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  1. So exciting!!! You know this crazy hoe was camping up waiting for this release dfhgjknfgk I love it so much!!!
  2. Omg my first time seeing IRL photos of it, tysm for sharing!! Gorgeousss
  3. Venice

    Taylor Swift

    PLS this is sending me
  4. This is just toooo good to be true (YTH release) to where I don't accept this! In fear of it never happening, so my future hopes can't be crushed
  5. Had a dream last night about excitedly running into Lana on the street and asking her a million questions in the most annoying valley girl type of accent known to man, but I just couldn’t stop being that way for whatever reason HELP why does my mind generate these kinds of movies
  6. gorgeous jdgjg i want the white vinyl for the tiddy on vinyl, and now the indie exclusive for the tiddy on the alt cover
  7. Venice


    Make me feel alive I'm not a fan of the main "Flower" single because I don't like anti-drops in general but thissss is so...!
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