible under the circumstances.
  7. Do we think her family and friends will still post pics of her if they are hanging out? I need some kind of Lana in my life. Really gonna miss the random selphies a lot.
  8. Why do I feel like she’s saying goodbye to the last 10 years of work. I’m not ready for that. At all.
  9. Omg the twitters gone. it’s all happening. The blackest day.
  10. I want her to stay. But I wish she would either go or decide to stay bc my mental health is not ready for this “trip down memory lane” or whatever photos are coming next before her social media farewell. Honeymoon. My heart.
  11. What is she doing. I can’t handle this agony.
  12. This album isn’t even out yet but it’s too sad to listen to for me. Arcadia, text book, wildfire, and blue banisters are too hard to listen to now. I miss her. I can’t imagine listening to this album when it comes out and she’s “gone.” I don’t know how to deal with this. 10 years of releases and this one feels so different. It feels like the end of an era but idk why bc she’s still putting stuff out. Sorry I’m just projecting my sadness and anxiety about this. I’m really flustered.
  13. Still depressed over here. Might not ever recover. I miss you Lana.
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