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  1. Omg I felt it would happen So happy she is taking requests if the crowd chants it loud enough And she did it both with the normal backing track and then again with just a lil live bit?!
  2. To be fair her fave cute lil white dress that she has on is giving more Florida Kilos than the West Palm Beach one… Anyways I’m going to sleep, hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow morning 🥲
  3. Should I just go to sleep and hope I dream about her performing Florida Kilos in Florida tonight or do I stay and see if her dress is giving Florida Kilos or not?
  4. I found this view from Section 4 on SeatGeek: I don't know how far right your seats are, but I'm sure you'll have a great time either way! It's still a lot closer than you would have gotten on the lawn.
  5. Omg yes I’m joining you on the delulu train
  6. Sadly I think this is just from the control room for the big screens during the show
  7. I also think we are more positive here when there is a good live stream from barricade 😂
  8. Btw Rob uploaded a 28 min part of the live, starting with Ultraviolence
  9. There's a reason Taylor Swift has a surprise song each show, it makes the fans feel special about having attended a certain show and keeps them excited about what surprise song she'll perform. I feel like Lana could easily have a few songs that she has practiced but swaps out like switching between Bartender / Cinnamon Girl for example. Or just taking a crowd request like she has done in the past, if she doesn't remember it or doesn't want to do it then she'll just ask them for another one and the fans will still be super happy even if she doesn't have the music for it ready.
  10. I really believe if you really and I mean REALLY as a crowd chant Florida Kilos enough she will do it if there's time
  11. Every time I hear someone at the front ugly scream singing I just hope they have a sore throat the day after
  12. Honestly I don't think Ocean Blvd is the kind of album to base a whole tour off since some of the lyrics are super personal/emotional for her so I get that she's sticking to a lot of NFR and Born to die. But I really wish her list was: A&W (opener), Candy Necklace, Ocean Blvd, Paris Texas and Venice Bitch as an honorable mention
  13. Oh I thought she was wearing the white dress with black embroidering from the Dallas show This is a new dress, right?
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