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  1. Rob has the first half of the show (until Ride) on his nstagram, can’t really hear that well tho because he’s behind the speakers Looks like she kept the stage design from Coachella
  2. Super random but I saw this painting/print at a restaurant in Greece:
  3. I feel kinda sorry for her security guard because she’ll just randomly announce her whereabouts 😭 poor guy looks stressed
  4. Kim was asked what she loves about Lana and she said “Everything”, then they asked Lana what she loves about Kim and she said “Her waistline” 💀
  5. I’m sure they called either one of her surprise shows last summer or the Rock en Seine one ‘very special’ as well. I don’t think it has to mean anything other than that getting to see Lana in concert makes for a very special night 🌹
  6. Is it just me or does Lana look more like Chuck here than usual
  7. The shoes are giving hooves and with the branches on her head it’s kinda giving reindeer I love it btw wish they showed her for longer
  8. My username is very fitting right now
  9. Has anyone outside the US/North America received the email about her Boston show?
  10. I truly think it’s Coachella rather than Instagram itself that is requesting all those fan pages being taken down. However I really dislike that Instagram seemingly gives no warning to the user and just takes their whole page down. But regarding fan pages I do think it’s a problem when the username or display name is something that might look like they are pretending to be Lana or pretending to be associated with her. An example from a while back is a page with a name like “It’s Lana Del Rey” which wasn’t supposed to be nefarious in any way (the owner seems very sweet) but it definitely looks like impersonation at first glance, hence why I think Instagram removed it. Anyways be careful what you post 💔
  11. I’m hoping so, this is such an important time slot for touring especially since she prefers outdoor venues so it doesn’t really make sense to take a big break there from a business point of view But she usually does whatever the f she wants so we can only wait and see
  12. Lana’s double phones confirmed (not that we didn’t know she switches between the two) and her broken one seems to have gotten an upgrade (the bottom one looks like an iPhone 15 I think)
  13. using Million Dollar Man in her own edit is crazy like girl put it back on the setlist
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