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  1. For once I don't really care for the vocals but omg those violin strings can kiss me any day. I'm gonna make the instrumental my ring tone whenever I break my iPhone next
  2. Venice

    Rina Sawayama

    I haven't really listened to her before and couldn't find much of the new album. So I just ripped a full leak and was like damn, this girl really needs to work on her promo skills. Then I realized the album isn't even released yet. Loool. I love love love the song Holy. Lyrics, production, relatability, jfgkflgjfkh. Hauntingly beautiful.
  3. Extra yes! Definitely one of my favourites ever.
  4. Mm nothing like starting off the mornings with strong delusion. I love it
  5. Adore this song, though I thought this was just another lyric video But then that hot hoe really walked towards me like that in the middle of it
  6. All the possibilities, opportunities and dreams in this world. But imagine spending life distressing people at 2 AM instead. Just embarrassing - I'm so sorry you're having to go through this!
  7. She is literally glowing here omg??? The plot of my parasocial relationship w Lana deepens
  8. I can't breathe I love it here
  9. A listening party where the hosts disappear every once in a while depending on the intensity of the emo vibe - who wouldn't love that?? We'll be absolute stars, Pinky
  10. Her musique, mind, vague signs, lewks and album number noine ♡ I luff this groupie luff and when the forum was at war, we kept dancing
  11. I was also obsessed with it, and have a Michelle Branch throwback phase every few years sfjhsdg
  12. This must happen, for my life I need Lana bold, big and bad Team Delulu until deff do us part Forever pulling up for my besties
  13. Venice


    Very this! I'm in lufffff.
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