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  1. I put the album on and when Margaret came on and Jack started singing my cat looked up and gave this disgusted look in the direction of the music. Wish I had it on camera. She’s so funny. Anyways, I’m still processing everything but I love this album so much
  2. Signing off. V excited for the album- I’ve only listened to the singles so far and I can’t wait to hear the rest. I know most everyone here has already heard the album between leaks and the streaming party, but I hope everyone has the best release day listen! <3
  3. My green indie vinyl is out for delivery !!! I’m so excited to listen to this album!
  4. I’ve listened to no leaks so far. Upon first listen The Grants reminds me of something that would play at a funeral… but now it just makes me cry.
  5. gatadelrey

    Taylor Swift

    I go at the end of July.
  6. Has the music or Lana helped you get into your own family lineage? Probably weird but I have a small family bc I only know my mom’s side and grandparents are dead now and stuff but hearing Lana talk about karmic/family lineage and her own experiences with that has made me want to look into my own.
  7. Do we think the target version will be sold in stores this time? Was never able to find the chemtrails target one in stores, and I can’t order online from target. Had a guy pre order this one for me but we don’t talk anymore so I feel like he most likely cancelled it…. Hoping they’ll have it in stores….
  8. How can anyone hate on the queen in any capacity…… like she’s perfect.
  9. I think her relationship with religion is interesting. I feel like she’s mad with God sometimes and expresses it through her music like maybe something bad happened in a church setting or something like that so it makes it difficult for her. But then we know she goes to a Christian church regularly. Wasn’t she raised Catholic?
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