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  1. Email them. Same thing happened to me and a kind person here told me to email them, I got my order a few days later….
  2. Is everyone still breathing after another boob selfie? Twice in one week.
  3. Those pictures….. holy fuck. brb I might be having a mini heart attack
  4. What is wrong with these people?? Beyond disgusting. These people that keep targeting her need mental help. I hope that she increases her security as much as possible and stays safe. I feel so bad for her. No one should have to go through shit like this.
  5. Can you drop the email you used? I ordered stuff the first day it dropped and I don’t even remember when that was bc it’s been so long lol
  6. Has anyone gotten any Blue Banisters merch they ordered from the village? I ordered a mug and 2 shirts a very long time ago and they sent me an email saying the shipping label was created back in October (I think), but the tracking says it hasn’t moved and I never got anything?
  7. Yessss please share. Can’t wait to read your thoughts!!
  8. Hi! I just moved so I have been super busy and just saw this. Thank you for mentioning me on here. Very sweet and kind of you all. Hope everyone is doing well and happy new year !!
  9. $25 USD is a lot for 2 posters that are going to sit in my closet or go in the trash. They shouldn’t sell things that are so low quality. They can do better and they know it.
  10. I received the two unsigned posters I ordered from the UK store…. Both are so blurry that it hurts my eyes to even look at them. Extremely disappointed that they would even sell this. I paid a lot for them. Has anyone had any luck getting a refund? I’m not even sure how to go about that, but I’m really unhappy with the quality.
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