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  1. This has to be her year long overdue.
  2. Damn I feel like she posts about every show except Tampa.
  3. Cats and chemtrails over the country club song
  4. I love this book, but I haven’t seen the movie. Will check it out. I’ve seen bridget Jones diary probably 50+ times lol and I just started a grey’s anatomy rewatch not that long ago
  5. Some of my favorites are Lady Bird, a star is born (1954 version), call me by your name, almost famous, mermaids, silver linings playbook. And my comfort movie is Bridesmaids- that one didn’t change my life, but it always makes me laugh and it’s one of my favorites.
  6. Has she been meeting fans after the shows like in the past or just at the barricade this time?
  7. For anyone that got lawn- I’ve been to a few shows here and a few years ago I saw the Jonas Brothers in the lawn. It was a last minute thing and tbh I didn’t care that much so we came right at opening. They have a few pillars towards the back of the arena (left, center, right) and we got stuck right behind the one in the middle. The whole time they were on the stage we could only see them when they moved to the left or right- there were tv screens to watch so technically you could see, but it wasn’t as good obviously. I know everyone paid a lot of money to see our queen, so go early if you can so you don’t have a blocked view! This is my first time in seats at this venue. I was originally going for pit, but I have extreme anxiety so once I start to shut down that’s it, and I didn’t want to risk missing Lana. I’m very excited. I hope everyone has the best time. I still cant believe she is coming here!
  8. It’s been 3 hours and I’m still shaking
  9. I paid this much but for section 6….
  10. Glad you got tickets!! I got seats for Tampa too. Section 6, row F, spent $1200 but I’m still flipping out!!!
  11. Omg I got the tickets I wanted for Tampa!!!! Crying happy tears! Keep trying everyone!!!!!
  12. Xanax taken, meditation complete, good luck everyone.
  13. Both a mess- I’ll agree there (isn’t everything tho? ) , but I still think a little more organized last time. She had leg 1 and leg 2, merch for both, vip packages for both, more dates in both legs announced at the same time if I’m remembering correctly. . For this it’s been mostly festivals and then she adds random dates a few days before the show. There was no official leg, etc. Now it’s being called leg 2 of this tour, but no one knows if/when she’s adding more pop up dates lol. Maybe it’s just me, I just feel it’s more stressful this time, but I do remember being stressed last time as well.
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