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  1. Mhm time to bleach tonight's events from my memories Sweetest dreams everyone!!
  2. She knows Lana was snubbed all night and her doing all of this while winning made that even more obvious Overall a wack event but whatever, I'm glad for at least this acknowledgement as a closer
  3. This brought me back to life from my snooze Sooooo sweet and wholesome
  4. As a Lana fan, not Jay-Z’s speech feeling so personal LMAO help
  5. Exactly this. I don’t get all the hate towards other performers when even Lana herself doesn’t feel that hateful way
  6. The way she’s so happy for her 😭 my heartttt
  7. I for one love all of this so much! So wholesome
  8. not this photo making me weak I’ll prob love her until I die
  9. I thought so too! For me that’s good enough for this event
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