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  1. So only just the other day did I finally fall in love with Summer Wine. All these years later, LOL. This always freaking happens to me, just like with West Coast. By the time I'm obsessed with a song I wasn't into before, it's just me alone with my hype. Why can't my brain just cooperate on time?
  2. I'm so glad there are others out there who also suffer like I do with these "problems" 😂 Love it! Not even 2 weeks until March and then we'll be off
  3. Venice

    Lil Peep

    Lots of new official Lil Peep uploads such as: Love and miss you so, so much.
  4. Does anyone think there will be any other singles going out before the album aside from White Dresssss?
  5. Just putting it out into the universe that I’m really, really hoping to get a song on CoCC that has that big and bold, iconic Lana sound. Like the instrumentals/background vocal work/etc. of some of her biggest songs, the intensity of it all is just... intense (it’s late here ok lol). Hit me like a hurricane with it Please come true and please come through
  6. Venice


    I'm very new to Ashnikko and am still very much obsessed with Daisy and Cry So much interesting content to take in, and now this new EP!
  7. Everything you say Makes me want to stay But everything you've done Makes me want to run (Butterflies Pt. 1) These lines haunted me when I needed to be reminded I can do better :') I'm not unhinged or unhappy, I'm just wild (Chemtrails Over the Country Club) A summary of my spirit :'))
  8. Miss Lans pleading our case, xoxo. For the children On a side note, I can't wait this long for CoCC Hopefully White Dress will be very busying for a good while...
  9. This happened to me too a while back LOL, I was posting about it while freaking out, people here were recommending me more Lana songs tho Which actually helped! CoCC will probably wipe us out tho Man I love it here
  10. What I love about this era is that unlike NFR where we had pretty much heard all the material long before the official release, it's all a fresh new surprise with CoCC. I hope we don't hear any snippets or tons of teasers or get more leaks. Kind of just wanna get smacked at once when the album rolls out
  11. Exactly, this is what I meant Regardless of what went down, her position and rep are fine, and it's not like she got exiled to some quiet corner of the world and lost a ton of support or something like that. Wild child come thru
  12. A tragically relatable phenomena for all of us in general, I'm sure On a high note, I'm SO that relieved all the drama from last year didn't affect her position as a singer in the end. Like she's actually completely fine, her reputation holds, and things are going well. She really pulled through.
  13. I agree that the HMV cover isn't relatable to Chemtrails, but the relatability of a cover to its title isn't so important to me anyway. The photograph of Lana on the HMV cover is a whole aesthetic to me, and that is basically my standard
  14. This looks stunning! Does anyone know if any of these special CDs will be out in normal stores eventually or are these just online exclusives?
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