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  1. sry if it was posted earlier I’m too lazy to read the last 200 pages but does anyone have a screen recording of the full performance? the one I had saved got deleted
  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how do I tattoo this video in my mind
  3. I’m literally crying screaming throwing up passing away and coming back to life over and over lana del rey the woman that you are…………
  4. GUYSSSSSSSSSS I HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR THIS oh my god I can’t wait to listen… yall know I’m a WV bitch I’m not getting involved in any discourse but miss lana is rly feeding us rn yesss queen mention my state!
  5. luckily it seems like just the sleeve was damaged (it’s literally ripped and the corners are all folded/crushed and creased ) but the actual records seem okay thank god. perhaps they’ll send me a replacement now that it has a little extra stock update: they sent a replacement hell yes
  6. mine arrived damaged they aren’t able to replace it only refund or send a different item so I guess I get my rent money back it seems like it’s mostly sleeve damage but i haven’t tried playing it yet so we shall see
  7. LANAAAAAAA OH MY GODDD these pictures are so interesting and unique for her im gonna be looking at these for a while yep
  8. mine shipped too, hoping it’s more transparent but opaque is cool too since I don’t have a copy of LFL on vinyl
  9. cherrycolalime

    Song vs. Song

    Pawn shop blues vs lake placid
  10. cherrycolalime

    Song vs. Song

    a&w vs west coast
  11. once again my opinion is the unpopular one the more I listen the more I like it. the production reminds me of bb and tunnel, like something between black bathing suit and sweet. holly and lana have really similar techniques even within this song, like the warbling/meandering vocal style some mentioned, but their tones are different enough that they compliment each other really well. I’m getting less Disney and more ghibli honestly but that could just be me overall good collab I will be streaming
  12. after what she said in the video her tour stop in WV makes a lot more sense.. it’s a whole state of rural, working class mountain towns which likely reminded her of home. glad she’s speaking ab it tho I wish she didn’t have to
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