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  1. Omg I actually went to this cafe when I was visiting Alaska a few years ago.
  2. Ah I don’t listen to Joni that much so I didn’t know she referenced astrology often. It just came on and I instantly thought of Chemtrails and Lana lol
  3. I was just listening to Little Green by Joni Mitchell and I noticed the first line is “born with the moon in cancer.” I love to see how Lana is inspired by other artists. I can’t wait to hear the whole album and look out for other inspiration examples.
  4. Is Jen also a founder or something for bumble? She’s posting a lot about it today and seems to be involved with it. Interesting.
  5. I love Bare Feet on Linoleum but it gives me extreme anxiety. I listen to this almost every night and I tend to fall asleep during Sportcruiser and wake up during Bare Feet in an extreme panic. I’ve tried listening to it during the day in hopes that it would get better but so far nothing. I think it’s the background music. Anyone else?
  6. I used to be in a group chat with him and other people that were at the show I went to in 2019. I left it a long time ago but he never liked me because I didn’t think his comments berating Sean and people in Lana’s life were funny like everyone else did. Did I like Sean? No, but I don’t think it’s ever okay to berate someone and harass them. Now he’s harassing Clay. It’s truly alarming. I remember once Chuck looked at his Instagram story when Lana and Sean were together so hopefully maybe Lana is aware of him? I know he saw her and met her at at least 3 shows in 2019. Maybe she knows to watch out for him from now on.
  7. Dat1guitarguy is incredibly scary. I’ve met him and sadly he has many Lana fan followers that think his constant negative comments about her boyfriends are funny. He truly does think they are going to get married and it’s alarming.
  8. A litho print signed or not signed would be a dream. The HBTB print is one of my fave pieces of Lana merch that I own.
  9. I had mine shipped to my sisters dorm room in Connecticut and it worked. But I had no luck having it shipped to my house in Florida. If the signed items won’t ship to your house, if you have a family member or friend in another state try them. It’s a very strange situation.
  10. So I contacted her store about not shipping to Florida...we’ll see what they say. In the meantime I have contacted my sister and she’s letting me have it shipped to her college dorm in Connecticut and it went through.... hopefully it comes by the second week in April because she’s leaving college for good then and I need my cd.
  11. Why does she hate Florida? I’m so sad. I want a cd and signed card so bad and it won’t ship to me. I’ve never gotten anything signed before and I’ve been waiting all day everyday for them to be released this era. This is about to ruin the era for me because I’ve bought everything else but the signed card was what I wanted most.
  12. Yeah I ordered it the first day it came out and then like 6 months later they sent an email that it was delayed bc of covid but I haven’t heard anything about it in almost a year I think. It’s crazy. I also ordered a demi lovato signed cd and vinyl and I got the cd but there’s no info about the vinyl. Hopefully lanas won’t take so long....if I can even order it on the US store if it gets fixed.
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