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  1. I never thought this would ever happen, icon energy the house 🔥 Yeah, I love the jacket too, but definitely looks like a few different looks mashed together. Oh well, good thing she's so fine
  2. One time I was discussing with someone about how we discovered Lana and at some point they said, “I was six years old and it’s still such a special memory” like wait what sghsrukghsrukg But it's great to see diversity lmfao ANYWAY for me I found the leaks on multiple platforms, everywhere honestly. She wasn't huge at the time so nothing was ever removed.
  3. Not liking what I see lmao, but I hope Planet Her can win album of the year. However, the grammy's are such a scam anyways and generally judge by fame > talent. So I don't really care. The way Lana's been snubbed so many times too even at her critical peak, I just don't see it happening at this point. That's a wrap.
  4. Just one month after her second album release this year We really are some blood thirsty leeches huh Personally, I'm hoping for anything beyond stripped down piano ballads, as I think I've had my maximum dose of those. I really miss and would love to hear some strings, guitar, and fuller/bolder production overall. However, I think I'd like to see the second poetry book before another album. I really want her to take her sweet time with the next sound/continuation/whatever it may be.
  5. Thanks so much guys!! I feel you and I hope she does a bunch more in the future or that you come across these floating around online at a decent price. I had to buy mine from a scalper and am not sure which store it was from, but it took forever. I do want to mention that like others here shared, I've also barely seen the full green autographs online and since there just has to be more of those, they’ve probably yet to be fully shipped. And according to what random fans are speculating on LDR’s subreddit (so take with a grain of salt), unlike with the US store, Lana has contractual obligations with external companies to fulfill the international orders. If that's really the case, I’m betting many more of those full greens, along with those 'cancelled' silver variations, will show up soon from the UK/French/Canadian stores etc. I got so desperate to possibly get an LDR auto that I went a bit crazy 🔍 @TextBook and I know you prefer the green so I hope it’s the one you get! ♡
  6. Everything’s a hot mess right now but FINALLY my signed card arrived! It’s beautiful and the silver ink looks almost holographic in person, very reflective and bold against the more matte-like card. I don’t have tons of Lana merch, I just have what I have, so I feel so lucky to have been able to get something like this! The tail of the letter Y even has her finger print very clear on it hkfhgkjxhg 🥺💖
  7. Yeah, what I really love about California is how full it sounds, how rich the production is. I think a strong production definitely compliments her voice unlike anything else. As a semi joke, I describe to friends (who aren’t familiar) that I listen to Lana for the narcissism, and to Peep (my other fave artist) for the depression. Not sure what this says about me lmao but… yep!
  8. 100% agreed! I also deeply love Sportcruiser! And I love the LA one, Never to Heaven, Salamander, ahh so many were so good! It's all definitely an excellent work of art. Personally, I just think her music hits me differently, like Violet but with many more spices. I think I should go to sleep lmaO I hope any of this made sense She should definitely release Behind the Iron Gates while this BB high takes me out
  9. Right? I hope if she ever wants to venture those routes again, that she easily would, as she doesn't care about mainstream success or even promo at this point! I hope it stays like that forever, and for me as well! BB is still so new, I can't help but to be reminded of when I was crazy about VBBOtG for several months when it came out, but by now I hardly ever revisit that book or audio sffhksdhfk
  10. I really enjoyed LFL too! It was during a tough time of my life but the album took me out of it whenever I'd listen. The aesthetic was so spicy, and Summer Bummer was everything for me that summer I think it's the same order for me too but I'll have to see how BB ages over time!
  11. Hopefully there are some other good places someone knows! That can't be the only one left
  12. https://shopfr.lanadelrey.com/products/vinyle-blue-bannisters
  13. What in the helllll is going on with signed BB art card prices holy shit This era does feel limited and scary too some days
  14. Venice

    Taylor Swift

    This is so nice. It's such a refreshing throwback, and doesn't feel traumatic like you know when you associate good songs with bad memories. Love the fresh voice
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