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  1. They showed the mermaid parade from Coney Island on the Macy’s parade and I instantly thought of Lana.
  2. Fuck the Grammys. Violet and ALL lana’s other albums are better than that. I’m tired of her getting robbed all the time. She deserves so much fucking more. Violet is a masterpiece.
  3. This picture does things to me
  4. Ugh damn I had no idea. I’ve been dealing with some shit so I haven’t been paying as much attention. Thanks! Thank you. I’ve been dealing with some shit so I haven’t been checking here as frequently the last couple days.
  5. I got a vibes box and a blanket. me to my husband: I promise I won’t spend any money while you’re gone. husband: goes to work. lana: violet merch drop. me: on top of being a woman I am scared guys.
  6. It’s honestly too sad. Too much hatred in the world.
  7. I wanted to celebrate and post on social media and my mother said I couldn’t (bc what would the neighbors think) so I just wanted to say thank you all for allowing me to celebrate here and be who I am regardless of political views.
  8. I’m so happy. Tears of joy over here!!! After days of anxiety and feeling so heavy, I feel lighter already. SO happy.
  9. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/12175
  10. Yeah the heart one and then I saw a coke bottle version of the whole album from somewhere- I thought UO but maybe not.
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