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  1. PLEASE LANA IM IN CLASS ugh as soon as i'm out i'm streaming this 300 times in a row
  2. pink vinyl aquired this is my literal dream aesthetic i cant wait for this album
  3. can’t wait for the new transformative psychedelic jazz icy surf rock masterpiece coming this friday AOTY I fear
  4. forgot he was in the post for a sec and thought she was collaborating with the dry shampoo company
  5. this snippet has such prechorus energy I think the chorus will use her lower register
  6. rockefeller, my umbrella god I love you baby storyteller, he’s my fella drives me fucking crazy
  7. what does it mean her upcoming new england slay
  8. y'all i haven't posted in forever but i fear the delulu has reached me bc i had a dream about LDR9 last night in the dream lana posted a snippet of a new song on her ig with a clip from a music video or maybe album trailer? the song had a sort of new upbeat jazzy sound with kinda carnival vibes? like organ and brass and such but still very melodic and pretty and quintessentially lana. i cant remember exact lyrics or themes but it was more like her poetry than her older lyricism. it caught me off guard bc of the soundscape but the video was black and white except for carnival/street lights and it was like twilight/almost dark on a beach & like boardwalk pier and she had on a dress similar to the w mag shoot and no shoes in the sand. i remember thinking it was silly but still elegant in a way and she was able to let loose and be herself without judgement from others. i woke up thinking she had posted it fr and i had seen it when i briefly woke up but no it was all an illusion delusion
  9. Okay so i know i'm late to the party but i wasn’t rly feeling the album on my first listen (slander i know) but i am sitting here now on my like 13th listen crying to it so The main thing i noticed w this project were her vocals they are unparalleled on this there is so much variation and character Literally looked like this listening to beautiful i claimed her early and shes my baby Sweet carolina makes me cry every single time its literally so perfect and sweet Also are we not gonna talk about “looking over at you/looking over achoo” in BBS its literally iconic she rly put a sneeze sound in the pandemic bop If you lie down with me is THAT BITCH and dealer is a standout in her entire discography but there literally is not a bad song on this thing it’s the perfect fall album and it reminds me so much of her unreleased and older material. you can tell she truly put her whole heart into this project and her past references (old hollywood, david lynch, etc) are so prominent here and i missed that Bitchfork called it incohesive bc of the older tracks but imo they blend so well i forgot they were even recorded years ago. Like if we didn’t already know the songs i probably would not have guessed they were old cuts
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